The Real Reasons Behind The Testosterone Decline Is TRT the saving grace of the modern male?

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“I hate the streets”, said Harry TheBicepsFlexKilla and instinctively let his back crash against the wall behind him. He then slid into a squat position under a burden that had been accumulating all his life. Too tired to blink, Harry let his sharp eyes assess the situation around him. He’d been at that place a few too many times and knew his surroundings like a cloud knows the sky. Every sound was a generator of deja vus. Every movement produced by the humans around was painful and for some reason wrong. Even the dust near the edges of the sidewalk was a source of irritation – a background of a bleak painting where the objects are moving without going anywhere; where the air is tired of entering and exiting the lungs.

The people around appeared dedicated and convinced. It almost felt like they were the real owners of their actions. But Harry’s intuition concluded that they were all silly and theatrical… nothing but hypnotized spectators watching different movies with identical plots.

“Why are they so happy,” thought Harry while analyzing a large billboard looking at him with a smile capable of disguising the biggest lies. “What do they believe in? Is this all there is?”

Then a teenager singing loudly while chatting on his phone without looking where he walks passed in front of Harry and stole his attention. The boy was heavily invested in the moment. An adrenaline alluding to heartache was powering his movements.

He went away only to be replaced by a dude on a skateboard with big wheels. The man was in his 30s and wearing big audiophile headphones allegedly capable of transporting one to another dimension thanks to their high fidelity. In his right hand, he was holding an energy drink. The sound of skate wheels vibrating over the uneven pavement started to fill Harry’s cranium with agitation but thankfully the noise faded quickly.

“Music, sports, movies, books, junk food…what is the common trait…” thought Harry while feeling profound pain caused by his inability to find comfort in the world’s offerings. The drugs weren’t working anymore. Was he broken? Was he the only one for whom the medicine was failing to produce results? What was wrong with him?

“Have we always been as empty as we are today? Have we always lived a simulation,” thought Harry while staring at his boots which were still carrying traces of dry mud from his regular weekend walk in the forest – one of the rare times away from the haunting smell of energy drinks, cigarettes and evaporating gasoline… away from the angry cars always rushing to go somewhere… away from the smartphone vibrations… away from the screens and closer to the revelation.

“Maybe if I was born in another era when ‘men were men’… maybe then I would have been happy,” he said to himself as if he was admitting to a crime in front of an imaginary judge. “They say that older men had 10 times higher testosterone at our age. Did my grandfather live a manlier life than me?”

A reflection of the sun in the window of a bank on the other side of the street interrupted Harry’s thought process.

Right behind the entrance door of the branch, there was a security guard in his 60s. He had a white shirt and black pants overpowered by a fat waistline carrying a gun that only gets to shoot at the range. The man was looking at an unknown object with a gaze full of emptiness. Every motion no matter how subtle contained nihilistic heaviness.

The entire presence of the security guard was crying for something. The man wanted to die. His heart was begging for someone to rob the bank and kill him in the process. He wanted to leave the never-ending cycle of misery and be done with it forever. But before all – he wanted to feel alive by dying. He was yearning for his own blood. Existing in the simulation was that painful.

Harry couldn’t blame him. The man had spent decades looking through the same window, seeing the same crowd, hearing the same words from the same unhappy customers, sitting on the same chair, receiving the same salary and waiting for the same bullet put on an infinite delay. His future? More of the same vegetation until retirement… if the cigarettes and the alcohol, two of his few saviors, were willing to let him live that long.

“Maybe the medicine is not working for him either… maybe the world rather than our generation is broken,” said Harry.

The Claim. Modern men spend most of their time collecting action figures and writing sensitive posts on social media at 3 a.m. while listening to nightcore and constantly refreshing the profile page of any girl that happens to look in their direction.

The testosterone levels of males today are many times lower than the numbers of the previous “real man” generations. 30-40% of young men have the average testosterone of a 70-year-old.

The solution. Strong promotion of TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) in the form of gels and injections.

An Extended List Of the Factors Contributing To the Low Test Phenomenon

Modern men are not physically different than the previous generations. The drop of testosterone is not the output of a physical downgrade. It’s the result of societal degradation, poor nutritional habits, cultural dynamics, economics, propaganda, industrialization, feminism, polyamor, hypergamy, pornography, sexual perversions, social media, deprivation, outsourcing of basic human rights, slavery and other factors that have contributed to the formation of the present climate.

The environment conditions the body and the mind. The demand imposed on the individual and the worldview injected in the common consciousness mold us by amplifying or decreasing natural human characteristics.

The world has been depressing the testosterone levels of the average man through a series of tweaks required to maintain the modern order.


The large quantities of processed nutrition combined with the vegan propaganda powered proudly by feminism and the pink social media have changed the diet of the modern man. Drinking sugary drinks, eating tofu and soy was unheard of before. Men have been meat eaters for the better part of their existence. If we were not designed to eat meat, we would have been born as cows. I know that this may hurt the little vegan in every one of us, but it is true.

I understand the main motivation of vegans – animals are great (at least those that make for a nice “insta” picture) and do not deserve to be pumped with growth hormone, thrown in a cage, abused and later slaughtered for their meat and skin. Obviously, this is correct. But this pain is primarily the result of industrialization and the monetary system. To make a profit and feed the human world which has grown to extraterrestrial proportions, the system has created artificial animal farms producing an enormous amount of sadness. Nevertheless, this doesn’t change the fact that hunting is a natural activity and so is meat consumption.

Just like predators we used to kill wild animals for food and resources. At the time, however, men respected their prey a lot more. For instance, the native Americans worshiped the buffalo and relied on all of its parts to create tools necessary for survival.

Some feminists may describe the men from those times as savages, but ironically, the modern world is treating animals way worse. The current way of meat production and distribution has unparalleled barbaric properties, but that does not mean that primitive hunting is bad too. If anything, it’s the most natural way to survive. The ancient hunters lived in harmony with nature whereas modern men are far away from that frequency.

Ultimately, meat and other animal products increase your testosterone thanks to their cholesterol content. A low-fat diet with an inadequate amount of dietary cholesterol can sink your testosterone levels.

2.A life in front of the screens

One could say that we have become screen worshipers. People spend an enormous amount of time texting, playing video games, watching TV series, browsing, online fighting and of course social media tuning. You don’t have to be particularly enlightened to know that this isn’t natural. Yes, we have adapted to this existence, but we weren’t designed for it. It’s not a coincidence that the streets are deserted past a certain hour – the humanoids are simply busy getting their daily dose of digital heroin.

The system supports this circulation because without it a revolution may arise. It’s much better to keep the workers idle by bathing them in digital dopamine – it’s cheap and safe.

The lack of action is extremely detrimental to the average test levels. When you add the sedentary and repetitive modern jobs deprived of innovation, freedom and adventure, you will realize that even superman’s test will drop if he lives like an average working drone overdosing on entertainment. You can trick your mind, heart and body only for so long before experiencing depression.

