Simeon Panda – Natural or Not?

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Simeon Panda is a professional natural bodybuilder and fitness model from London. The industry considers his physique one of the most aesthetic ever because of his small 31-inch waist, shredded six pack abs and very powerful torso.

The combination of a wide back and small midsection has been considered the femur of bodybuilding for decades. However, due to abuse of insulin and growth hormone, the current IFBB pro bodybuilders have

However, due to severe abuse of insulin and growth hormone, the current IFBB pro bodybuilders have distended stomachs and their mid-sections are just grotesque. That’s why people usually prefer the look of models and bodybuilders like Simeon Panda.

Due to the popularity of Simeon Panda, many have been asking a completely logical question: “

Is Simeon Panda A Natural Bodybuilder?

Technically, the best way to find out if a person is a natural bodybuilder is to do a blood test at the right time. Due to obvious reasons, this is not possible in our case. Thankfully, there is another way to

Thankfully, there is another way to spot a fake natural bodybuilder by using the so-called comparison method, which compares the model to well-known users of anabolic steroids and growth hormone.

The first step is to find the physical stats of the subject we want to analyze. According to the profile of Simeon Panda on {link} the measurements and weight of Simeon Panda are:


6′ 1″ (185cm)


234 lbs (106kg)


31″ (70cm)


50″ (79cm)

While there is no official information about the body fat level of Simeon Panda,  it’s not over 7% in most of the pictures. The mid-section of the bodybuilder in question is very detailed, the serratus anterior muscle is crisp clean, the spinal erectors are “shredded” and Panda has the so-called Christmas tree lower back (as seen in the photo below).

Simeon Panda - Natural or Not?

Image via:
Note how the lower back is so ripped that a Christmas tree shape is formed.

All of this proves that his bodyfat is no more than 7%.

Moreover, most professional fitness models stay between 5% bodyfat and 7% throughout the entire year because unless they are constantly in shape they may lose opportunities to make money from photo shoots and other modeling events.

After acquiring the body stats of Simeon Panda. it’s time to find a well-known steroid user from the past and compare the two athletes.

The most popular bodybuilder to ever admit to the use of steroids is none other than the Terminator a.k.a. Arnold Schwarzenegger. In his prime Arnold had the following body stats:

Image via:

Image via:


6′ 2″ (187.5cm)


235 lbs (106.5kg)




57″ (144.7cm)

As you can see, Mr. Natural bodybuilder Simeon Panda is as big as Arnold while having a smaller waist. The weight in competition condition of both athletes is the same and there is only an inch difference in their heights.

When Arnold competed, anabolic steroids were legal and every top level bodybuilder used the stuff. The book of Wendy Leigh: Arnold: An Unauthorized Biography claims that Arnold started using steroids when he was still a minor.

Now, do you really think that training and nutrition have evolved so much in a few decades that the natural bodybuilders of today are starting to rival the bodybuilding icon – Arnold Schwarzenegger?

If the answer is yes, you probably still believe that 9/11 was not an inside job and Santa Claus is real.

Now, let’s compare Simeon Panda to another bodybuilding icon who has also used steroids – Dave Draper a.k.a. The Blonde Bomber.

Image via:

Image via:


6′ 0″ (182cm)


225 lbs (102kg)




56″ (142cm)

Dave Draper has competed in many bodybuilding shows and holds the following titles:

1963 IFBB Mr. New Jersey
1965 IFBB Mr. America
1966 IFBB Mr. Universe
1970 IFBB Mr. World

If you compare the supposedly natural bodybuilder Simeon Panda to Dave Draper, it becomes painfully obvious that they are both from the same class. Panda is an inch taller but also 5 pounds heavier.

Once again, the same principle applies – do you think a natural bodybuilder could be as big or even bigger in some departments than a former IFBB pro from the era when anabolic steroids were legal and used openly? {you decide}

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q: How do you know if Simeon Panda is not just genetically gifted?

A: While every human being has unique genetics, we are not so different. We all have limits that are impossible to overcome naturally.

Models and “natural bodybuilders” count on their “freaky” and aesthetic physiques to make a living. If Simeon Panda was able to achieve his current physique 100% naturally, it would make sense for him to use anabolic steroids, gain 50-80 lbs of muscle, win Mr. Olympia, and shock the entire world. That way he would gain even more fame and power in the industry.

Why don’t the alleged naturals just pin and dominate the Olympia stage, you ask.

