What It Takes To Produce The Ultimate Mind Controlled Bodybuilding Slave

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We don’t choose many crucial factors about ourselves that ironically determine our destiny. You don’t get to select your environment and personal physical qualities such as height, gender, hair color…etc. The list is practically endless. Yet those characteristics form the reality around you.

Even if something subtle about your life is changed, your destiny could shift significantly. Imagine for instance that you are the same person, but for some reason, your parents have decided to live in a different part of your hometown. In this case, you will most likely still have a similar life, but it won’t be completely identical to your current one. Your hobbies, friends and many other things will vary.

The basics will match, but the expression of your development will be altered. Living on one of side of the city may make you an audio engineer whereas living on the other one could transform you into a piano player because there is a piano store nearby.

The possibilities are unlimited and prove that our characters and the conditions we are born in push our lives in a specific direction. This represents concrete evidence that every human being is programmable, just like a computer.

Of course, you can argue that we chose our current life through actions done in a previous one. I wouldn’t say that’s completely impossible, and I am occasionally inclined to believe so, but the truth is that I don’t know with certainty if this is true. One day I may, but today is not that day.

The real question is what happens when other people start changing those life shaping factors for us?

What do we become when that happens? Mind-controlled slaves, of course.

Today, I tried watching an episode of the police TV series Rookie Blue but couldn’t finish it because the brainwashing was really strong. Even the blonde cop didn’t help. I kept on asking myself what is the genre of this movie. Fiction?

What are similar movies all about?

The answer is simple. They want me to believe the following:

The police is good. Police officers only do good things. They really care about your safety and are always there when you need them.

Yeah, right! Try harder.

The truth is that with the right editing even bad guys could appear good.

Imagine the following situation. You see somebody on the street running with a female purse. Police officers start chasing the bad guy and catch him.

You have the option to make the police officers good or bad. If you want them to look good, the woman could be poor and pregnant. In this case, the thief immediately becomes a bad person while the police officers are doing a service to the society.

If you want the criminal to look good, you could simply make the woman a mob wife that does not care how many ears and noses her husband’s men cut every day to buy her expensive clothes. The thief could be somebody who has lost it all due to a financial crisis.

The point here is that the media has the exact same control and gets to choose our focus. Thus, there are thoughts, emotions and reactions integrated into our brains that are not really ours. People are empty buckets waiting for the fake powers that be to fill them up with whatever is on the menu list for this era.

Bodybuilding works the same way. When the masses hear about muscles what do they think of? Biceps, no doubt. Why? Because of Arnold’s films. If action movies were more focused on other muscle groups, the symbol of strength wouldn’t be a flexed arm.

The first step to creating the perfect mind controlled bodybuilding slave is to become an authority in the eyes of the victim. Once you have gained their trust, and they believe that you have what it takes to make them big and lean, people are more willing to follow your words.

There are experts for everything and whenever you have a problem, you are always advised to go see the right one for your troubles. You need to get big? Go see an expert on getting big. It makes sense, but only if two important conditions are met. First, the expert has to be smart enough to realize how he got there in the first place. Second, he shouldn’t have an agenda that overshadows all moral values. Of course, we can’t expect from people to open completely their hearts for us all the time, but in this case, I am talking about hiding big things that change the game entirely.

Once you have that covered, you can choose to spin the losers anyway you want.

However, in order for that to happen, you first need to attract clients. How? Simple.

This is where images associated with specific emotional needs come into play. The classic approach is to make men feel obligated to build muscle in order to gain female attention. To install this idea in the brain of the person subjected to mind control, the programmers use repetitive images over and over again. The brainwash should cover everything – from TV to social media.

Those muscle motivation photos are just that – traps for the potential mind controlled slaves.

The programming is working well when those who are exposed to it immediately associate muscle mass with values that the controllers have chosen for them. Most of the time it is sex appeal, manhood and happiness. That’s why so many beginners believe that they will be very happy once their arms are bigger.

It’s nice to have goals, but please. Big or small arms, a coward is a coward. Period.

History has shown that this method is successful thanks to its simplicity and effectiveness. Kids continue to steal from their parents to buy creatine and glutamine. Many young soldiers are convinced that bigger muscles are the ultimate fix of all troubles.

The trick works best when the victim is decently naive and has an unstoppable desire to get huge.

For bottom line people, I have included a step by step version of the plan:

1.Find potential victims

The best ones are teenagers and young adults who are super insecure. It’s even better when they have rich parents. Poor people could work too, but not nearly as well. Besides, rumor has it that you get less time in hell for mind-controlling rich kids.

I have to say that I am not 100% sure if this is true. I may be wrong. Rich men may have good lawyers in other lives too. Unlikely, but possible.

2.Make your slaves want what you want them to want

Use images associated with manhood, courage, sex appeal, beauty, perfection, hard work and other attractive virtues, emotions, and qualities. Make sure that those images contain a ton of shredded arms, backs, abs, chests…and motivational quotes.

Once the images are triggering hunger for working out and protein shakes, you could drink some champagne and say to yourself, “Good job.” You can smoke a cigar too. You’ve earned it.

3.Make supplements look magical and never talk about steroids.

Obviously, the best way to generate revenue for a very long time is to manipulate people into doing things that will never produce the expected results. The tricky part is to make them fail forever without killing their motivation or waking them up.

The general progression should be try-fail-try-fail until the end of time.

It’s also very important to constantly talk about irrelevant training techniques. Implement proven catch phrases and titles such as:

The Ultimate Way To Build Huge Arms

Time Under Tension For Insane Growth

Deadlift and Squat Every day To Increase Your Testosterone and Win Mr. Olympia Naturally

Squat Your Way To a Big Dick

Deadlift Your Way To Big Tits

Remember: Always reinvent yourself, but still report the same information at the end of the day.

4.Stop all critical thinking

You should never allow the slaves to look at the sky. They don’t have the right to. Criticizing is prohibited. Anybody who dares to question your methods should be thrown in the prison for haters indefinitely. No parole. You don’t want revolts.

5.Repeat 1-4 forever.

There you have it. The secret to creating the perfect mind controlled bodybuilding slave.

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  1. MB

    Sometimes I hear people talking about time under tension. For example when doing bicep curls, but only 80 or 90 % of the complete range of motion to keep the biceps work as hard as possible. And they also make comments like ‘Squeeze’.
    Is time under tension then not that important?

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