3.The sexual revolution and feminism

The rise of hypergamy and “polyamor” is at its peak thanks to the new dating infrastructures (apps, social media) and oversexualized entertainment. However, the process started way earlier with the so-called sexual revolution promoting an increased acceptance of sex outside of traditional heterosexual, monogamous relationships. Since that point “showing extra flesh” and indulging in activities of high perversion slowly but surely became the norm.

Then feminism came and legalized everything by finding a way to rationalize degenerate and previously unacceptable behavior. For instance, a woman sleeping with too many men is described as an explorer of her sexuality rather than a superficial and shallow humanoid cruising through life on a skateboard made of propaganda, speculations and corrupt understanding of the human nature. Subsequently, terms like “fuck buddy” (an individual with whom you simply have sex) have become the norm.

Naturally, there has been a similar effect on men too. After all, you can’t affect just one side of the formula. For example, many men try to “slay” – another term for having a one night stand. This is hardly a surprise since men have higher test and desire for sex than women. When a man is sexually frustrated, his low IQ penis can make him do highly regrettable things.

The above may lead to the conclusion that men are having more sex than ever because women have mutated into promiscuous creatures who consider virginity a sin, but that would be inaccurate.

Online apps and social media connect women and men from every social echelon. Before it was impossible for a woman to communicate with men above her status as easily. Similar socializing required time-consuming networking and a far more invested behavior. Today, an average chick working in the supermarket has access to all sorts of men in just a few clicks. She doesn’t have to doll up and go to bars, nightclubs or expensive restaurants. She can do it by fidgeting her phone during her smoke break.

This gives women far too many choices and an opportunity to seek the best male, at least on paper. He has to be tall, handsome, rich and interesting, although sometimes even that isn’t enough when there are 10 more “just like him” messaging her. This coupled with the inflated ego of the average woman who sees herself as a star because people are liking her selfies on Instagram is a recipe for an imbalanced dating world which on the surface benefits women and men residing in the highest leagues while in reality everyone is hurt.

The modern dating meta game leaves many men sexually frustrated and forced to lower their standards substantially in order to experience sex and possibly love. Of course, this degree of madness is not present everywhere in the world, but it affects a massive percentage nevertheless.

So, what do men who can’t get sex regularly do? The scarcity often results in a weird form of unjustified male servitude. In other words, some men try to become nice guys in the hope to earn pity love from the female crowd.

“I will change and do everything for her. Only then she will love me,” says the dreamer.

Very often women treat those men horribly. There are two main reasons for that. First, most nice guys are not on top of the food chain when it comes to attractiveness and social status. That place is reserved only for exceptionally handsome men capable of sending women into a stupor with one look and rich bastards. Secondly, being nice to a girl tells her that she has you. You are making it too easy for her and that turns her off. People want what they cannot have. Thus, women dream of bad boys whereas men go for the bitches.

If you write “Hello. You are cute ” to a woman your chances to get a response are lower than if you were to go with – “Sup. Your photos look trashy. U used a toaster to make them? Try harder…sloottt”.

When a woman sees the first one, her mind says – “just another worshiper”. When she sees the second one, she is triggered – “why doesn’t he like me?”

Similar behavioral principles gave birth to the so-called red pill movement which is a code of conduct designed to provide males with the sexual food they allegedly deserve through a series of strategic tweaks applied in the interaction with women. And while the red pill ideology has some value and can definitely accelerate one’s sex life, it is an adaptation rather than a solution. The tricks work only in the current context and actually make the original problem stronger by giving men a role supporting the very same demons that make the modern woman a slut. The red pill scholars promote hypergamy too as revealed in articles entitled “Managing your bitches”. Who wins? Those behind the doctrine.

Moreover, the red pill principles could produce results only if there’s already attraction between the man and the woman. If a man goes full red pill on a girl that doesn’t find him attractive, she is relieved because she doesn’t want to deal with him anyway. Therefore, the red pill is not a universal solution nor is it healthy in the long term for either of the sides.

It is also worth mentioning that the vast majority of red pill based conquests allude to fiction writing rather than reality. People boost their stats on the Internet very often. As we all know, everybody benches 300lbs and squats 400lbs online, but when you go to an actual gym, you realize how rare those lifts are.

Another contributing factor would be the emphasis on career rather than family – a notion embraced by many women. Thanks to the media, feminism and the rigged economy, the modern woman postpones giving birth until her 30s. In the meantime, she is posting videos, chasing princes, drinking more than she should and abusing her female privileges in a dating pool where many men of decent value are pushed into obscurity. The very same career that eats women’s youth hurts the male stocks too.

“I don’t need a man. I can provide for myself,” says the woman raised by The Sex and the City. “What can Mr. Average offer me when I make more than him,” she adds while swiping on Tinder.

This dating bubble where all women are fighting for extraterrestrial males who form a very small percentage of the population is depressing the test levels of the modern man harder than anything – you are deprived of what you are built to yearn and pushed into embracing all kinds of self-sufficient solutions such as pornography, toys and paid sex. Similar activities fail to function as a complete substitute because they lack one very important ingredient – the feeling of being wanted.

Meanwhile, your grandfather didn’t have to compete against the whole Internet to captivate the heart of your grandmother. Today, you are not fighting just the guys in your neighborhood or class. You are competing against the whole town if not the whole country.

4.The economic factor

People love to accuse the youth of cowardice, but I can assure that the very same men who mock “generation iPhone” would have turned out the same or worse if they were put in the modern meat grinder.

In the past, there were no sky-high student loans crushing a young life before it has even started. In addition, the critics of generation iPhone often forget that the entry-level jobs available to most young people do not pay much when you account for the rent. As a result, many adults are forced to live with their parents. This limits their freedom and hurts their self-esteem while preventing them to grow up.

The Modern World Makes You Crazy and Then Gives You Prozac

One does not have to spend a decade in the mountains to reach the revelation that the economic war, industrialization and the modern city life have resulted in a peculiar mechanism that dehumanizes people while rendering them insane.

Societies following the monetary system devalue men and turn them into humanoids reliving the same day until retirement. To the system, you are nothing but a printer that could easily be replaced at the slightest sign of malfunctioning.

As a bonus, the control structures are so complex that your vote basically has no value regardless of what the motivational speakers say. This gives men a sense of powerlessness and diminishes their drive to push forward.

People are taught that honesty and hard work are the keys to success, but we all know that it takes more than that to make it to the top. The system loves only a few whereas the rest play the role of little worshipers who should smile graciously and dedicate their existence to providing luxuries to the chosen ones. The rules (laws) apply only to the small. As we know, some are too big to fail.

Technology, education and money apparently fail to fix this issue too. Countries like Japan and South Korea are incredibly advanced and yet have exceptionally high depression and suicide rates.

What is the solution? What do you do if you don’t like it here?

“Go see a therapist,” says the crowd.

People who don’t love this world are diagnosed as crazy and sent to the shrinks who repair the patients by giving them anti-depressants and coping instructions designed to restart the robotic cycle.

This is known as the treadmill principle. The world first deprives you of your need to move by chaining you to a chair in an office or a factory and then gives you a treadmill to burn calories for the sake of burning calories. Instead of fixing the route of the problem, we create a pill that makes you forget and keep on with the program prepared by the capitalist or communist party.

