5 Reasons to Keep Lifting after a Breakup (Even if you are natural)

| by Truth Seeker |

Romantic movies often depict men as evil creatures who always find a way to hurt the feelings of their partner. Generations of boys have been raised with the idea that women are constantly oppressed by evil males too numb and sexually-oriented to understand the sorrow inhabiting the loving female heart begging for commitment and emotional warmth.

That’s a scam even bigger than natural bodybuilding. The women living in the countries producing the majority of those films are certainly not repressed by the men next to them but rather by their naivete and a system filling their heads with corrupted concepts, namely fake feminism, helping the sought cultural restructuring.

What the propaganda forgets to mention is that women can deploy a powerful emotional weapon capable of ravaging almost any man on the planet.

One of the leading reasons for male depression and suicide is loneliness and the lack of female and societal support. But nobody talks about that because people are too focused on hating us and explaining everything bad in this world with masculinity.

This summer I suffered many rejections that wrecked me – I developed insomnia that lasted over a month. I would often go to bed at 10-11 pm and just look at the ceiling until 1 a.m. Then I would watch sports on TV until 5 in the morning. Meanwhile, the woman that put me into that neither-awake-nor-asleep-state certainly didn’t lose sleep over me – she was too busy parting with her girlfriends and chasing males of higher value according to society’s perception.

The sunny months of 2019 were dark for me, but at least they gave me a lot of material to work with and inspired some of the stories in the fiction book that I have been working on. You will learn more about it in a few weeks.

Lifting played a big role in my recovery; it has many properties making it a logical choice during emotional recuperation.

Below are 5 reasons to keep fighting gravity even when your heart is crying.

1. Rest

A decade ago, I developed an overuse hip injury because I was a stupid permabulker addicted to low bar squats. I didn’t allow it to heal out of fear that I was going to lose my invisible gains. It got so bad that I couldn’t even walk properly for a while.

Only rest helped. And by rest, I mean real rest – no leg training. I tried massage therapy, funny stretching, NSAIDs and searched for a chiropractor who can do an IT band release. Yet the entire time, I knew that the only way to recover was to stop doing the activity hurting me.

The same applies to the pain that breakups synthesize. It will never heal unless your focus switches to something else. Lifting allows that to happen – a set of heavy deadlifts or even biceps curls puts you in the present moment – away from the painful memories, the anger and the tears.

Every minute spent on a different frequency speeds up the recuperation. An hour away from the pain is an hour of progress.

2. Better sleep

“Screen labor” can be a marathon for your mind and eyes, but the ultimate sleeping pill will always be a gracious amount of lactic acid.

In this case, volume is your friend. Longer training days with plenty of sets and reps work the best. The post-breakup period isn’t one of those times when you want to leave the gym early to browse Facebook and pretend that you are productive.

Physical work can produce even more profound sleeping effect, but it comes with one major downside – it can cause depression on its own when you don’t believe in the mission.
If you work for somebody else, and they force you to perform an activity until you dream of destroying the planet, the results will be counterproductive. For instance, working in a warehouse for 12 hours a day will tire you to the point where you may fall asleep on the bus and allow your head to drop on a stranger’s shoulder, but later, the experience may keep you up at night questioning life.

Conversely, dedicating your effort to personal missions (e.g., working on your car, gardening…etc.) has a therapeutic effect and is less likely you to stimulate overflowing dread.

3. Don’t let her witness your demise.

Women, especially those who have rejected you, love seeing you suffer because the spectacle makes them feel powerful – breaking male hearts is their secret addiction.

If after a separation you turn into a lard collector and acquire diabetes due to sugar overload – she will be delighted to contemplate your slow death because it would validate her decision to drop you.

“I told you, Becky. This guy is weak. He is now a potato. It’s good that I left him,” said the bitch that hurt you.

Don’t give them the pleasure of seeing you suffer over them. They don’t deserve it. Preserve your constructive habits even if you are just going through the motions – a year from now you will be happy that you didn’t quit; that you didn’t let her drain your soul.

The woman that you are crying over today will be the one you despise tomorrow.

She never loved you. If she did, she wouldn’t have hurt you. While you are getting sick and allowing all kinds of mental bacteria to party inside your head, she is busy having fun, some of which comes from the opportunity to watch your seppuku. Don’t provide that option.

4. You need a goal even if it’s superficial.

I always try to make things philosophical. But sometimes you have to dance on the surface before you can safely return to chasing depth. This is one of those moments.

I have said it before and will say it again – the gym is a sterile environment. We do it because modern life lacks authentic adrenaline and is entirely based on perpetual economic slavery deprived of essence speaking to the deeper layers within a man.

Nonetheless, lifting is still a significantly better choice than passive alternatives. When you lift – you are in charge – strong and powerful. Yes, it’s staged, but it’s an activity that could produce a hormonal explosion carrying the capacity to temporarily resurrect an individual.

