Rich Froning – Natural or NOT?

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Rich Froning Jr. is a professional CrossFit athlete who has won the title Fittest Man On Earth three times in a row after placing first in the 2011, 2012 and 2013 CrossFit Games.

The body of Rich Froning is considered by many “the perfect pussy slaying physique”. Thousands of natural bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts are trying to find the secret to his perfection.

“How do you achieve a body like Froning’s?” is a question that keeps 1/3 of the male population awake.

What is the formula?

Usually, the general public is fed with cliches such as: “hard work and sound nutrition”, “if you want it bad enough, you will have it.”, “follow your dreams” and other equally boring responses. However, the really important questions, in this case, are:

“Is Rich Froning using anabolic steroids?”, “Is Rich Froning Natural?”, “Can I look like him without taking steroids?”.

Luckily, finding out whether someone is natural or not isn’t super difficult. It’s not like lifting weights is as complex as heart surgeries. The first step to finding out whether the individual in question is telling the truth is to compare him to well-known users of anabolic steroids who have competed during the Golden Era of Bodybuilding.

According to, the body stats of Rich Froning are:


Is Rich Natty or Not?


5’9″ (175cm)


195lbs (88.6kg)

Since Rich Froning is the Fittest man on Earth, it’s safe to assume that his body fat levels are the lowest on earth too – between 5 and 8 percents.

As a professional exerciser, you cannot afford to ever get out of shape, and therefore, in most pictures, Rich Froning displays insane levels of leanness and muscle definition.

The former IFBB pro to which we will compare Rich Froning is the King Of Aesthetics Frank Zane.

Here are the stats of Frank Zane during his prime:


Off-season weight:

200 lbs (91kg)

Competition weight:

185lbs (83kg)


5’9” (175cm)


18” (45cm)


A simple comparison between Rich Froning and Frank Zane, reveals that the Fittest Man On Earth is 10 pounds heavier and has the same height. Obviously, the bodyfat of both, Zane and Froning, is extremely low.

When Frank Zane competed steroids were widely available, and it was very easy to get a prescription from a doctor or buy them from the local dealer at the gym. In the article: “Is Mike Mentzer On Steroids” this phenomenon is explained in greater details.

If you think that Rich Froning’s level of muscular development has been achieved with just clean food, regular exercising, and prayers – think again! And put more effort into it.

Wherever there is money, there is deception. Wherever there is deception, there are victims. The victim, in this case, is you – the device in front of the monitor. You’ve been fed with fake, ego driven, superficial ideas since the beginning of your life.

The best way to enslave people is through disinformation. It happens in every area of life. Just because CrossFit is the new best thing, it does not mean it’s pure. The community has the properties of another mainstream propaganda meant to spread its dogma among potential slaves. They want to trap you into believing that you should live according to their rules and desire what they want you to desire.

The world is made of sheepeople* which always take what they see for real. In general, criticizing the man-made authorities is not tolerated by the human society. Those who do it are are silenced and labeled as haters.

Turn off your TV and think for a second. The award for first place at the CrossFit Games is USD 250,000. Do you really think that when so much money is on the table, the competitors won’t consider using anabolic steroids?

In brief, Rich Froning is 10 pounds heavier than Frank Zane – three times Mr.Olympia in times when roids were commonly found on the gym floor.

Here’s what’s really going at the games:

Athletes using anabolic steroids willingly or unwillingly are competing for a large prize pool provided by rich companies.

*sheepeople –  People that follow the herd (the majority). Easily influenced by peers/media to adopt certain behaviors or blindly follow trends. The “freedom” to do what other people tell you to do… canned institutionalized thought (carbon copies).

The bleating sheepeople all bought iPhones.

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  1. Justin

    Rich is not a bodybuilder and definitely does not have 5% fat id say 8-7 at lowest. Hes smoother wen unflexed or un pumped. And taking a guy with totally different structure and terrible genetics isn’t a realistic comparison. I dont disagree, hes to big for his height but at least use an athlete with similar % and genetics. Zane at his peak was barely 190.. Only 15 or 20 off natty peaks. but with roids every other user gains far more so its clear he had bad gain genes to start with.

    1. Jonathan Tricoli

      Bad gain genes isn’t going to mean anything when you’re on gear. Some of the women bodybuilders are huge and they are going to naturally have less testosterone then men, and if his genes were awful he would have taken more steroids than he did to compete at the level in Which he competed.

  2. Gladiator

    @Justin, you are one of the sheepeople the truthseeker talks about in his articles…tut, tut.