The TRT propaganda works similarly. The test levels drop as a result of our crooked lifestyles highly influenced by economic demands, technology and unfavorable cultural movements. To fix everything on the surface, men are given gels and needles.

Somewhat ironically, the retro generations which allegedly had higher testosterone levels than the modern youth never had to take anything to keep their test strong. I say allegedly because testosterone measuring is more of a novelty. Today, you can easily get your levels checked, but this hasn’t always been the case.

The reason for the current discrepancies is the modern lifestyle and the war against masculinity. Back in the day, it was basically impossible to have low testosterone. Can you imagine a native American with low T? A man who lives primarily on meat, hunts and fights for survival rather than necessity. A man living in a tribe where his vote is not one in a million. A man leading a life that doesn’t revolve around a screen. A man who does more running than sitting. A man who hasn’t outsourced the protection of his life to the police and the army. By definition, no one can have low test when put in such conditions.

Undoubtedly, leading a more manly existence even just to the degree allowed by the system could raise one’s testosterone levels and in many cases may render supplementation obsolete. Of course, they don’t want you to know that because there’s always an angle.

The Incentive to Promote TRT

The system benefits financially and culturally from promoting TRT. More men diagnosed with low T equal a higher income. But it’s not just about the money.

The current drugs are a side effect of our drama. They exist because the situation we’re in demands them. If people weren’t depressed, there wouldn’t be a need for anti-depressants. However, there are other incentives too.

First, injecting testosterone directly masks the problem and negates the need for cultural changes. Second, TRT can toast a man’s balls and make him infertile – a move in line with the anti-baby economy and the anti-family notions which are partially behind the low fertility rates common for the middle class.

So what if you have as much test as a grandpa?

The PRs of TRT love repeating that millennials have the test levels of their grandfathers but frequently forget one very important fact – young males and old males are the same species. The fact that you have as much test as your grandfather does not mean that your test is dangerously low and you need to supplement with injections that may cost you your hair and fertility. Moreover, no one knows how much test your grandfather really had at your age in comparison to his grandfather since at the time the means and the need to measure those specs were not present. In other words, who is to say that the test difference between a young and an older male should be extraterrestrial?

TRT – an Excuse to Inject Steroids

Many people pray to be diagnosed with low test when they go to the doctor in order to justify their choice to inject steroids for the sole reason of building big muscles. They don’t care about the other bonus points (more energy…etc.) And since TRT technically stands for testosterone replacement therapy, some lifters still consider themselves natural because “I am taking what is rightfully mine.” Of course, that’s nonsense since the TRT doses are often far above the natural norms.

Were The Naturals From The Past Bigger Thanks To Their Mythical Test Levels

I was a supporter of this idea, but it is no longer my view. The retro natural bodybuilders were not all that different from us. Just like today, some were big and some were smaller due to genetic differences (bone structure, body chemistry, muscle insertions…etc.)

Slightly higher test levels do not result in insane muscle growth. This is why test boosters don’t have an appreciable impact on one’s size. 10-20% improvements assuming you can even get that from the supplements won’t change your physique. You have to impact things supraphysiologically to get noticeably bigger muscles. In short, you need to multiply your test levels many times to mutate into the muscle monster you have always wanted to be.

If you observe old family photos, you will see that your ancestors were not that big. They were average men that would have a hard time competing against the modern drug monsters.

In Conclusion

The environment we live in has never been more anti-male. The Internet and in particular the online dating platforms, oversexualized entertainment, technology, feminism and social media have contributed enormously to this phenomenon. The average man is on his knees – hated by everyone and insulted for having natural desires.

When you add the economic factor and the dehumanizing properties of the so-called advanced societies, you have a recipe for suppressed testosterone.

But that does not make males today broken enough to need injections to remain men. It just makes us hurt.

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  1. Brett

    Probably the best article I have read on this site!

    So true, being a current tinder user I can relate!!

    Keep it up bro!

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you for the support, Brett. 🙂

    2. A TX Lady in LV

      Wonderful article. Been reading a few of your writings. I agree with you that manliness is being attacked. In my opinion, bodybuilding creates an image of strength that really is useless for working activities. As a woman, I really want a man that can provide, work and DO things rather than pose & pretend. (I fell for the pretend.) Of course I can do the same, but I am meant to help a man–so I am really a man’s partner in fulfilling God’s plan. And yes, the breakup of families (mom, dad, kids) is the aim of Satan. Real men are hard to find. 🙁

  2. Lord Vader

    indeed. great article. to quote RW Emerson, “the human race will die of civilization”

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      That’s a great quote. Thank you for the support, Vader.

  3. Donne the Conquerer

    Of course there is one other MAJOR contributor of actual low testosterone – environmental pollutants. And I would argue that these toxins constitute the majority of the problems with such a condition; everything else can be “overrided” mentally and psychologically, but not the significant interruption of the basic (and very necessary) human body chemistry balance.

    Just recently in fact the news was all over that sea of plastic debris in the Pacific that scientists now claim is orders of magnitude larger than previously thought. These polymers of trash practically liquefy from the heat of the blazing sun on the water, and these toxins leach into the ocean affecting all marine wildlife; a figure that I recall reading a while ago estimated that up to 70% of the fish in this region have high levels of various plastics in their system.

    And it would be naïve not to think we fall into the same contaminated category as those marine animals. Can you think these pollutants are doing to our system in the long haul? Spooky stuff.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you for the informative comment, Donne. 🙂

  4. Harry Ramone

    Your writing s tyle always causes me a strange way of dreaming .. a mixture of positive and negative energy I would say! take that as a compliment !! 🙂 truthseeker shortfilms I could well imagine that .. someday

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you for the support, Harry.

  5. alvaro

    the best article I have read from you, truth seaker

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you for the support, Alvaro.

  6. gareth

    While i agree , i want to tell you something my grandma says “Men in the north of England used to have hands like spades”.

    what she means by this is that the men you see today look vastly different then they did before the wars, if you have a good knowlege of history england was greatly affected by the 2 world wars , entire towns and villages in some cases lost all of there fit , healthy men.

    in essence a good portion of the strongest genes where wiped out before they had time to reproduce since then men have been getting weaker in her eyes and i agree. The north of England desceneded from anglo saxons and had germanic DNA they where North Europeans and have the greatest ability in muscle building on the planet , we have engaged in many wars and i believe we have weakend our Gene pool and low test men have been able to reproduce when they may have struggled.

    1. RR

      To gareth

      You’re right (your grandma as well). But the thing is even if we forget about wars wiping out the most healthy men – there was a lot more daily hard labour back in the day. A lot more!!!

      Women these days cry about “house work”…. with all the machines we have now… it’s ridiculous. Now imagine what average women were doing 100 years ago.

      So men having hands like spades (coil miners, for example) – was an ordinary thing for working class people.

      Today, when there’s less and less daily hard labour, more and more machines or various sorts… heck, even policemen these days abuse steroids despite having free access to gyms and carrying a gun on their waist, which apparently is not enough to feel “empowered” – thus, steroids come into play.

