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How big can you get NATURALLY?

You are about to find out.

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If you ask the officials, they will tell you that you can get as big as you want to. Their employees will confirm that.

But most experienced natural warriors know that this simply isn’t true.

The limits are real regardless of what the commercials say.

That’s why I wrote a book that contains my answer to the question how big you can get naturally.

Table Of Contents

PART I The Formula

Is ”Genetic Potential” a Dirty Term? ….4
The Power of Knowing Your Genetic Potential ….6
You Are Special. You Are Not Special ….7
Motivation Changes Nothing ….10
Steroids were not available until the 60s? Yeah, right? ….12
What is Natural? ….17
Factors of Growth ….18
How Big Can You Get Naturally? ….26
….The New Blueprint v.1 Reverse Engineering ….28
….A Table Based on the New Blueprint ….35
….Challenging the New Blueprint ….36
….How Much Mass Can You Add as a Natural? ….39
How Lean Can You Get Naturally? ….45
Worthless Muscle Building Tricks ….49
Testosterone on a Budget ….56
The Impact of Tendons and Ligaments on Strength ….59
The Truth about Natural Test Boosting ….63
The Truth About SARMs ….68
BCAA – The Key to Leanness and Mass? ….71
Frequently Asked Questions about Bodybuilding Supplements …73
How Much Protein Do You Really Need to Build Muscle ….78

PART II Lifting 

Can heavy training open the gate to mass? ….84
….Progression through Reps Is a Sin According to the Gurus ….86
Combining Low and High Rep Training into a Bazooka ….89
Can Training Actually Make You Big? ….94
People Making Money from Their Physiques Are Injecting ….97
Training Cycles – The Only Training Method Proven to Work for Naturals ….101
….Building a Basic Training Cycle ….104
Basic Training Principles That Every Natural Should Know ….112
….Training the Biceps ….112
….Training the Triceps ….117
….Shoulder Training ….123
….Chest Training ….126
….Leg Training ….130
How Strong Do I Have to Become to Reach My Genetic Potential ….136
Basic Training Programs ….140
The Lie That Beginners Shouldn’t Do Specialization ….148
….The Rules of Specialization ….152
….Example Specialization Routines …..154
Six Facts to Consider When Selecting Exercises ….159
How to Reach Your Chest and Lat Potential with Weighted Dips, Push-ups and Pull-ups ….163
How to Maintain Your Strength with as Little Effort as Possible ….168
7 False Principles Promoted by the Functional Coaches ….171

Part III Outro

How to Protect Yourself from the Mainstream Media ….175
15 Irrational Arguments Used by Dreamers to Prove That Someone Is Natural ….179
How to Cope with The Fact That You May Not Have the Best Genetics in Town ….186
How to Inject Life Juice, Ascend and Win as a Natty ….192


Who is this book for?

It’s for people interested in learning more about the actual natural potential. It’s for those tired of the fairy tales presented by the mainstream muscle cartel. Back in the day, I would have loved to own a similar manual.

I don’t get the cover? A bike without tires?

Since many mainstream muscle websites do not allow the members to use the word “steroids” in their posts, people have been relying on codes. For instance, “riding a bike” means using steroids because the word bicycle includes “cycle” referring to “steroid cycle”. However, in this case, the bike has no tires because we are talking about the natural potential. The man on the cover has reached a peak with a bike lacking actual tires.

Does this book focus on men?

Yes. The book is targeted primarily at male muscle constructors.

Can you describe the book in one sentence?

This is the book I wish I had when I was a total noob.

What are the main benefits of owning this book?

Learn how big you can get naturally.

Learn how to avoid the traps of the Muscle Cartel.

Learn training principles that will save you time and frustration in the gym.

Learn when steroid use started in bodybuilding.

Learn why you should avoid most supplements.

Learn “their secret” and stop hating yourself for things you are not guilty of.

Learn truths that very few muscle experts are willing to reveal, for reality is enemy numero uno of this world.

Learn that you are not alone.

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