Street Workouts Do Not Make You Natural Many street workout athletes are on steroids

| by Truth Seeker |

Naive people wrongfully assume that the calisthenics guys are natural by default. People have been mislead into believing that bodyweight exercises are “pure”, and everybody training on the monkey bars is natural. This is not true. There is drug usage even in street workout.

Street Workouts And Steroids!

Kali Muscle is on steroids, insulin, and GH.

Why would “bodyweight guys” be natural?

There are a lot of “bar stars” who are using anabolic steroids to build their impressive physiques.

The whole street workout epidemic is just another spin-off of the fitness game.

The bar athletes also promote supplements such as protein and creatine. They also sell T-shirts, backpacks, weight vests and other merchandise. In other words, it’s still a business.

Do you really think there’s something special about training on the monkey bars? Do you really think that you can overcome the natural limits with the help of push-ups and dips? Well, think again.

It’s effective, but not that effective. The next time someone as big as a bodybuilder tells you that street workouts are his secret, slap him.

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