      1. twp

        I noticed that too. Most the guys I know not only have smaller hands compared to their fathers, but their whole bone structure is smaller. My father is tall as me, but he have wider shoulderс, bigger arms, thicker bones, overall bigger frame. And my hands compared to his look like they belong to 14 yo boy, I am 30 yo. To this day and after 5-6 yeas of training I still have smaller forearms compared to him and he as an old man who haven’t picked a weight in many years.

        I think the reason for this is that we spend to most of our puberty not eating, sleeping enough and staying too much in front of the PC.

  7. Edvin Yevtushenko

    The Best Of The Best as always! Huge respect for your articles and hard work writing them! Keep It Up! Would shake your hand personally. All the best!

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you for the support, Edvin.

  8. Mitch Rapp

    Check out the “War Against Boys” for an in-depth treatment of this subject. The public schools punish and drug boys until they are docile sheep like the girls.

  9. Whoever

    What do you think of the males who are sexually attractive to being submissive,like BDSM. Also I don’t believe in bad boys your nice guys that to me is propaganda . As in a lot of pick up artist use words like beta and alpha buy the book today crap. Also humans beta and alpha is not true as humans social hierarchy are influx

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      BDSM is a perversion of the highest order that the elite is trying to paint as normal through movies and such. It’s basically sadism.

      And to answer your question fully – letting yourself get spanked by a woman is indeed anti-test.

      1. whoever

        what you mean by anti-test ?

        1. Truth Seeker Post author

          I meant anti-testosterone because you assume the role of a “bitch”.

          1. whoever

            ah but I just dont see it as wrong , just because I am guy .

  10. Jeep

    Truth Seeker

    As I know that you have already mentioned the solution for this issue. It is not to think too much about anything. Eat more meat, do not care the society much, stay on your path and not let the debt eats on you. Lifting weight is not the only solution.

    Thank you for the great article as always.

  11. impatient undertaker

    “I know that this may hurt the little vegan in every one of us, but it is true.”

    Rather it hurts the truth seeker in me 😉 You fall propably for the same propaganda you try to fight with your writing. Vegans don’t have lower T levels, and soy estrogenic effects are negligible, since isoflavones are thousands time weaker than animal hormones, which are actually present in meat and dairy (fact of which you are aware IIRC).
    Also, beside the fact that our ancestors were mainly occasional omnivores with short episode of intensive meat eating sometime ice age out of necessity, why does it even matter? Non of our modern lives activities are natural, and it’s good for the most part. We don’t care that 10 000 years men haven’t seen a barbell and dumbells, we still use them to pack muscles if that’s our goal, since it’s the most efficient way. Same goes with nutrition. My grand^100-father could chase gazells all 3 days and nights in a row for all I care, I need my food to naurish me and not to kill me too fast, and no naturalistic fallacy matters here. I don’t fight to survival in the ice age due to scarcity, and we have conscience to know better than mindless predators.

  12. Arun nt

    Great article as always.I love Harry biceps flex Killa.usually I hate it when ur post ends .you r such a wonderful writer and agree with all ur views except for ur dislike towards vegan ism. If we could survive without eating animals then it’s evil to kill them.I don’t buy the Hunter argument as they obviously are not civilised us our current’s great for a lion or even an omnivore like dog to eat meat but when u get food so easily it’s evil to just kill for taste.then I don’t like the glorification of past as it is much worse than the current state of society.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Veganism as well as the current attitude towards animals is the result of the industrial revolution and the monetary system.

      In the past, animals lived in the wild and were either killed by a predator or died of old age. As you know, nature created this mechanism for population control.

      Humans are simply capable of exercising the role of a predator. And it is better for the animals to be hunted the way they were centuries ago than to live in farms and slaughterhouses.

      I don’t think that the primitive past was as bad as people think. Yes, you didn’t have the comfort of today, but you weren’t as oppressed either.

      I don’t look at a native American and say – “Oh. How unlucky he was for not having an Xbox…”

      Those men lived. We merely exist and mastrubate in a world of simulation.

      Thank you for the support. I understand your argument otherwise. I just don’t think everything is as clear as people tend to think.

      1. impatient undertaker

        On non-oppressive good ol days. Before civilization surviving to your 30s was rare and the most common cause of death was being killed by another human, be it in “clan wars” or by clan member out of envy, to steal belongings or female. Isn’t it oppression, being threaten like this all the time? I get your point, that today men are oppressed and domesticated, but still in no point in history we were more free than now, if you want to go full MGTOW, nobody will stop you.

        1. Truth Seeker Post author

          A longer life does not equal a better or a fuller one. Most people today are considered kids at 25 and spend most of their time in the simulation.

          The men of the past had to grow up quickly because their lives were closer to reality.

          Besides, today people spend the first 18-23 years of their lives “learning” about this complex world. But most of that learning is designed simply to make you a good economic unit.

          Men today are not as free as you think. You are given only some degree of freedom, but when you try to do things that matter, everything will be easily taken away from you.

          1. impatient undertaker

            I refer to health/lifespan since it’s objective metric. I don’t try to tell anyone what does it mean to have a meaningful and good life (I don’t understand though why needless killing and causing animals to suffer make one’s life fuller, but I digress). Also, the reality has changed dramatically, there is no need for “growing up” (what does it even mean?) quickly. You still can make your life hard if you want, become a hermit or similar shit. But most usually enjoy their careless lifes and I have a hard time believing that it would be better to make them harder for the sake of it. You too, for that matter. You haven’t thrown away your computer, and I bet you still own a smart phone. It’s fun to think about good old days in a romantic way from the comfort of modern times.

            I won’t argue with the fact, that most education is a brainwashing of some sort. But the system is not perfect. Hell, it doesn’t work half as efficiently as you think. If the purpose really was the transforming people into economic units, and there were some masters pulling strings, than why there are disciplines to study which have no economic purpose at all (or you would have to engage in a serious mental gymnastics to substantiate the claim), like pure math, philosophy, literature? In absolute terms we are more free, there much more things we may engage in thanks to wealth and technology, even the most poor have it better than the richest 10000 years ago. Maybe relatively, since in the prehistory the most powerful person you could piss off was chief of the clan and there are relatively more powerful people around us. But does it matter? Overall it was much easier to piss off someone in prehistory to make him stab your back than now, and effects of death are same as ever.

          2. Truth Seeker Post author

            1.You are an economic unit not because of your major, but because you have to work a job prepared for you by the economy. Your major or lack there of do not change that.
            2.That cruel killing of animals is happening only today. In the past, the animals were living free and were killed only if there was a need to so.
            3.Today you may have more “freedom” and “luxury” than a king living centuries ago, but since most people have the same toys, the value is lower. Meaning – it’s not a great thing that you have it. It’s more of a detriment when you don’t.

            For example, a car may transport you faster to where you want to go, but since other people have cars or use the bus which is on the same principle, we have an equalizer. Your advantage becomes a norm, not a luxury. You are not a king anymore.

            Ultimately, what the average person lacks is freedom and real human connection that’s not transactional – no amount of gadgets that rub your balls will replace that.

