Should I bulk up fast with GOMAD or go slow? Get ready for an answer you will hate.

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Most people with a positive IQ probably realize that bulking can make you real fat real fast. You cannot expect to build 10lbs of muscle in a month regardless of how advanced your training routine is. If you are gaining that much, you are either not natural or simply praying to the Lord of the Lard way too often.

Of course, the mainstream bodybuilding media will rarely tell you this. For them, it’s better if you continue to believe in scams such as eating big to get big. When you get fat, they just use the classic back door – poor genetics and/or training.

But what about the opposite approach? Is slow methodical bulking better for preventing unwanted fat gains during mass construction phases?


When people do a slow bulk, they usually aim for 1-3 pounds a month. This approach is certainly better than getting as big (fat) as possible in the shortest period of time, but it does not guarantee actual lean progress either.

Unfortunately, the following scenario happens very often:

Jimmy, the natural bodybuilder, decides to bulk up. He logs online and after a long research concludes that he wants to remain lean during the mass construction phase. The choice is clear – slow bulking is in order.

Jimmy does a slow bulk and gains 15 pounds in 10 months. Sadly, despite being extra careful and patient, most of the gained weight is still fat. Jimmy’s six pack abs are once again sabotaged. His waist is 3 inches bigger. It sucks.

Jimmy’s love for his lost visible abs overshadows everything, and he decides to cut in order to resurrect his ripped stomach. Ironically, by the time the resurrection is complete, Jimmy is back to his previous bodyweight from 10 months ago before the slow bulk.

There are several possible reasons for this marvelous experience:

1. A poor training routine

If your training routine is badly designed and does not have a built-in progression mechanism, such as cycling, it may be the reason for the failed bulking attempts. When there is not enough stimulus, the body has no reason to grow. Consequently, the extra nutrition is stored as fat regardless of the bulking speed.

2. You have already reached your genetic potential

For better or worse, natural muscle growth is very limited and comes to an end before you know it. Once you have reached your genetic potential, all your bulking efforts result primarily in fat and water gains.

At the end of the day, slow bulking is better than the fast version because you are less likely to become a pig. However, this does not make slow bulking more anabolic or capable of overcoming the natural limitations.

In conclusion

If you are just starting out, slow to medium bulking is recommended to avoid unwanted fat gains.

If you have been training hard for a few years already, the following holds true:

slow bulking = getting fat slowly
fast bulking = getting fat fast

Choose your poison wisely.

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