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Biceps Training Tips For Natural Bodybuilders Tips to improve your biceps workouts and avoid frustration.

| November 14, 2014 by Truth Seeker |

According to the statistics, the sales of muscle magazines increase when there’s a flexed arm on the cover. This is not a coincidence. Exploitation of the natural human perception of aesthetics has convinced the population that the biceps are the universal symbol of strength. This is why the lifting literature contains 1000s of arm routines. […]

Are Powerlifters Really That Strong?

| November 13, 2014 by Truth Seeker |

Powerlifting has always been a dick-measuring contest. Who is going to lift the heaviest barbell? How can I add more plates to the bar? Those are the questions troubling the heads of motivated powerlifters. To achieve the highest levels of human strength, powerlifters train very hard, take a lot of steroids, eat like pigs and […]

Lee Hayward – Is He Natural Or On Steroids?

| November 8, 2014 by Truth Seeker |

Lee Hayward is a popular bodybuilder with a tremendous following on the Internet. He showcases a thick and lean physique. However, can a natural lifter build a musculature of this magnitude? Can you be as big as Lee Hayward without steroids? Let’s look at the data. How Big Is Lee Hayward? According to the information […]

Deadlifts Are Not Needed Even If You’re A Powerlifter

| November 3, 2014 by Truth Seeker |

Very few realize that many of our ideas and beliefs are hollow concepts based on mind control and fear. That’s what you get for investing your faith in human beings. Humans can never be the ultimate authority. Our self-righteousness and minds susceptible to programming will never allow it. The bodybuilding niche is also full of infatuated individuals who think that […]

Triceps Training For True Natural Bodybuilders If you want bigger triceps, kickbacks are not the formula.

| October 31, 2014 by Truth Seeker |

In this post, I will present a few triceps training tips for naturals that actually work. First, adjust your expectations. The bodybuilding industry has been using the effect of muscular arms on people as a brainwashing tool and a money printer. Every day bodybuilders on anabolic steroids, growth hormone and insulin receive a “revelation” and […]

Can You Be As Big As Tom Hardy Without Steroids? Is it possible to acquire the muscle mass of the actor naturally?

| October 30, 2014 by Truth Seeker |

On a couple of occasions, the British actor Edward Thomas Hardy better known as Tom Hardy displayed a well-developed physique. In the movies “Bronson”, “Warrior” and “The Dark Knight Rises”, Tom Hardy plays the role of very strong and muscular characters. His physique was used by many to promote a variety of training protocols claiming […]

Bodybuilding Tips For More Productive Back Workouts

| by Truth Seeker |

Today’s post presents tips designed to make your back training more productive. I can’t breath when I do heavy chest supported rows. What now? The chest supported row is a decent exercise that trains the rear musculature of the upper body without stressing the lower back. This property makes the movement useful when you want […]

Deadlifts vs. Squats: What’s Better For Mass?

| October 29, 2014 by Truth Seeker |

Deadlifts & Squats have a mythical status. Many muscle scholars attribute magical properties to both movements. According to the rumors, squats and deads build muscle thickness and size that the “curl and bench bros” can only dream of. Occasionally, there are furious discussions between the fans of each movement. Which one is better for mass – deadlifts or squats? Well, let’s look […]

How Do Male Gymnasts Get So Muscular? Are they using anabolic steroids?

| October 28, 2014 by Truth Seeker |

Gymnasts are guilty of big arms, broad shoulders, wide backs, square chests and impressive leanness – a combination that results in the formation of an aesthetic physique that many aspire to acquire. As expected, the common belief is that gymnasts are 100% natural. However, is this really the case? However, is this really the case? Not All […]