  3. Lance

    Of course he’s steroids, he’s won it 4x in a row. Let me be clear if everyone’s doping, it does not mean that PEDs are created equal. The more money you have means you more privy to buying state of the art PEDs that can be cycled and be virtually undetected. Now, the lily white joke of a sport that the Crossfit Games actually is in addition to their income sapping ‘boxes’ means other competitors for four years failed to lose to Rich Froning. The absolute joke of the so-called Crossfit Games, is that while they actually do drug testing, they only do it once, and the athletes know the date. Mark McGuire and Sammy Sosa would laugh hysterically at those ‘stringent’ rules. The truth of the matter, is experienced dopers get caught (and barely) with random drug testing. Now there have been dopers caught in the CF games, but I’m sure if you know the date of your test, you’re either too dumb to cycle off or too poor to afford modern PEDs. So in light of the evidence of known doping when money is on the table from Track and Field, MMA, Baseball and even other ‘professional’ crossfitters means that Rich Froning is an absolute doper. Doubt me, let me put it like this, Usain Bolt is beating known dopers who train the same routines and plans he does, the same genetic fast twitch muscle fibre and he’s beating a field full of dopers being au natural… not a chance. The same applies to Rich Froning.

      1. Blork

        What does prove it mean? You will only be satisfied if every single athlete involved has been caught doping? At some point you have to be smarter than this and use Occam’s razor and some common sense with deduction skills.

  4. Eric

    Amazes me how much time people put into trying to pull others to their level instead of trying to better themselves!

    1. Greg

      Eric… -facepalm- … No… Just no…

    2. Darryll Zwiers

      what? you mean pulling them down to the level of people that achieve HONESTLY? People that live their lives without large scale public deception? How about this: how many people in the world would KICK RICH FRONING’S ASS at Crossfit if he was a natty? Heaps. You know why? Rich wouldn’t be able to sustain that intensity without career ending injuries or getting rhabdo. More than likely, he’d just burn out, like so many do. There’s an old saying that if you took steroids out of body building that the champ would still be the champ. I call bullshit. Just because the champ has a large roid budget and active androgen receptors does not mean his body ever produced enough hormones in the first place. If you want to anticipate the damage of the steroid culture, look at the millions of young women trying to look better through surgery. At the end of the day, at least they only look like the joker when the filler outlasts their faces. Steroids can have long lasting, life shortening effects. People like us aren’t haters. We are the men that are prepared to be the best we can as god made us, and instead the enhanced physiques of the liars create a mythology of some superior male that does not exist. And I don’t believe that this damages the identity of masculinity with women, women aren’t all that motivated by drug taking narcissists. It damages the self esteem of men, of all ages, just like Pamela Anderson’s tits did for women in the nineties. You’re judging yourself by a standard that is NOT REAL. Your achievements aren’t comparable to real heroes, because there hasn’t been an authentic man in professional sport for a very long time. We’re not dragging this man DOWN. He dragged himself, the sport, and his status as a role model down by being a lying sack of shit. And I believe that to be true of all deceitful dopers. If you come out and say “this isn’t me, this is roids” I can at least respect you, for being truthful, and not perpetuating a god damned lie.

    3. Matthewf1971

      Yep, that’s all these steeple do is try and explain “they must be doping because they can do things I cant. Truth is they don’t want to work as hard, or just not driven enough to do what it takes. I know several of these athletes including Rich, so I am not talking about people I see on TV, they are people I actually have been around. I laugh at these guys now when they always start with the “he’s got to be using roids” pages on top of pages. Yet not one test ever came back anything but good old fashion hard work, diet, and smart training. Something anyone that is talking all this crap, obviously knows nothing about. So now that I’ve dropped the Mike, all you can start talking again, about something you don’t know about, someone you don’t know, and only what you’ve read on the internet. Ready…….GO!

      1. Iain

        Jesus H, you do realise that Lance Armstrong never failed a drugs test, don’t you?
        Explain please, how Rich Froning is able to beat known dopers who train using the same techniques and effort as he does.

      2. Bert

        Calm down Darryll …. you’re talking a ‘sack of sh*t’

  5. karl kuhle

    It’s quite obvious. If a sport requires strength and or endurance and or speed without finesse like soccer at the elite end they ate on something.
    Anyone who believes otherwise is a sheeple/moron.

    I mentioned to a keen cyclist recently about everyone in his favourite event the tour de France being on sone drug.
    He then accused me of being a conspiracy theorist and then mentioned the conspiracy of moon landings brig faked .
    Really the level of brainwashing is simple mind blowing.
    How do you get from steroids to moon landings?

  6. bogus

    What would a athlete not do for a $250,000. For a million dollar that justifies the use of anabolic steroids. You can’t blame the athlete. You blame the sport.

