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The Most Complete Back Exercise

| by Truth Seeker |

High-volume double overhand grip deadlifts (HVDOGDs) are the most complete back exercise. Notice that I say the most complete, not the best or ultimate (that title is subjective). Why this movement specifically? Because it’s the exercise that stresses the highest number of muscles in the back. If you have to choose only one exercise for […]

Are Shrugs Necessary for Big Traps?

| by Truth Seeker |

Short answer: The traps can be developed without shrugs as many back exercises (e.g., deadlifts, rows, overhead presses…etc.) hit the area. Nonetheless, shrugs are the most straightforward method to stress the zone and trigger a hypertrophy response. If you are dedicated to building the best trapezius, that you can, some form of shrugging could be […]