            4.The things you engage in may be more diverse, but they all fall into the same category – hobbies. Hobbies that simply kill your time. Simulations of life or parts of life in an artificial environment.

          3. impatient undertaker

            1. You brought the education as a argument that the system want to make us economy units, not me. Anyway, if it’s jobs that matters, then see that jobs just reflect needs and demands of people, and long chains of production, resources, means of employment and organizational structure are ways to optimize the process. In “good ol’ times” it was the same, just primitive. You had to be proper “economic unit”, and your job was to provide food and shelter, otherwise you were useless, and then killed or left for dead. Again I fail to see how it’s better, or why in such circumstances you have more freedom.

            And my point with some education paths still stands, since some jobs clearly don’t have economic sense.

            2. And? How does it substantiate bad treatment of animals today?

            3. I understand that since I made similar point. Still, in absolute measures you are better off now. What you say is not a slavery imposed by some masters, it’s an auto-slavery, since you can’t enjoy your wealth because of envy that someone has more. It’s not a fault of everyone else that you can’t enjoy life unless you have more or better stuff than your neighbour. And again, everything was transactional even more in the past. For example marriages were basically this – selling a daughter to other’s family son to merge these families for mutual benefit. The fact that today anyone can think of getting married for other reasons (or not getting married at all!), is a direct consequence of abundance we have today. You romanticize the past in a silly way, but I get it – a pasture is always greener on the other side of the fence.

            4. So it’s better to have your basic activities like getting food and shelter, which probably consume small % of your time now, devour your whole schedule? How can you call this freedom, when necessity dictates what you do, or else you die? It’s not the fault of the system that you get bored or depressed because you have too much time and can’t find activities joyful unless ceasing them will get you starved to death or killed.

      2. alphonse

        impatient undertaker
        The point here is “are we happier”? I know that that is something that is not easily quantifiable nor definablee, but its the whole question. Whats the point of having thousand of gadgets that rub your balls if you lack things that really bring you peace of mind, like a small comunity where your vote does matter or human connections. Technologies and luxuries tend to become necesities after a while and to spaw new obligations, at the same time they by their very nature tend to give power to big conglomerations, like goverments, not real individuals or small groups of individuals. And well, humans are the ones that really suffer, not coorporations. I mean when Scotiabank was sued for laundering drug carterls money it did not suffer, but humans who where in the middle of the conflict did suffer. And as truth seeker told you our luxuries are more necesities, old time luxuries tend to become necesities. Cars are a perfect example. One of the things that psychologists have agreed on human welfare is that human conections are one of the most important factors, even more important than wealth, and it has to do a lot with the fact of feeling needed. Modern society (and im not saying that there is someone behind the strings) tends to take out this very important fact and fill it with other activities, like carrerism or being a buyer (junk collector), so if the whole point of economic growth is to make people happier, then some countries, even if they have a good GDP, are doing a terrible job. Lets be honest, nobody wants to end in a place like Aokigahara, even with all the best gadgetss in the world, and I really ddont have a solution for this but I believe acknoledging the fact that maybe technology is not all that is needed to bring welfare to the human condition is a good start. For example, we should ask what has caused the so called sexual revolution, or relationship to technology and well lets face it the system is basically making everybody a psychopath and that is a formula for disaster. there iis no longer spirit of cooperation in the modern human, I read that one of former facebook executives said that social media is ripping society apart, destroying any spitrit of cooperation that humans have left, this make the modern human feel alienated. Now what will happen when many of us become economical useless? I dont feel special, LOL, I know Im just an animal andd I OK with that, I know that a mindless robot could do many jobs better than me, but as you said, we are in some sense more free andd have a more confortable life than our ancestors and still we dont find fulfilment. So what do you think are we really “happier” than our ancestors? Bear in mind this, dont put yourself in their situation, they did not care not having a fridge or the new x box, they had other mentality, but only somebody who is afflicted by great sadness ends in Aokigahara.

        1. impatient undertaker

          To most of it one could answer “so what?”. The fact that some luxuries of the past are now common doesn’t take away their usefulness. It just means that they are too useful and too cheap to not to use them. Does your car drive slower because your neighbour has a faster one? One can think that e.g. now he “steals” your chicks that you would slay thanks to your vehicle, but then 1) it was the same in the past, just replace a car with a horse or a spear 2) you should probably reevaluate your priorities anyway. Nobody forces you to chase all these modern inventions. You don’t have to have FB account, or you may use it sporadically to set up a real life meeting; you don’t have to chase a career, you don’t have to collect junk. It’s not society or technology to blame, that you don’t know how to excercise your will and mindfulness or establish meaningful relations.

          Are we happier now? As you say, it’s hard to measure, best is to ask people. One of my points is that happiness wasn’t an issue in the past because life was so short, dangerous, and no one had a time to contemplate such things to end up with depression. A fruit from the Tree of Knowledge is not a fruit from the Tree of Life, and it seems that a fruit from the Tree of Freedom is not a fruit from the Tree of Happiness 😉

          1. Fatman

            “One of my points is that happiness wasn’t an issue in the past because life was so short, dangerous, and no one had a time to contemplate such things to end up with depression.”

            Well said. Being depressed about the stuff you don’t have in life is a massive luxury in itself. Having the education and awareness to notice what you’re missing and what’s going on in society is a relatively new development in human evolution.

            Wage slavery existed in different forms through the centuries, but people were too dumb/uneducated/deluded by religious propaganda to be aware of it, or recognize it’s a bad thing. They lived, dull, harsh, short lives, and died painful deaths in stupidity and ignorance.

            Today’s man struggles with the quest for meaning. Yesterday’s man had no meaning and was fine with that. Maybe tomorrow’s man will be able to overcome the inherent shittiness of being and live a happier, more enlightened existence.

          2. Truth Seeker Post author

            1. The men of today and the men of yesterday were both looking for meaning. Today men have access to more books and overall information, but that does not make us elevated. There are more people reading gossip tabloids than philosophy books, and this will forever remain the case. Besides, you don’t need fancy books to look for “meaning”.

            2. “They lived, dull, harsh, short lives, and died painful deaths in stupidity and ignorance.”

            How is that different from today apart from the fact that most people vegetate for a few more decades? Most people live in tiny apartments who are often not even their own. Work boring repetitive jobs that depress the hell out of them with their repetitiveness. And with all that medicine in the world, there are still plenty of illnesses. The deaths of today are not any less painful.

            Are modern men less ignorant? No.

            Stupidity? We have outsourced everything to the government and you call primitive men stupid. It doesn’t make much sense. At least they owned their lives.

            Anyway you look at it we are living in a treadmill environment. Most of the luxury is simply a simulation.