Short answer – because they are not natural and are already using plenty of gear to be what they are.

Q: Will I look like Simeon Panda if I train and eat like him?

A: No, you won’t get as big as Simeon Panda even if you follow his routine and nutritional plan because it takes more, but the public is too blind and ignorant to see it.

This is my opinion. You can believe whatever you want to believe.

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  1. Samuel genewai panda

    Simeon panda is natural.
    Take a look at is elder . Samuel panda.
    All that is needed is training.
    I am his father and i still have a waist line of 30/31 ” . I am 64 years old and fit.

  2. Anonymous

    What about his leg size, wouldnt his lega be bigger if he took steroids

  3. louis cyfer

    talk about falling for nonsense. arnold was 5 10, maybe 215 to 220 lbs, and nowhere near the stature that he presented in his lies. he still wears those hidden elevator shoes to try to appear taller, he is very insecure about his height.

  4. louis cyfer

    you might want to learn what christmas tree means when applied to the appearance of the lower back. it is not what you said in this article.

    1. Andrew

      Louis’s your a dumbass lol Arnold Schwarzenegge Height is 6’2 lol look it up dumb fuck

  5. Marie

    Conveniently, you compared two European born men, with completely different genetics, to an African man. If you compared a man with African DNA who admittedly used steroids, then I may take your comparisons into account. Black men are naturally bigger in build compared to their white counterparts. Look no further than football and basketball players. I’ve known more than a couple pro athletes who have incredible bodies. Their thighs, glutes, chests, arms and back are much bigger and better built than most men. They are genetically superior, but when you add their workout regimens and diets to their already superior DNA, they are the most awesome human specimens on earth.

    Simeon is seemingly always in a gym, working out. If people were as dedicated and focused as he is, they may be able to achieve similar results with their fitness as he has. Most cannot, because they have to work and have families to provide for, which makes a huge difference.

    It is unfortunate that this man, who is at the top of his game, is being singled out by detractors who are jealous of his success. Do better.

    1. Truth Seeker

      Too many movies, brah.

    2. willdathrill

      I kinda agree, but naturally yes black men of African decent like obviously africans, islanders like those of Haiti and Jamaica but not superior. We come from different places of the and our bodies evolve to better handle the environment. Some are better at swimming physically. Blacks all over the glove are not challenged by the water. Thats just mainly in the us where most don’t get a chance to properly learn how to swim. We are all equal but not the same.

      I do also agree as well that he isn’t taking roids, but there are somethings that kind help win the argument that he is indulging in such things.

    3. Kange Ncomo

      You took the words right out of my mouth!

    4. Martin

      Dude his FFMI is around 28, which is significantly above the Natty line

    5. Diggs

      Are you seriously suggesting that the reason why simeon panda can have similar stats to two former pro body builders is because he’s black? not only is that a very poor counter argument but also a tad racist. If all Africans were naturally like that then why do i not see more simeon pandas walking about on the streets on London or indeed the plains of Africa? I studied genetics at university and there’s so much more involved than just the colour of your skin. Climate, diet and breeding plays a huge role in our genetic structure. I thinks its ridiculous that people ignore basic facts. As a personal trainer and someone who has worked and competed in the fitness industry I can honestly say that most of these so called ‘natty’ bodybuilders are not natural at all. There’s never any testing in natural competitions as the cost of testing everyone is very expensive and time consuming. To be that big and ripped without being on some kind of performance enhancer is humanly impossible. Our bodies are simply not designed to be that big or lean. Saying that, I’m not knocking the guy because he’s done well for himself and worked hard and that’s the main thing that matters. One more thing. Serge nubret (well known black ifbb pro) stats:
      Height 6’00ft
      Waist 28 inches
      Chest 57 inches
      Weight 200lbs (90.7kgs)

    6. Jake Jones

      Marie, Take your racist BS elsewhere

    7. Loki

      Marie, you’re an absolute retarded dumb ass. Blacks are not bigger than whites period. Blacks have the worst genetics in the world next to indians. Whites have the most muscle mass out of any race and that is a fact. Get educated and get that baby black cock out your mouth ya 304.

  6. chris

    He not natural he has gyno. A common sign of steroid use. There is such thing as a low dosage of steroid. You dont have to look like ronnie coleman to be taking steroids.

    1. Cory

      you are an idiot there are no signs of gyno

    2. mike

      Learn the meaning of worlds before using them!

