Truth: Natural Bodybuilders Remain Skinny and Small Forever

| by Truth Seeker |

Have you ever wondered why the mainstream muscle media never use the photos of true natural bodybuilders? If you read popular magazines like Muscular Development and visit websites like T-Nation, you will notice that 99.9% of the images are of enhanced bodybuilders on anabolic steroids and growth hormone. There are no photos of natural bodybuilders because natties don’t contribute to the Grand Illusion. As a result of this persistent conditioning, true natural bodybuilders are facing insults such as: “Do you even lift, faggot?“.

If anabolic steroids, growth hormone, and insulin are removed from bodybuilding, the pros would lose 100lbs of their mass, regardless of how heavy they train. Yet nobody seems to care. People continue to buy protein powders with mass monsters on the label while thinking that growth is just around the corner. Well, it isn’t. Natural bodybuilders have a small potential compared to steroid users.

Truth be told, most people would be lucky to gain 30lbs over their skinny version. This means that if you are 6’1″ and 150lbs when you start lifting, you will have a really hard time reaching beyond 180lbs unless a sumo physique is your goal.

Of course, here comes the classic story: “But… I have a friend who is 6’1″ and 220lbs without lifting a weight in his life!”.

Well, I am happy for you. People need friends. The reality is that your friend is either fat or on steroids. Try to get him to 5-8% body fat and see what happens. His 220 pounds of rock solid muscle will be a distant high school memory.

There are many programs promising exceptional muscular growth to naturals, but all of them keep failing to produce the physiques seen in magazines and on mainstream bodybuilding sites. Yet the drama continues because the industry needs it. Whenever somebody says that the emperor has no clothes, he is immediately labeled as a jealous hater.

Sadly, deadlifts and squats failed hard too. I thought that people were supposed to “grow like a weed” once squats and deads are added to a routine. All I see are permabulkers who think that “powerlifters are natural”Yeah, right! Tighten your weightlifting belt, son! I don’t want you to hurt your back falling down the rabbit hole.

Ultimately, the bodybuilding world is simply a side effect of the system.

If you go to the local mall and steal a protein powder, the security guards are going to catch you and treat you like the biggest criminal in the world. But if you are a bankster, the very same people wouldn’t have the courage to look you in the eyes.

A few years ago, I saw a man surrounded by 2-3 guys on the street. The man was trying to escape, but they were pushing him back relentlessly.

Eventually, I learned that the trapped man had tried to steal the bag of a woman, and the others were holding him for the police. While I am against theft and don’t support robbery of “innocent” women, the story reveals a golden rule – when you’re stealing billions, there are no rules; when you’re stealing pennies, you go to jail.

The slaves never protest against the real oppressors. We would rather kill each other.

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  1. Troy

    Haha I like this quote:
    “Yeah, right! Tighten your weightlifting belt, son! I don’t want you to hurt your back “falling down the rabbit hole.

    Am I the only one enjoying this?

  2. Lee Townley

    NO, I enjoyed the truth.

  3. Tony C.

    I weighed 115 to 116 when I started training in 2017. Now I’m at 131. I still wonder if I actually gained some muscle or if I had gotten fat. Nevertheless, this article’s making me wonder if getting past 145 pounds is possible and is a reminder that I can never get rid of my giraffe neck easily. I’ll always look puny next to most men and women.

    Thanks for another article, Truth.

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