          3. impatient undertaker

            Truth Seeker,

            Again you are just factually wrong. Before information age very few people had a luxury of free time, which is necessary for possessing “existential problems”. When you work 12 hours per day and have a wife and 6 children to feed with a fear that statistically half of them won’t reach adolescence, you don’t day dream about shit. You basically made the same point. Men never owned their lives, all in all it doesn’t matter whether we waste our lives struggling with “evil corporations”, government, or nature, what matters whether you can do something else than struggle. And now we can do more than ever, including complaining in the internet how modern times suck and praising the old times, while having no clue how average life looked like. Spoiler – it sucked. Now people are dying from diseases? In the past they died more often and in younger age. House or apartment is still a luxury? In the past people lived in caves or in houses that now wouldn’t meet standards of a doghouse, were shitting into the bucket and were emptying it outside. Dying in pain? Imagine surgeries and dying of cancer (if you lived long enough to get one) without painkillers and anesthetics. You call modern job market a slavery? How about almost constant war and mandatory millitary service? I may go on for an eternity, you should get the point by now.
            I understand and share you criticism of a modern society, but man, it’s so painfully wrong to say, that there were better times than now, it’s not even funny.

          4. Fatman

            “Today men have access to more books and overall information, but that does not make us elevated.”

            I disagree. People in the past did not “own their lives”. Just like the people of today, they toiled for the profit of others, and lived off the handouts of a powerful few. They did not “own their lives”, and their existence had no meaning other than to make those controlling them wealthier. Education matters, contrary to what people who lack education may say. So does not dying of malnutrition or a preventable disease in your forties.

            People today may read tabloids and online nonsense… but they are at least able to read, which puts them light years ahead of any “free person” from the past.

          5. Thorgal

            The “Past” is a vast period of time. There was a period (at least in the west) called the Dark Ages. Things went quite downhill during that time and coming out of it took centuries. So I don’t find it surprising that many are biased by the immense suffering that took place and still echoes today.

            However, if you go really further in the past (before agriculture), things are not clear-cut. We can only speculate how people were living and dying. One thing I remember reading is that on average, HGs had an average workload equivalent to a part-time job today. The other thing that I remember reading is that life expectancy and health was much better back then than during the interim (the building up of modern civilization). In fact, one can see our modern world today as a cushioned version of the agriculturalist world of yore, where daily life could be seen literally as the daily grind, and which bears little resemblance with the HG world and lifestyle.

            I am not trying to paint a rosy picture of the paleo world, but it was probably less stressing overall than what came after. And there was probably a better acceptance of what life entails: impermanence.

          6. Alphonse

            All you said it’s true, although I don’t agree with the idea that nobody forces me to use this new gadgets the whole point is that they have become necessities. For example my mother always tells me that I should be happier because I have a car in which I spend two hours of my day in traffic. She says that she had to walk, OMG, to school, twenty minutes of walking but I am supposed to feel better because I spend two hours of my life in traffic and because I have a gadget without which I cannot be a good economic unit. And my whole point is that technology is not the only way to have a better life, in fact sometimes it fucks some areas (like traffic) while making us blind to the fact that it has cause other problems. Let me reshape the question. If god gave you the opportunity where to Be born what would you choose? A) highly technological advanced country like Japan where you will be very productive but there a chance you end up killing yourself because of alianation that that kind of life causes, or B) shithole country called Costa Rica where people, at least this says the stadia tic, are happier and more satisfied with life even so they don’t have all that technology, and this could be I believe influenced in great part because Latinos have strong cultural ideas that put familia about everything. I know what anyone with half a mind would choose.

      3. Sawaad

        I notice in the west people usually choose one of two extremes to every situation. Nature vs nurture, and they can never see in between.

        Vegans forget that not every part of the world is a top tier organic produce isle.

        For example, Arabia is a desert. They have some places that grow dates and that’s it. The Arabs diet consisted mostly of dates, milk and meat, and barely bread. Sometimes they ate foods imported from trade.

        Now from historical sources we know that they went thru many periods of famine and poverty where they survived on only water and dates for months.

        But we also know that their main dish was meat soup with barley bread dipped in it.

        If they had meat and milk (not cow btw, they didn’t have cows, they had sheep, goat, and camel) they consumed that.

        If they didn’t, then they consumed the only fruit they had, which was the date.

        Point is: life was not always a produce haven.

        1. impatient undertaker

          I don’t have hard data on this, but I don’t think that most or even significant part of vegans are not aware of it. Even the official definition of veganism has a part “as far as is possible and practicable”. Nobody expects you to go vegan in a time and place of scarcity, but that’s usually not the case in the Western World. I am vegan, and I have no problems with admitting, that veganism was not really possible or sustainable before modern biology and chemistry, and most vegans I discussed similar topics with agree.

  13. Robert

    I swear just not giving a fuck about anything (as in all this crap on what a man is social media, magazines etc) being a little bit selfish, focusing on my training, my money & just generally looking out for number one in the last year & a half has boosted my testosterone. I used to be so nice & kind to everyone & have become slightly passive aggressive. Maybe it’s all in the mind with me but I definitley feel different since adopting this attitude.

    1. Brett

      Couldn’t agree more Robert. Nice guys are tools in my book. They finish last, get no girls, let people walk over them. I used to be one. Got nothing to show for it. Then when you finally start being a man that looks after his own needs you see that people start treating you differently. They see that you emotionally strong and not to be crossed.

      1. Robert

        It’s true Brett. It’s unbelievable how many of my “friends” want to hang out with me now. But I’m too focused on myself, I see them when it suits me now!

    2. Alphonse

      Hahaha society forces you to take that kind of mindset. Is called the tragedy of the commons. When you see that psychopaths always win while nice guys are just coal to power the system it is inevitable that nice guys start feeling left out, ergo, they adopted the same mindset that they see the syst rewards, that’s why there is no more cooperation in modern society only coommpetition

  14. James

    Opened my eyes up more about not just about what’s going on in the world now, but in the industry as well. Great article brother keep it up 🙂

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you for the support, James.

  15. Kostas

    I’ve been a reader since Iron Gangsta times and this is the best article I have read so far. Insightful as hell. Great work, mate! 🙂

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you for the support, Kostas.

  16. Amir

    Your best work yet mate. Pure class!

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you for the support, Amir.

  17. Kelvin

    With each new article you drop another bomb!!
    I think I’ve been around since I started my journey at the gym about 2 years ago. And every week I go in to see if you have a new article.

    1. Thorgal

      I guess TS is not immune against the dopamine rush triggered by the numerous praises he gets 😀

      1. Truth Seeker Post author

        You are right. I am not immune. 🙂

    2. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you for the support, Kelvin. 🙂

  18. Thorgal

    Well, test levels is something I do not care too much about. Eating good foods, good sleeping habits and lifting heavy shit regularly are my test boosters. And to be honest, I do feel it, besides good libido, etc (you know what I’m talking about : a kind of confidence in your every move, how you look like to others and how they approach you … or avoid you).

    Something that is maybe not explicitly stated: I see in my surroundings people with a high level of stress, their thoughts / opinions / focus for certain futile things, and behaviors / reactions to events betray a deeply stressed mind. I do believe that being sort of stress free is also allowing test level to remain at good levels.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Yes, this will do more for your test levels than some magic powders.

