Can You Look Like Obi Obadike Without Steroids?

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Obi Obadike is a popular fitness model from California. He has a highly aesthetic physique that many want to acquire. However, can a man get to that level of muscular development without anabolic steroids? In other words, is Obi Obadike natural? Time to find out.

How big is Obi Obadike?

According to online sources, Obi Obadike has the following stats:

Height: 6’2″/188cm
Weight: 190-204lbs/86-93 kg’s guide for natural bodybuilders says that a bodybuilder who is 6’2″ tall can weigh 197-198lbs at 5% naturally.

However, that number is reserved for the absolute genetic freaks.

If we accept that Obi Obadike is 190lbs, that would make his mass achievable naturally in theory. Nonetheless, weighing over 200lbs is pushing it already.

Obi Obadike does not have the typical 3D steroid delts

In most photos, Obi Obadike does not have the 3D steroid delts common for steroid users. His shoulders are obviously well-developed, but do not possess the technological aura and glamor common for “roided shoulders”.

Obi Obadike competes against people who are obviously on steroids

Undoubtedly, Obi Obadike has competed against muscle constructors on steroids. This shakes his natural status. If the competition is using, how can he remain competitive?

How can you beat the steroid users naturally?

There are only three options:

a. you are one of them
b. you have some of the best genetics in the world
c. both

Obi Obadike is making significant improvements despite being a highly advanced athlete

The more advanced you are, the harder it is to gain muscle. In this article, Lyle McDonalds reveals that advanced lifters gain a few pounds a year in the best case scenario. And yet in the video below, you can hear Obi Obadike report significant improvements made at an advanced sports age. He says that in the next show, he will be 7-8lbs bigger than last year.

At the time of the video, he was about 35 years old with 19 years of training behind him.

How do you make such drastic improvements naturally when you are already at the top?


If you have high-end genetics for muscle construction, you may naturally get to 197lbs in a lean state as a 6’2” tall man. However, similar stats are unachievable naturally for most people.

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