One of training’s major benefits is that it allows you to create a fairly realistic goal. Whether it’s a deadlift PR or a set of six-pack abs – it’s something that you can aim at – the distraction that a man needs in times of never-ending turmoil.

Set a goal. Be shameless. Make it whatever you want it to be. If you want to learn pistol squats – do that. If you want to get a pump, show appreciation to the hammer strength machines and leave. The decision is yours. Be fearless and honest. You don’t owe anybody an explanation.

And before all – make sure that your training compass is not heavily influenced by the pursuit of women. Don’t try to get back at her by building a new body. Don’t focus on revenge – it’s never worth it. You don’t want women who hurt you in your thoughts. Pretend she doesn’t exist for as long as you can.

5. A joint is designed to move.

Active rest is a very important part of a joint’s rehabilitation. The same goes for your entire being – after you get hit, you have to start moving. If you choose to remain inactive, the wound will augment.

The faster you resume your life before the emotional terrorism that you have most likely experienced, the faster the pain will evaporate.

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  1. Ricky Spitzz

    Much love and respect to you Brother. I could sense that real life situations were kicking your ass. The struggle is indeed real. Glad to see that you’ve been working through it and staying positive. These broads really aren’t worth it these days. The good thing is that their house of cards is quickly crumbling. We men just need to step back and watch it collapse. In five years or so the women who took a dump on us will be used up, regretful, alpha widows trying to get back into our lives. We shall give them no quarter.
    Respect my Bro!

    1. Joshua

      If one girl doesnt give you opportunities, there are other girls.

      Train and go to find some other girls.

      Fuck women

  2. Atilla

    Sounds like war to me what you are saying. But anyways its much cheaper to use prostitutes than getting marryed.

    1. Ricky Spitzz

      Prostitutes are a beta fail! Don’t waste your money. Beat the meat for free while you Alpha up! These broads put their best online for all to see at zero cost. Why pay? Get some game, then smash ’em. Just don’t fall in love with them. There are no shortcuts in life yo. Discipline is the bridge between goals and success. Paying for pussy costs you your money, and your soul/self esteem. After the deed is done, you have that empty hole inside your soul that she now possesses, and you’re out of a grip of cash. Unless you on some crack hoe type steez. Facts!

      1. Dude

        Im tired of all this alpha/beta shit. It’s bullshit

      2. Penefattore

        @Ricky Spitzz – don’t try to be an alpha, my friend. They’re trying to sell you a dream and you’re buying it. Don’t. Just buy the sex straight away.

        Prostitution is indeed a “beta fail”, but those are just words. The label “beta fail” doesn’t hurt. Being rejected by women does (just look at this blog post). And even when you succeed, having your energy, time, and wallet drained by them hurts even worse. Don’t let that happen, start paying women in a more transparent way.

        Hope that helps.

  3. James

    Thanks for the constant articles, great content as always man. 🙂

    1. John Mortimer

      On my 2nd marriage and agree with all you put, nuff said.

    2. Rick

      I guess we know what side of the line you fall on.

  4. André Dias

    Good and honest read. I’ve been through a breakup and can testify that keeping moving is a win win situation, you keep your benefits and get away from someone bad for you.
    Much love, bros

  5. Ultra Mega David Bowie

    Great post as always, you should not be emotionally invested into modern women.

    Love is a four letter word but so is curl.

    1. Penefattore

      “I curl you.”

      Epic. 😀

  6. Penefattore

    Personally, I visit prostitutes. I understand that might be a problem in the US where it’s illegal, but given the chance I would definitely recommend resorting to one or more sex workers. It costs money but it costs way less than an LTR (just look at this post). Sometimes you might even get the chance to actually fuck one of your favorite pornstars! I know that would cost like an entire month’s worth of wage, but I’ve jerked off so much when I was young that it’s absolutely something I gotta do at least once in my life.

    If you’re concerned about STIs, use condoms correctly and consistently and get checked periodically. You may receive questions about the nature of your encounters, but the purpose is to assess your risk rather than calling the cops on you. You’re just having “casual sex with friend(s)”, not visiting prostitutes. Personally I get checked every 6 months and have always resulted 100% clean (I’ve been doing this for 6 years). That’s actually hard to believe even for me given some of the things I’ve been doing… I’ve always protected myself against serious things such as HIV but a couple of times I was really expecting positive results for some nasty bacteria, but nope, nothing, not a thing. For me this is evidence that professional sex workers are actually much wiser than regular bitches with smartphones who get drunk in the clubs. Stay away from wasted crackheads, only visit responsible workers with a high hygienic standard, and you’ll be fine.