      1. Thorgal

        Hey TS,

        Since I saw your former blog – IronGangsta -mentioned a couple of times by a few readers, I had a look at your past prose (it is still online). Well, I am glad to have found an awakened fellow “life-traveler” 🙂

        From what I read from you, we seem to have a few overlapping ideas re. life, the world and society at large. A few years ago, I had some sort of epiphany (big word, I know 😀 ) and decided that my real job here on this Earth was to create beauty in my own way, and share it with those that don’t mind receiving it. So I started making my own music and writing poetry (the latter is much easier to me than writing articles for a blog 😀 ).

        I have a day job that I can’t avoid, we are a one-income family (wife and 2 kids) but that’s OK, it is rather comfortable and stress-free. It allows me to devote my “spare” time to what matters without “struggling” too much. And man, do I have a thing going with my art. The best of it all is that my wife, being a visual artist, is actively working with me. It may take another year or two to finish the current project but the greatest thing about it is the journey and the path we are walking together.

        To live a life without expressing and sharing beauty would probably make me sick on all levels. So instead of spending time in front of a TV, browsing shit on the internet all night long or worse, hooked to a phone (*), I crank up my gears and experiment musical and poetic ideas (I built a small home studio a few years back). No doubt this helps me feeling stress-free 🙂

        I am also well aware that the balance we have found is fragile and can be compromised at any time. But so is life, and instead of being afraid of what you can’t control, you may just as well accept impermanence and be at peace with it …

        (*) I do own a phone, it is 15 years old and does the job of placing phone calls, no more no less 🙂

  19. Fukin soy, man.

    “The fact that you have as much test as your grandfather does not mean that your test is dangerously low and you need to supplement with injections that may cost you your hair and fertility”

    The problem is that test levels tend to decline with age and the younger the boy the more test he should have. Have you ever seen testosterone norms? You propably have. The norm is something like 250-1200. Wanna know why? Because they dont take age into account. Im around 350 test from 18yo when I first tested and I am SURE that getting to 1200 would vastly improve my body and mental shape (low test causes depression, which I suffer from early teens).

    Currently I am trying to improve my lifestyle and diet as much as possible and try to see if I can get to around 500-600 at least.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Good luck with your goals and thank your for the support.

  20. arei2701

    Excellent writing, but there are some things I think you should reconsider. Frist regarding the diet vegan or meat eater, low fat or not, I believe that the biggest problem when it comes to diet is the fact that people don’t eat the right amount. Either they overeat, end up obese and we know what a great job fat does at ruining your test level, or as it pertains to the fitness industry they under eat in a futile attempt to maintain an unreasonable level of leanness, which is almost as bad for test production( this is even worse for teens which might not fully develop as a result of exposure to “fitness” content). For most guys I believe that 14 to 18% bf is optimal. Also, on the same note, I see how the adrenaline induced rush from hunting an animal could increase your test, but getting your meat from the supermarket definitely doesn’t have the same effect.
    You also mentioned how porn is a factor contributing to the reduction of male testosterone levels and well this is most likely just another piece of feminist propaganda, since making men paranoid about jerking off is a great way to keep them sexually frustrated and willing put up with a ton of bullshit in the hopes that they will receive some female attention.
    TLDR: Men have lower T because they worry about bs, and they worry about bs because they have lower T.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      1. Yes, you are correct about low and high body fat being testosterone killers. When you are fat, the estrogen in you is partying.
      2. The modern life is indeed a testosteorne killer too. We are living in a cage defined by the economy, laws, consumerism and wageslaving. Men have not been free for centuries. The human world, just like the other world, is full of restrictions. The difference is that in the human world they are artificially created.
      3.Porn is indeed a testosterone killer too because it gives you self-sufficient satisfaction approved by the system which wants docile men. If men were having regular sex, they wouldn’t need porn. Not to mention that porn is full of perverted images that you otherwise wouldn’t even know of. For many, porn operates like drugs – as you adapt, you need harder doses. Having said that, I also understand what you are saying about masturbation. It could be a useful tool for control of your sexual desire. When you experience sexual hunger, you are not thinking clearly, and you may make regrettable mistakes. There is an old advice that says – masturbate before going on a date. If you still want to go, you like the girl.

  21. Inner_Voice

    Hi, I support you wholeheartedly as you indeed have great writing talent. Perhaps you could consider besides bodybuilding topics to also venture more into topics like this one, or in general how to live instead of just exist. Did you also note how similar it is chasing pipe dreams as natural in the gym and slaving an ungrateful 9-5 corporate job dreaming about making it big? As bodybuilding is only a mere part of one’s life, here is some inspiration for ideas you might consider covering:
    – How to be more alive with less
    – How to identify and kick destructive habits like procrastination, youtube binging, daydreaming and escapism
    – Which things to ditch to make living more enjoyable etc. Do you also consider telling your readers more about you? Like which country are you originally from, how old are you or what is your profession? I believe many would like to know. All the best to you!

  22. Victor

    That was a good overview ot today’s world.

  23. matt

    Blame it on this, that and everything else but yourself for dropping T values. The hard road is actually taking care of yourself and not just your body. Do you think having no hope is great for T, or being and anxious dude, being lonely, not having a stable relationship, not able to keep a job, etc… Admitting to one self out shortcomings and working on them to include ones we perceive as criticism from others who seem annoying but actually care about you, because we are too proud to admit were messed up.
    I talk like this because I don’t do these things yet I have focused on my body with exercise, eating healthy, not wearing tight clothes, having sex with my wife, etc.. but still miserable because I struggle with anxiety, porn addiction, seclusion, and low confidence.
    I can choose to take my self out more and be around other human beings, (not hooking up just socializing and enjoying a beverage). Going for walks. Getting on anxiety medication to help me not have so many panic attacks that drain me big time more than a intense weight training session. Finding a community of real people that both me and my Wife enjoy spending time with. Not playing mobile games and writing in forums at work and really applying myself at work. Doing things that relax me.
    Guess what, these things would make me not only more productive in the weight room, increase my recovery rate, be more confident and have higher T.

  24. peter

    “impatient undertaker” is sooo right.. don’t be fllish with protein/meat today’s scam.

  25. david

    Hi truth seeker thanks again for great articles. can you suggest some books (not about gym ofc) that you like ?

    1. swabbie

      Brave New World, 1984, The Jungle – must have books for mind opening and showing the real, actual face of our world

      1. david

        tnx a lot mate. if you have other suggestions i would love to hear them too tnx again.

  26. CeagBozz

    Awesome mate. Quality writing. Keep it up. 🙂

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you for the support, CeagBozz.

    2. swabbie

      Brave New World, 1984, The Jungle – must have books for mind opening and showing the real, actual face of our world

  27. Trung Lee

    Awesome and some of the besy articles I have ever read from you , Truth Seeker ! Keep it up , man ! You made my day !

  28. oz

    So are you saying that those testosterone boosters do actually cause your body to release additional testosterone; but just not at an amount that will cause significant additional muscle growth?

  29. Forget modern society

    Good article, one way you can be a man is to just workout and be the best you can be, drop modern society, eat that slab of meat, don’t put women on no pedastool, when the time comes sex will happen don’t fall into the trap that you need to have a fuck buddy. If you do all of this I promise your test levels will rise and you will be happy again. I know lots of older people are aganist viideogames, but they are a great distraction away from this POS world and keeps me sane. Keep up the good work.