    3. Q

      I use 250 test cyp. Thats it, and i definitely get results that appear more Natty. As opposed to when i used test and deca in the 500mg range weekly.

  7. Ishi G

    Anyone who thinks this guy is natural has clearly never spent time in a real gym! I’ve seen him in the flesh, he’s clearly genetically gifted, eats well and trains hard. But is never in a million years gear free.

  8. Tyrome Ellis

    These articles are so biased it’s pathetic. And most of you guys obviously haven’t spent any real time in the gym. I’m 49 years old and I workout five and sometimes six times a week so I know from experience his workouts are possible. It’s ridiculous how many people make comments with no experience or are really just to lazy to put in the work in the gym so you say everyone else is on steroids. I have a bottle of water and a banana before I go to the gym and that’s it and I push myself everyday. You make these stupid stats and comparisons to try to justify your logic just like saying because Shaq had a better shooting percentage than Jordan he was a better basketball player which is as ridiculous as this article and most of the comments. This world is made up of nothing but haters and hypocrites who are always talking and don’t know what their talking about.

  9. John

    I met him and I couldn’t believe how big his arms were in person honestly it doesn’t look natural.I mean you never l know Africans have better genetics I’m Hispanic. I’m a big guy 6’3 223 pretty lean I have a six pack but his arms I could never get those arms without some steroid use the they were unbelievable met him and took a picture at the LA FIT EXPO

  10. swolder

    I’m 17 6 ft 195 lbs and look nothing like that, in my eyes im kind of twiggy, I look a good 160 – 175 not close to 200. Being 230 and looking like that is very possible naturally. I bet everyone who says that it’s not possible works out 15 minutes a day, or worse believes p90x will get you swoll. This man is nearly 35 and has been working out for 13 years after that time he better look the way he does, or he wasted all that time for nothing.

  11. Brad

    Let’s change focus.
    Look at how you can maximise your own training and nutrition to try and reach your own genetic ceiling…

    It’s wasted energy and time playing detective and debating his physique as authentically natural or not…

    Move on…

  12. Pedobear

    I workout for 10 years using steroids and im not at that size quality.and its funny people say this is natural posible .people that never took steroids or workout counting macros and stuff . I tell you he is on high dosage of test and trenbolon etc over 2 grams of test easly .belive what you want and continue buying hes bullshit suplements and belive you will have 110 kg lean muscle from milk powder proteins . I cant belive the naivity

  13. BS in Excercise Phys/Minor in spoerts Nutrition

    *it’s a fact- with regard to his genetics: that not only does he have a familial predisposition for his structure; genetically as an African descendant he has the un-politically correct term, “black man’s cut” or “blackman genes”. This goes the same for a white dude who’s naturally muscular w/low BF- developed chest, delts, abs, traps, v-cut taper, thin waist, calves etc…it’s meant as a complement.

    The majority of descendants of Africans developed a much higher ratio of white muscle fiber, “fast twitch”-better for anaerobic, explosive, quick bursts of energy & power movements.

    This happened over of thousands of years… the evolution/progression of the musculoskeletal system Africans have, during a time when hunting for food & running to avoid predators meant surviving.
    We also know this took place not too long ago, during the several hundred yeas of slavery- the strongest/biggest men and women were “encouraged” or forced to “breed” & produce superior offspring.

    While most white people have a majority of red muscle, “slow twitch” fibers; beneficial for aerobic- long distance, endurance type exercises, some have a mix of red/white fibers, and a lucky few have majority white fibers- those lucky enough to get the “black man’s cut”

    Point being: Simeon Panda is as naturally as it gets. Rule #1 when looking at someone on steroids- puffy cheeks and a bloated face. He has neither. No matter what BF% he may have, the face is ALWAYS a dead give away.
    if you can’t spot the bloated cheeks in the pic of arnold and crew, above…opinions nullified.
    no edit, no care

  14. marlon

    High dose testosterone gives puffy cheeks in some people who take it. The guy has better stats year round than Arnold and Serge Nubret (a black guy also) and is natural?! Please.

  15. annon

    This guy is bigger and more muscular than Ben Johnson a Olympic gold medallist who tested positive for anabolic steroids many many times.

  16. Anonymous

    Everyone who believes Simeon is natural is so ignorant and uneducated on how steroids and HGH work.

