Why Do The Crossfit Ladies Look Like Men? Injections.

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8 pack abs, cobra traps, a thick neck, bulging biceps, juicy quads, striations, capped delts, insane endurance, power, strength….etc.

You would think that those are the characteristics of a male who’s been fighting gravity for a long time, but the same traits find themselves on women doing kipping pull-ups for a living.

Let’s tell it like it is – many female athletes in CrossFit look like men. They are so muscular that most natty males would gladly switch physiques.

How natural is it for a woman to look like that?

Not much. You would be hard pressed to discover a female with popping abs in a regular gym that doesn’t look emaciated. To find one that has shredded abs while being full and muscular, you will have to search for a long time, maybe forever.

Ultra-abdominal leanness is not a female trait regardless of what the socially engineered feminists are telling you. That hard look is nowhere to be seen on females of the past. It’s a novelty. When you combine it with popping muscles, you have a recipe for uncomfortable questions.

Another characteristic that is exceptionally rare for a woman is a full upper chest. Normally, the clavicles start to show once a lean state is reached since it is difficult to build enough upper chest mass to cover the area. This is a problem even for men, which is why pec routines include inclines and other voodoo in order to fill the area. Yet some of those women have full upper chests combined with low body fat and popping 3D shoulders.

Pre-anavar statue of a female angel

The Ancient Statues Will Tell You What’s Up

People often argue about the birth date of steroids. Some blue-pillers still think that “only the Russians” used steroids before the 50s and 60s. Whatever the truth is, one thing is certain – the ancient statues predate steroids.

A statue is a form of tribute. Its purpose is to present an idea in a good light while creating an eternal memory. The ancient monuments representing humans showcase our in-built appreciation for bodily aesthetics. Apparently, we have been ‘miring leanness for centuries.

The statues of men and male deities are often lean and hard. They are far from the muscular development seen on Mr. Olympia but still reveal that muscle mass and leanness are a desirable combination.

How about the females? They look like average women in a fine shape. The CrossFit traits are missing, though. There are no 3D delts, shredded abs or traps capable of bending steel.


If you ask the fake feminists, they will probably say that women were repressed and locked up in the kitchen – away from the ultra-old-school gyms.

Obviously, that’s nonsense. The statues showcase women in a feminine envelop – the way they are supposed to be. The primary quality of a woman is to be a caregiver rather than some amped up amazon obsessed with her abs and proper testosterone to estrogen ratio. By default, women are designed to be softer/fatter. The hard look is something new to them – something technological rather than natural.

The Obsession With Making Women Look Like Men

The entertainment sector has been showing a peculiar tendency – the male qualities within women are boosted. Females often play masculine roles and portray themselves as men. A classic example would be police TV series where women arrest huge dudes and act on the same level as men.

Logically, that’s nonsense. Women and men should be equal, but they cannot be the same. In every sport, there’s a division between male and women because men are stronger, faster, more efficient and overall better in everything. I observed that when I was skating. I was extremely average, but even the best women in the country were total noobs compared to me.

Women cannot operate on the same level as men, especially when there are significant physical requirements.

This is not an unfair division or inequality. It’s just the natural course of events.

This tells me that when women start to look like men, there are serious hormonal shifts going on.

But What About The Advancement In Nutrition and Training?

Some believe that modern people are mutating thanks to Hammer strength machines, 5×5 squats and protein powders. I am sorry to inform you, but those elements cannot trigger the changes manifesting before our eyes. No amount of training can turn a woman into a man. No amount of lifting can turn a natural into an unnatural. CrossFit may be weird and unorthodox, but it is not an exception to the rule. When I say that no training can make you a mutant, I really mean it.

Advancement in nutrition? This is a nice joke. Am I really expected to believe that eggs in powder form are the reason for the new muscular standards? Or maybe it’s the multi-vitamins? Obviously, that’s just ridiculous. Supplements are food in a weird form. Therefore, they are as effective as food at best.

But They Test Them, Bro.

They may pass the urine tests or whatever, but they don’t pass the crowd test. Besides, we all know that there are many pro athletes who have been using “product” for years while passing tests with flying colors.

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  1. rippedchicklover2020

    Personally I have nothing against ripped women. Its my fetish. Im gay?

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      If you like women, you cannot be “gay”.

      1. rippedchicklover2020

        thanks truth seeker thats the kind of truth I want to hear.

        If we are on this topic, I will have another important question –
        are traps gay?