  30. Mark

    Truth Seeker,
    Great post! You put an interesting spin on things and I agree with those who said that you were very literary gifted. Problems that your post touched upon are valid and have been thought through and recognized by some of us. Unfortunately, many are in denial and refuse to accept the brutal reality. Most would rather live in a simulation and continue programmed existence rather than question the legitimacy of the program . In my view, our problems are not solvable. Suffering is the natural product of the consciousness. We are almost never happy or happy only momentarily. Once we achieve a goal we get a short burst of happiness and then we search for a new problem to occupy our minds.

    1. Alphonse

      THats the problem of the XXI century, that’s how the mind works, it always craves for more. But the truth, at least I believe, is that the are some solutions. First connect yourself with your inner human, society makes us want to fill many human desires, like family with consumerism. Focus on your natural desires not the ones that are imposed by society. Find a group of people that will be loyal if you show them loyalty, not a group of people who will leave you when you are no longer useful, real friendship like what the eupicurians use to say. I recommend you to study Buddhism because it will give you mental strength, as you said the problem with the mind is that it always craves for more, stop feeding it with nonsense that will only make you suffer in the long term, as I said focus on the basics.

      1. Thorgal

        Someone asked for some books. One I recommend is

        “The Ascent of Humanity” by Charles Eisenstein. He is giving it for free somewhere online, like with his other books (The Gift Economy, etc – you can still buy the paper version if you’d like to support the guy). Anyway, it’s a lot of foods for thoughts …

  31. srcn


    My testo levels 464, is it normal ratio or not. my doctor says it is normal

  32. Donne the Conquerer

    Truth Seeker, you strike me as a young man, with some very preconceived notions about the past, that are not quite accurate. As a man of almost 50, I have a unique perspective of old vs. new; I’m not too young not to relate to the present, and not too old that I’m stuck in the fixed ways of the past. This whole idea of back then “a man was man” and “things were simpler” has some aura of truth, but it is usually romanticized to the point of wishful thinking and obsolete nostalgia.

    For the most part, you did know where you stood back-in-the-day, and there was far less of a spiritual void and lunacy, but this does not directly imply that things were necessarily better, easier, or more beneficial to the individual. Just as an example, ask someone who was black or a minority and living in the US what it was like back then, and you’ll get a much different perspective about those days.

    Likewise, here in the states, there was a time not too long ago where you had no minimum wage laws, OSHA workplace requirements for safety, disability insurance and paid sick time, or fair labor representation (prior to unions, anyway), where you were at the mercy of your employer. Clearly, that’s change now for the better. On the flip side, back then you could support a family as a single income bread winner, you paid lower taxes in general, and things like the necessities were generally more affordable to everyone. But it balances out – tomato, tomato. Choose your poison.

    From a societal and spiritual standpoint, we also had traditional gender roles, where the family unit was more intact because we had a home body cooking, cleaning and taking care of the kids. So that’s a bonus. But was it right to lawfully negate a woman’s working potential and career choice, if that’s what see chose, and basically force here to be a stay at home mom (especially during a period when women couldn’t even vote legally)? Again, there are two sides to the argument, though a woman should be able to do one or the other by choice, without having to work just to help pay for the necessities of life and make ends meet financially, as well as manage a home life with her family simultaneously. There are no easy solutions to these dilemmas, you get something by giving some else up.

    And let’s not forget that if you were born within a certain period (in the states , anyway), you also had to serve in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam, and could have just as easily been drafted at 18+ to fight and potentially die in some distant land, which is no more since the abolition of the draft. Would you rather have gone through this mandatory service period instead of the rigors and tribulations of today? Something to think about.

    No doubt, there are drawbacks to society today, unmistakably, but let’s not forget that – just from an economic point of view – that there were never this many young millionaires at such an early age ever before in human history, nor this many business opportunities available to young people with dreams, ambition and a solid work ethic. That’s something huge if you can embrace it, the ability to start your own business, with a click of a mouse no less, or network globally with clients, affiliates and staff to purse your financial vision and desires. Don’t you think prior generations, who labored and bled in fields, oil refineries, etc., while performing grueling jobs to pay for food and shelter for their loved ones, would love and be envious of that opportunity? It depends on which way you look at it, but it’s not simply “simulation” vs reality as you imply (and for that matter, maybe our simulation is light years better than some past generation’s reality).

    I (most of the time) happily work in a corporate environment, and most of the complaints I hear come from older gents in their 60’s and above, lamenting the time of employee pensions, corporate benefits, and a time when a college degree assured you of a professional future, but such lamentation is pointless and a sign that these men are still living in the past. They never adapted and changed with the times, so they became dated with their thinking. And as the old saying goes, “If you live in the past, then you died in the past”. In this world, you professionally have to adapt and embrace change as it comes, there really is no choice. Take the good with the bad.

    That’s my rant, I’ve gone on far too long as I type fast, so think about it and take it for what it’s worth, and know there are obviously many things I don’t like about the world today (many of which you voice in your articles, respectively). But it is what it is, basically.

    However, personally given the choice, I consider myself so very lucky and blessed that I was born in the period that I was born in, and am around to live in what has been, by many historical standards, a great time for being a young man. Consider it yourself, as whether you know it or not, you are so very lucky too in so many ways.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you for taking the time to write this comment. I respect your opinion. It’s true that every era has its charm. I wouldn’t be who I am if I wasn’t born in modern times.

  33. GRANT

    “I just long for a world in which ordinary things are done in an ordinary way ”
    “everyone just lives in their own cell, and the system tames them by giving them each their own personal serenity”

  34. Kara

    I definitely need TRT, constantly below 300, but I am also trying to have kids with my wife. I have gone to many doctors, took many med tests, spent many hundreds of money to receive the same monotonous answer: ” since you are trying to have kids there is no cure or treatment for you”. You can have Ebola, sleep recklessly with hundreds of dudes and science has a treatment for you, paid with tax dollars but if for some reason you have low testosterone you are on your own.
    It is a dead end, no one wants you to be man in this age and era.

    1. twp

      I feel you. Usually the rage is 300-900 and a lot of fitness youtube gurus claim that until you are in normal ranges testosterone doesn’t matter and only out of rage levels matter(using steroids). I am not an expert, but this lacks logic. I think the difference between ~400 ng/dl and ~800 ng/dl is bigger than 800-1200, because of diminishing returns.

  35. Seth

    Not going to get caught up in comments. Just wanted to say, first time on the site, first article read. This article hits home on way too many issues. I subscribed as soon as I finished reading.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      You are welcome. Thank you for the support.

  36. Tomasz

    Total truth! Congrats for keeping enormous common sense and courage to write these things.

  37. Martin

    This is a must read for basically any human being out there. Forget the Bible and read this!
    Too bad that your site is not available German, my native language.
    So many people here adore the false claims the western world constantly makes. Not just the fitness industries, but society as we know it has never been more rotten. Only inside off course, the facade continues to shine and thus deceive the masses!

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