    PS: the previous article claims that redpillers and PUAs recommend lifting. Allow me to say that you don’t understand the red pill. I am a redpiller, and I recommend paying.

    1. Brett

      Just note you can get genital herpes and genital warts even with wearing a condom. Both are permanent.

      If a condom breaks you are also at risk.

      There is nothing masculine about paying for sex. Half the pleasure is knowing she wants you and lusts for you.
      For young guys my contrasting advice is do not visit prostitutes if you can attract women.

      I get it. If you very ugly or just can’t get a woman then sure, go for it, with condoms you should be safe from the biggies like HIV, syphilis, ghonorrea. Besides HIV the others can be cured with a shot of penecillin (syphilis) or anitbiotics (ghonorrea and chlymidia) anyway.

      The problem is the long term effect on your self esteem. As a man knowing you are attractive is important – atleast to me. I also like the companionship component. Obviously you can’t get that from a prostitute.

      1. Rick S.

        Hoez are a beta fail. man up, learn game, grow balls, and get some self esteem. If you like you, women will too. Thank you for this. I was feeling like K-Solo over here. Paying for ass is an admission of defeat.
        The physical release is like salt and pepper. Getting a woman attracted enough to allow you inside of her body is where the real sense of accomplishment, joy, and connection comes from. Prostitutes detest tricks and know them for the defeated non-option having betas they are.
        So what the woman of your dreams doesn’t want you. Stop having one-itis, and the problem is solved. Women outnumber men like four or five to one in the sexual marketplace.
        Just work on improving yourself and understand that true desire can NEVER be negotiated.
        Buying ass because you beat it your entire youth is saying to the world “I give up”.

      2. Penefattore

        @Brett, if you think you can’t get genital herpes and genital warts from “regular” women you’re delusional. And if you think the chance is much higher with professional workers, think again.

        Genital warts are not permanent, they are a symptom of a disease such as a herpes breakout.

        Genital herpes is permanent as in there’s a viral molecule that will sit in your body forever (unless they find a way to clear it up), but who cares? It gives zero symptoms most of the time and it only breaks out when your immune defenses are low for other reasons, e.g. you’re having a bad flu, but in that case herpes is not the biggest problem and you’re not going to have sex while you have flu, so nobody is going to see your herpes anyway.

        Considering once again that you can get herpes from regular women (most people who have it don’t even know) and the only way to avoid it is abstaining, using that as an excuse to not visit sex workers looks stupid to me. US laws would be a more serious concern.

        As for self esteem: granted, everyone has his own priorities and knowing that you look good might be a priority for you. It definitely isn’t for me. When I was young and spent all that time jerking off to porn God knows what I’d have given to have datass right then and there only for me to screw from all possible angles 😀 and you think I’d give a damn to self esteem? Remember, low self esteem won’t kill you — depression will. Today I visit sex workers, I have real sex with astounding women that I could never have otherwise, and I can proudly say that I NEVER watch porn! That’s my self esteem!

        How many men can say the same? Can you really say you haven’t watched sex scenes in the last 6 years? 🙂

        1. James

          This shit resonates well with me. Usually don’t comment but admire and appreciate you sharing reality with us. Women are a funny breed and i always think being attached to one is incredibly dangerous. The sad reality is you have to settle for women you don’t like that much (but like you more), instead of those you actually like becuase by simply liking them and them knowing, they’ll fuck you over one way or another. It’s a minefield that seems very tough to win, but then what even is winning anyway? I guess being free and happy is the answer. Whether you can find that with a woman in tow is a spin of a roulette wheel in my opinion.

    2. Pete South

      But you don’t get that ego gratification and you save time… lol

  7. Magophone

    “Romantic movies often depict men as evil creatures who always find a way to hurt the feelings of their partner. Generations of boys have been raised with the idea that women are constantly oppressed by evil males too numb and sexually-oriented to understand the sorrow inhabiting the loving female heart begging for commitment and emotional warmth.
    That’s a scam even bigger than natural bodybuilding.”

    Yes, and you probably do not even know how right you are. Since you read French :

    Anatomie du pouvoir féminin : une dissection masculine du matriarcat

    Le sexe privilégié

  8. Kacy

    Every break up that i have been through always pushed me to do things i wouldn’t normally do. Such as going for that new job, starting a diet or going out with friends more.
    Break-ups are good things that happen to you, because that person does not belong to your life. It will only drag you down.
    Also, meditation is the key to getting over. That’s why you stare at the ceiling. You need to meditate. Find that “inner zero” and stay in it 24/7, while sleeping, training, working, running, driving, shopping, having fun etc. There are techniques online. Meditation is key.
    TruthSeeker, you should write an article about meditation for focus, stress reduction and improved cognition.

    1. Jim

      Oh god guys..please forgive me.

      I got a free 5 day pass at a commercial gym and as the weather is so bad i decided to go.