        1. Brett

          They only as gay as the gay porn you watch, so be careful rippedchicklover2020

    2. Brett

      If you are sexually attracted to women like Dana Lynn Bailey or whatever her name is, then sadly yes, you are attracted to masculine qualities, meaning you are probably gay.

      However, being attracted to toned, strong athletic women (think of a female that runs a lot), that is normal for a man, and admiring a girls sexy firm ass ‘move’ while she jogs is definitely natural for a man.

    3. Matt

      Think about the differences between a woman that changes gender to male and these cross-fit chicks. Other than skimpy clothes and (non-functional) female reproductive systems, they are essentially transgender, so there’s your answer.

    4. Mikey

      Utterly ridiculous. Baby ass whiny men who can’t work out and fell intimidated by strong women who do, so they reside to pseudoscience and fallacious arguments to say sum utterly ridiculous. Whimps. You people are laughter stock.

  2. Jake the fury

    Feminism is the baddest thing of this mad society

  3. Rad

    You forgot to mention the new trend which is the transgender women (who are actually genetically males) competing in women’s categories in sports and smoking the hell out of them ladies in USA. And poor women competing against them can’t even open their mouths out of fear of being outcasts. Such bullshit.

  4. Edward

    Your Argument are always Real and on Point but to no avail The Matrix and The Lie keeps going on! People and especially Kids will still believe Kali Muscle is all Natural and The Fake Steroid Users Keep Gaining more and more Power!

    1. jim

      you mean he’s not?????


  5. MB

    When does drug-use becomes drug-abuse for women?

  6. Parker

    I feel the same way about the tattoos, binge drinking/partying, promiscuous behavior, and the “bad ass bitch” image women buy into nowadays. Like truth seeker says, they’re a bunch of brainwashed, conformist, pop culture worshiping sheep.

  7. jim

    but we still have to **** them!

    Lean and toned…natural is best…

    In fact that goes for men and women.

  8. IdonKnow

    I would never understand why women want to be looks like men, ever.

    I understand they want to be equally term with men but this? never.

    1. MB

      @ IdonKnow:
      They don’t want to look like men, but they want to be muscular.
      Often the influence of the enviroment they live in plays its role. For example when the live with a contest bodybuilder.
      A typical couple is: a huge muscular bold male bodybuilder and a muscular shredded female fitness model / bodybuilder.
      They motivate each other to do and continue the ‘lifestyle’ they live.

      1. MB

        And some women also want to prove that they can be feminine and muscular at the same time.
        Since they live in a world with even bigger male bodybuilders around them, I think their norms of muscularity are higher. And in that way for them and their enviroment it’s ok to be ‘big’ or ‘shredded’.

  9. MB

    @Truth seeker
    – quote –
    The entertainment sector has been showing a peculiar tendency – the male qualities within women are boosted.
    – end quote –
    I agree this is true in crossfit and bodybuilding. These female athletes can be huge. Especially in the so called ‘physique category”.
    But I’m not sure about the entertainment sector. If you look at a recent superhero movie like Wonder woman for example then you see a woman who is superstrong and can lift a tank, but at the same time she looks as a thin model. Not like an Russian shot putter or female bodybuilder. Isn’t that strange?
    And it’s for all these female superhero’s. They are pretty, thin, fit, but not muscular.

  10. Paul Sacramento

    Anavar is the steroid of choice for women.
    It is an oral steroid and very mild.
    Of course, some women go beyond that.

  11. MB

    @Truth Seeker :
    Can you write an article about food and nutrition and what’s best to do as natural?
    Or is there such an article on this website?

  12. magoo

    everybody has there own tastes with regard to attraction. I think, however, that the hostility towards muscular women belies certain males’ insecurity. or concern if he says he digs a muscular chick, his buddies will rip him for it. or just plain ignorance. it is easy to say that muscular women look “like men”, but fat women arguably look a lot like fat men. and nobody says some dude dating a fat lady must be gay… I suspect the author is probably on to something, about juicing, however there seems to be a considerable amount of close-mindedness in the audience and I am not suprised to see people lumping women with tattoos, etc in with muscular women. c’mon bud…it’s 2019. climb down off your high horse every now and then…life ain’t that bad.

  13. MB

    All the focus always goes to the muscles, especially with women. With lots of criticiism.
    But what also has to be mentioned is that these women with big muscles and 6-packs are often super-nice people.

  14. Logic

    The crowd test. You mean the jealous test.

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