Can You Learn How To Train From Bodybuilders On Steroids?

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source:; I would not be surprised if this guys knows more about training than some pro builders.

I would not be surprised if this guy knows more about training than some pro builders.

Taking advice from people who have what you want seems logical. When it comes to the muscle sector, however, it’s not that simple because bodybuilders rely on synthetic hormones to build their extraordinary muscle size. Consequently, their perception of what really causes growth is deluded. In addition, they have to be politically correct and always hide the true source of their hypertrophy.

Many bodybuilders have no idea how to train and usually just get a pump on the Hammer strength machines and call it a day. Since those guys have tons of steroid particles swimming like hungry sharks in their systems, they grow regardless of their effort in the gym. In their limited brains, this creates the illusion that their training is superior. In reality, all professional bodybuilders owe their physiques to the evolution of hormones. One could say that the godfathers of bodybuilding are the chemists who synthesized testosterone.

When you are in contact with a representative of this group, you should be extra careful. In their minds, they are always right. A good example would be Rich Piana. He relies on his size to back many controversial training ideas. In one of his videos, he advises people to pump their biceps and triceps to death before going to bed every night. There are many delusional individuals who admire Rich’s arms without realizing that they are looking at misplaced breast implants. Uninformed and naive, they decide to copy the pre-bed arm routine. The results are lack of growth and overuse injuries.

Here’s a question for the steroid users out there how do you know that your training philosophy is superior for natural muscle growth when you are always sticking needles in you?

Truth be told, many bodybuilders don’t even have training logs and just do whatever they feel like. The goal of their gym visits is to show off their new tank tops and feed their egos with “Look how huge this guy is!” exclamations coming from skinny boys in the gym. Then they get a pump while talking to the dealer on the phone and leave.

Similar individuals are often poorly educated on training but strongly convinced that their stupid ideas work. Those would be the guys telling you that the position of your wrists during triceps pushdowns is the key to insanely ripped arms.

This reminds me of the silver spoon kids who do “business” when they grow up. I’ve seen it happen from the first row. My boss had two kids – a boy and a girl. When they got old enough, daddy gave them a part of the business. Guess, what? Those idiots failed to improve their respective departments. They didn’t know how. Despite the poor management, their businesses did not collapse because the other profit generating companies of their connected father were constantly injecting the subsidiaries with fresh money.

Without “stealing” from the earning firms, those suckers would have faced a hardcore bankrupt. And yet the kids were left with the impression that they were balling CEOs. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were giving some of that “how bad do you want it?” advice/motivation to their friends. I knew, however, that they were nothing but lazy spoiled children who have no idea what it takes to build something from the ground up. Daddy’s money and connections were their saving grace (steroids).

Having said that, there is also another group of bodybuilders who have a bit more brain cells and know more about training and nutrition. Those guys are aware of the fact that their physiques are based primarily on drugs. However, they will never admit the truth because they have everything to lose and nothing to win.

Why would they tell you that you will never be as big as them naturally regardless of how you train? Where’s the profit in that? It makes more sense to come up with a “revolutionary” routine and sell that. Since those guys are smart, they sometimes find a way to make their training religion stand out so that the masses can buy it.

A popular example would be Mike Mentzer and his training style known as HIT. According to many, Mentzer relied on volume training to build his body despite promoting HIT as the ultimate way to train. Since Mentzer was a well-spoken man of logic, many were convinced that his method was superior to Arnold’s stuff. Ultimately, HIT turned out to be just another part of the same machine. Just like Arnold’s principles, it failed to produce the physiques from the magazines naturally.

The Mentzer vs. Arnold war reminds me of the political system. In order to control everything, the elite makes two branches of one tree fight each other. One is the official party that currently holds the power while the other one is the opposition. The goal of the latter is to take care of the people who don’t agree with the current ways and lure them into supporting another idea that leads to a result engineered by the same elite. You can think of it as the fight between the day and the night. On the outside, it may seem like they are fighting each other, but they are both а part of the same 24-hour cycle.

Finally, we arrive at nutrition – a topic even more controversial than training.

The needle addicts are constantly showing their food plates on Instagram, thinking that they are doing us a great favor. Why would anyone care what those idiots eat for breakfast? Because we have been told that if you don’t eat the right foods, growth is not going to happen. This is somewhat true – if you don’t eat enough, you cannot grow as a natural. However, the gurus present the nutritional element as something capable of producing muscle monsters. Moreover, they often attribute the failure of their routines to “poor nutrition”. How convenient…

Very few bodybuilders follow super strict diets when the camera is off. Many of them eat garbage all time, but since they inject bags of drugs and have the muscle mass of a small lion, getting down to single digits body fat is not that hard.

The nutritional world is full of misconceptions. The biggest one is the high carb diet which has been a part of bodybuilding for a long time now. Sorry, but high carb diets are definitely not the secret to growth. Even if you eat, China’s rice reserves, you won’t get to the level of professional bodybuilders naturally.

Modern bodybuilders eat a lot of carbs and have the faces of diabetic prima donnas because the sport/beauty contest unofficially obligates them to take insulin to cover the size requirements. For more information, consult this post.

In conclusion, I am highly skeptical when it comes to knowledge coming from bodybuilders who never stop pinning their butts with needles.

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