Bodybuilding Secrets: Quality Muscle Mass Vs. Size?

| by Truth Seeker |

Does It Matter How Much You Weigh?

I am almost sorry to inform you that most people can’t be 200lbs with low body fat unless steroids are added to the equation. That’s why it’s not advisable for natural bodybuilders to chase arbitrary numbers that are achievable only if you allow your body fat to climb into the 20s.

To illustrate my point, I will present you a guy who is 6′ tall and about 160-165lbs. Yes, you read that correctly. The person on the right is 160lbs @ 6’0″. His transformation was presented on


On the left side is Zach Evetts – a man who trained under Mark Rippetoe’s supervision 4 years ago and acquired this physique. He weighs 242lbs in the photo but does not even look like he lifts.

Who do you think looks more impressive?

Of course, the guy on the right because he has quality muscle mass and superior conditioning. He may not be as heavy as Zack Evetts, but that’s because he does not have the blubber presented by the former Rippetoe student.

It may be cool to overeat and reach Arnold’s weight, but what’s the point if you are fat as hell when you get there? Sure, if you are a powerlifter who only cares about putting more weight on the bar it makes a little sense. Truth be told, however, most people would trade some of the weight they are lifting for aesthetics.

Bottom line: it’s not about gaining weight, it’s about gaining quality weight.

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  1. Chris

    Nice article….but not sure I agree with everything. I am 6 ft tall and at 200 pounds. I am 57 years old, and have been at that weight since I was 35. I lift some weight (once a week), I do cross-fit, and I teach martial arts. i admit that I might have lost some muscle mass and gained a bit of fat instead (but I wear the same jeans size as when I was 35). So the comment “you can’t be >200 without steroids” is not fully accurate IMO.

  2. Swana

    Hello bro,

    First of all nice article as usual. I have read 3 of your books.

    I’m 15% bf now. 1m84, 81kg.
    And I have a few questions

    1) So you tell me that if I cut to 10% bf and workout (with intensity for sure), with a low caloric intake but over 1000 calories/day, il will lose only a very few muscle, and my loses will be mostly about water and fat

    2) Second thing I was a fatso (98kg) so I didn’t bulk really. I just cutted and I will have my first bulking hours when I reach 10-13%bf.

    Now, I have 15% bf with 38cm biceps only. No vein on the biceps. Is it normal? I mean only a few people notice my muscles under my tshirts (I have a good chest and wide shoulders that save me), but advanced lifters and some women look at me like ”who is this this meagre guy? Does he lifts?”

    I haven’t the look of a lifter (and honnestly I’m in weighted push ups with a vest (now 20kg), wall handstand push ups, dips (following your 3X20 advice, i validated, and I will add 5kg when I reach 3X25), pull ups (24 reps record and 1X30kg record) only a ”ok he does some sport” look.

    Sorry for my strange english i’m a french speaker.

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