    1. Vinny F

      You guys do know who Georg Hackenschmidt is right? Exactly the same height and weight as Mat Frazer and I think Rich Froning. 5’ 9.5” 196lbs so IDK why Natty Or Not and T Nation both always point to a specific body builder when there were people who had the same physique earlier…. without all the supplements and science we have today! It’s obviously possible. Whether they are or not who knows.

  7. Tyler

    lol. You don’t have to take steroids to be the best. It is about hard work. As you get better you have to keep pushing yourself harder to reach new heights everyday. If everyday is a slow paced workout then you are not every going to reach your potential. When you can finally do that last rep on that last set, then you need to bump up weight so you fail again, and try to reach that last rep just to repeat the process over again.

    1. Matt Rouge

      Wow, it is so obvious now. This whole site is pointless. Just work really hard! How did someone not think of this before?!

    2. Davey

      You, sir, are a moron. Hard work will not get you to the top. Hard work and hormones will. A natural athlete with amazing genetics wouldn’t be able to compete with a regular schmo with shit genetics on gear. It’s the truth and if you cant accept it, sit down and let the fucking adults talk.

    3. Thang Nguyen

      Funny how the Author i always talking about the Sheeps and in every Post instantly at least once Sheep comments to prove him right lol.

  8. Amanda

    Put it this way, lets put it into context exactly what Steroids do: They drastically raise Testosterone and metabolism (which is because of raised Test).

    It’s no secret, anyone that’s ever taken a Test booster will attest to having somewhat increased gains and strength in the gym, but do people taking Test boosters come out looking like Froning or other elite Crossfit athletes? No. Steroids increases Testosterone to absolutely ridiculous levels.

    For some examples here, lets just assume the average dude has Test levels of 500-700 (which is normal I think). Taking a Test booster may put it up to 1000-1200 maybe for the duration one stays on the booster? I don’t know, but it goes up somewhat. If you eat cleanly and take every available supplement over the counter (including aspirin), you can get the levels up to 1500, but it’s very difficult to do.

    Steroids on the other hand can push levels up to 2500-3000, that is why you see bodybuilders and crossfit athletes look like they’ve been carved out of stone. Nobody can get like that naturally because peoples Test levels aren’t naturally in the 2500 to 3000 range.

    You can easily identify a natty vs a roid user, because natty’s won’t be between 5-10% body fat with huge muscles. The catabolic nature of the body alone will tear away at the muscle tissue because the act of “cutting” lowers Testosterone, that has been proven. At best it can be minimized, but it certainly isn’t going to jump to 3000 if you’re “cutting”.

    Look at someone like Alan Thrall whose openly admitted to not using them due to the fact there is still room to improve without them (as he said). He’s strong, muscular, and somewhat lean, but certainly doesn’t have the frame of Froning or other elite crossfitters. Thrall isn’t a crossfitter but trains strongman, but trains a lot.

    This is how the body works; if you’re putting on muscle, your putting on fat. If you’re losing fat, you’re losing muscle. Things can be done to minimize what’s gained and lost; however, to keep the Testosterone constant to do this is so difficult it’s next to impossible. That is unless you take roids.

  9. José Palma Amador

    FFMI above 26. Steroids. Period

  10. truth

    The discrepancy lies in the fact of his muscle mass to his one minute mile time. It is said that Rich is able to run a mile sub 6 minutes at 5:24. There is no way this is possible with food, diet, and simple workout routines. His strength/ endurance ratio is not possible with the everyday diet. (the give away is his gut)
    Read between the lines. Consider his face, hairline, and skin as well. Do the math of common sense….assemble the pieces….and you have the Lance Armstrong of Cross Fit.

  11. Bob

    Truth. Just got done watching a documentary on him. He’s balding and is sterile. That’s a sure sign of steroid use. Also his diet is shit. He admits that and so does everyone else. He doesn’t even take in enough calories to build muscle and works out 7 days a week not taking a rest day. The only time your muscles are growing is when you’re resting which Froning doesn’t do.

  12. oliver brooks

    When you’ve got 15 + years of sports and working out under your belt and can do a 400lb snatch and jerk and you eat clean, I want to see what your physique looks like then. There are teenagers in Olympic weight lifting that look like there is no way they can lift 350lb in a snatch up and over their head. Its called fast twitch muscle fiber and they posses the magic that makes it possible. Now that kid continues doing that for 10 15 years along with eating decent and other sport activity. Would it be fair to compare yourself to him at age 30 when all you’ve done is make out with chicks, eat pop corn and get a good job? Time brings about muscle maturity and definition in muscle, so for the guy who decides he wants that look but has no history to support it, it can seem rather bleak. Unfortunately guys, there is no fast fixes for that look. It takes time, just like a tree in the forest.

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