FAQ: How do I behave on a first date?

| by Truth Seeker |

Disclaimer: The text below is based on my experience. Some people will naturally disagree, and that’s perfectly fine. Some may even find it sociopathic. That’s ok too. We are not on Reddit or whatever. It’s my site. I write the way I want here. I have developed the following set of rules for first dates: […]

FAQ: Do Bad Boys Attract Only Damaged Women?

| by Truth Seeker |

Men are often fed the following lies/clich├ęs upon displaying frustration in the dating world: “Just be yourself.” “Be confident” “Be a gentleman” “Buy her flowers” “Listen to her.” …etc. Despite this “profound advice”, Mr. Nice Guy fails a million times. He experiences ghosting, insults, disrespect, money losses…etc. His entire dating experience is a massive net […]