The Only Business Advice You’ll Need (mini-wisdom series)

| by Truth Seeker |


The Internet is full of people giving you nice-sounding quotes coming from elite businessmen who are richer than 99% of the population.

The advice sounds intelligent and coherent, but it’s actually empty, useless and non-actionable.

The problems are:

  • People are focused on peripheral habits that have non-direct or any effect on the end result.

E.g., Waking up at 5 a.m. because Mr. Businessman says so.

Here’s an ironic story. A couple of days ago, a weird machine sound woke me in the middle of the night. I looked out of the window – a group of construction workers was repairing the road.

They were doing it during the night to avoid causing traffic jams during the day.

I can assure you that those construction workers will not be millionaires because they wake up early.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter when you wake up. What matters is what you do when you’re awake.

  • People are thinking too big.

Flooding your head with quotes and “advice” from ultra-rich people when you’re a broke college student is the equivalent of taking football lessons from <insert your favorite player here> when you don’t even play the game.

  • Public Relations

Most of the info that rich people give is not advice but PR. Their interviews, books and other content is not meant to teach but to make money while presenting them in a positive light.

They’ll never tell the masses what’s up. But even if they did, the average person is not in a position to emulate such an existence anyway.

What to do instead?

Here’s the best business advice that average people actually need:

Find a way to make 100 extra bucks net profit a month. You can do it online or offline, but the money has to come from a legal activity that isn’t a scam or some sort of temporary fad. 

That’s it.

Instead of wondering when you should wake up, what kind of clothes you should wear, reading motivational books and obsessing over productivity apps, do the above.

Find a way to make 100 extra bucks a month legally. 

Succeeding in this task will make you more successful than the vast majority of people hypnotized by the outrageous claims made on social media.

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  1. Alexander Chaney

    The gold nugget behind you’re recommendation is the search itself in finding what can make you $100 profit. I think by keeping your options open, and turning over several stones, you may find some lucrative opportunities that may make you more than $100. All you really need is just one lucky break for it to be worth it. I am not sure if you heard the idea of ‘optionality’ but that’s the essential idea.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you for the support.

  2. Deka

    whether a new book is in the announcement

  3. The truth

    Do an article on how to be happy, if you can?

    Take care. 🙂

  4. Emiliano Lassa

    Muchas Gracias Truth Seeker. Aunque no se mucho ingles, te leo con la ayuda del traductor. Tus articulos son mas que interesantes y me han abierto los ojos en muchos sentidos, especialmente porque tengo 54 años y he entrenado durante toda mi vida de forma natural, y como tantos fui engañado con la propaganda de la industria del culturismo. Muchos de los consejos que brindas los estoy aplicando ahora mismo. Realmente seria muy interesante conocerte, lastima vivimos muy lejos. Te saludo desde Uruguay. Gracias Amigo

  5. Steve

    Certain habits, traits and behaviours are extremely important and highly common amongst the very successful regardless of field. However, notwithstanding a valuable skill-set or a brilliant idea, the unsuccessful must develop these organically via lower-level experience first.

    A broke college kid will have options available to him/her upon graduation, so this is aimed at people with a dead-end job, no idea on what they want to do in future, no home, car, girl, etc. The premise here of earning extra money is a good one, which I will simplify into 4 steps:

    1) No matter how crappy your current job, start making yourself indispensable at work, offer to take on extra responsibility without taking extra pay (paid overtime even better).

    2) Get a 2nd job; ie. Work evenings, work weekends. Stack shelves, work in a bar, call centre, cinema, shop; anything that pays. Again, make yourself indispensable – be useful.

    3) Open an investment account and deposit at least 20% of your net income every month into an S&P ETF

    4)After investing each month, make sure you spend less than your remaining funds.

    This is the true blueprint for success that no one talks about. These simple actions alone are the ones that help free the most closed of minds. By treating jobs as opportunities to get a free education whilst getting paid, you will start to gain skills, people will respond positively to you, and it may lead to promotions. You might get used and taken advantage of by lazy managers along the way, but this is an important part of the process too. The things you learn will lead to business ideas for which you already will have acquired the skills for and as the months pass, you will be acquiring wealth. The investments in the markets will peak your interest in finance and wider cause/effect issues and this will lead to learning which will round your knowledge base and give you things in common with more successful people.

    In no time, you will have 20k in an investment account and another 10k in your current account, which will elevate you above the present douchebags who irritate and belittle you. Best yet, the money will go higher with more and more saving/investing; at this point, that habit is made! The world is a much more positive place when you have money behind you and things that once bothered you, no longer will.

    It might take 3 years but once you get to this point, you can consider yourself successful. Even if you don’t have a business idea, you have probably been promoted or had a new opportunity offered to you and if not, you can change jobs into something more like a career you wish to pursue. Once you get to this point, there will be no shortage of hiring managers that will not recognise the drive and desire that got you to where you are.

    It is hard work and a sacrifice of a chunk of social life, but anybody can do this. The reason most don’t is because they have the wrong attitude, lack the discipline, and don’t want to do the work.

  6. J

    Great advice TS!

    Get hands-on and practical and make $100 this month. Then $200 next month and just keep applying what you learn to earn more.

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