    In order to appeal to your shockingly dim witted arguments, let me add some personal stats. I am a black, 34 year old male. I played high school football and was given an “educational” scholarship to a private high school (because drafting athletes in high school is illegal so they hide it under the guise of education) and was introduced to steroids by my teammates who were advised to take it by our coach. In case you still live in a fantasy world, this is actually somewhat common. I played college ball and almost everyone I met from the same and opposing teams admitted to takin performance enhancing drugs (PEDs). Therefore, yes, I was pretty built back then and have managed to maintain some of it, although now that my test is at a normal level for a man my age (since men peak around 25-27 years) I am no where near as full as I used to be.

    Steroids don’t necessarily give you a bloated face. Some of the higher end names have few side effects when administered properly. Read about anavar and you’ll get a better understanding. Nonetheless, regardless of my race, age, years training, and genetical disposition, I would never be as big as Simeon without gear. No one would. We all have limits, with and without steroids. That’s the idea behind plateaus for those of you who don’t know. I work out 6 days a week now for an hour each session. I used to do it for 1.5 hours each session because the steroids would allow a bigger anabolic window and quicker muscle recovery. But Simeon’s physique is the result of proper diet and nutrition AND steroids. It’s extremely impressive nonetheless considering most steroid users (like I was) will still not even get remotely close. But you simply cannot achieve that build without it. There’s no exception. A lot more people than you think take gear, it’S very common. But naturals shouldn’t workout more than an hour a day anyways because the muscle needs more time to recover. So overtraining will not achieve a Simeon-like body – that argument is flawed.

    I strongly urge all of you believe this hype to watch videos about Boston Loyd and some about Rich Piana who are both open steroid users explaining the truth behind the supplement and bodybuilding industry. I would be willing to bet Simeon also plays with small dosages of synthol – as even steroids done properly wouldn’t produce muscles his size alone.

    PS: I’m not making excuses for my training regime. I’m not hating. I believe we are all free to do what we want with our bodies and I have nothing against steroids. In a world where people drink and smoke all the time, I certainly wouldn’t judge someone for wanting to look ripped and swole. I still workout plenty and am very committed to my physique, however, I would prefer to still fit into a suit then be massive. But to each their own. The only reason I write all of this is to educate all of those that are buying into the idea that protein powder and creatine will ever achieve a body like Simeon’s. Don’t buy into the hype and stay thirsty my friends.

  17. Jimmy

    I you look at his training routine he does like 32 sets for his Chest..that’s quite a lot for a natural lifter….

  18. Jason

    If people really believe he is natty, you stupid AF… I mean come on guys lets be honest do you think its possible to achieve such a physique natty… if thats the case, i do assume you are stupid, a 14 year old or both..

  19. W

    You people don’t know anything your all crazy how could you even think that Simeon is natty he is definitely jusing. I know because I’m a pro bodybuilder.

  20. Q

    I admire Sim. People think if you juice a body like his is easy. Its not. I agree with the author. If he is natty and decided to juice, holy crap! He would be crazy hugh and shredded. I mean he would rival Phill Heath. Natural test is the determination for hos much muscle you can make and keep. His natty test levels most be close to super human. He is bigger and more shredded than alf of the IFBB pros

  21. Marcel

    There are photos online of him next to Shawn Rhoden and Lao Greene and his arms are the same size as heavy weight bodybuilders; HES GEARED OUT end of story.

  22. Malhaar Wadaskar

    guys it is impossible to achieve such narrow waist with steroids
    see how narrow his waist is
    he is genaticaly blessed
    100% natural

  23. Ted Barnes

    I dunno, man; I am confused am I on roids too?
    I’m 5’10
    32″ waist (no real ab definition to speak of)
    47″ chest – 3-4 inches smaller than panda, apparently, and 18″ arms.
    BF ~18

    I have never lifted religiously – I know with a better diet and focused training, and more time under tension with critical body parts, I could probably break 50 on my chest and maybe 19″ on my arms.

    The fact that I KNOW I have NEVER used anything and I am a fly-by-night fitness junkie – maybe every year or so, I do a 4-6-month semi-serious cycle.

    What you claim is impossible – based on the measurements you show, seems quite possible to me if I can take my commitment to his level. I have a 9-5 that eats up my time and makes true commitment impossible.

    So is he natty, I dunno
    Is it possible to have those measurements (sans definition like his) from where I sit -yes.

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