      F**** me!!!!! NEVER AGAIN.

      It is 20x worse than when i went 5 years ago.

      I have never see so many fat people jumping fron one stupid exercise to the other….clueless is not the word. Stupid is better.
      Men seem obsessed with cable fly over machinr and bicep curls. I see no one doing shoulder presses. Deads or squats..the women let us not even go there.
      Every f★★★ is on their phone with headphones in. IT is beyond a joke.
      Fat PT’s…the weirdest exercises they can think of and their advice isn’t worth wiping your ass with.

      That is it…NEVER again…100% done.

    2. Jim

      I have nwver had a woman break up with me. I have ended a few.
      I look at facts and if it is notworking…or will never work i simply end it.
      Seems a bit cold but it is better than limping along in limbo.

  9. humancrane

    Man, every breakup ended with suicidal attempts for me. Im no longer intereted in taking the risk to love a woman. I dont understand why it hurts so much, but emotions are stupid and you cant just rationalize over your own feelings.
    I hope you finally meet one of these few rare unicorns that are worthy of LTR. I will stick to vodka, its safer.

    1. Penefattore

      @humancrane: my biggest support to you, my man. Never let that happen again, really, it’s not worth it. Not even for a rare unicorn.

    2. Truth Seeker Post author

      It’s sentiments rather than emotions – that’s why it hurts so much. Also, the pain from their behavior deprived of honor is painful for a man to fully accept.

  10. Marky Mark

    If you don’t mind my asking, what kind of women are you asking out Truth Seeker?Are you going after girls in your league, or stacey’s? From what i’ve read you are 6’1 so you should be of decent genetic quality overall, I struggle to believe you are being rejected time after time.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Height is a requirement to qualify. It’s not enough to satisfy all their criteria. I go for fairly average girls – 4-7/10.

      In my life, I have been to one date with a really attractive girl that I could easily rate 8/10. It was a bad date because she truly had some problems with communication. Talking with her was very difficult. She ghosted me in case you are wondering.

      1. C Rogers

        Someone actually asked “are you chasing women in your league?” Only two kinds of people would ask that question:

        1. Trolls
        2. Men who are completely disconnected from today’s reality

        What reality am I talking about? I’m talking about the reality of social media, where a woman who is straight up ugly gets a dozen likes and is told that she is beautiful.

        If you are an average looking guy, average looking women think that they are out of your league.

        The truth is that women are 1000 times worse when it comes to wanting a mate who is out of their league. That’s because social media has inflated their sense of value far beyond their actual worth.

    2. Ricky S.

      A woman’s hypergamy knows no bounds. No matter how high a man rates in the sexual market place, she will eventually get bored and feel that she can do better. It is their way. Which is worsened by the social media brainwash. Which they especially fall prey being that they are in constant need of validating attention.
      Of course they rate attention from alpha males higher, but they will settle for that of which they get from their legion of thirsty beta male orbiters.
      It is best to improve yourself and ignore them. This separates us from the thousands of thirsty dudes giving them worshipful validation, comments, and likes all the time.
      As for cuffing them (relationships), as soon as she knows she has won your heart, the challenge is over.She will bore of you. Men are loyal like dogs, women are fickle like cats. When you swing a cat toy in front of them that they cannot reach, they chase and try to get it. Yet, if you put it down in front of them with easy access, they are now bored and will not play.
      EVERYTHING we were led to believe about women and relationships therewith is a lie. Un-learn it and work on improving every aspect of your life. This includes becoming red-pill aware. After this, they will come to you and you will be bullet proof to all of their manipulative ways.
      Date casually, but if you fall in love, game over.
      I woman said it herself “love is a battlefield” – Pat Benatar

  11. riccardo

    i witnessed your same experience in the summer of 2017, i was 41 years old and thought i was mature and wise enough to not fall for those bitches..but it happened, i was lucky because as a middle age man i had already strong skin , and other hundred tmes this kind of experience in some way happened to me. Now im 43 and i despide women almost all..i know it may be wrong but thatt’s the way i feel…ah and i live in Italy man, one of the worst places in earth when it comes to women believe me. By the way always a pleasure reading your articles, ur site is great. Sorry my english : Saluti dall’Italia. 🙂

  12. C Roberts

    Sooner or later you reach a point where it’s impossible to give a damn. I think you will find that pain and heartache are like a limited reservoir that eventually empties. Eventually, you just run out of it. You can’t get hurt anymore because it’s impossible to become emotionally involved. Not because you are afraid, but because you just can’t be bothered with it anymore. You aren’t angry with women, you aren’t avoiding them per se. You’re just kind of like eh.. whatever.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      I think I am 2/3 there already.

      I have 1 more year in me.

  13. Rob

    I really feel for you, your identity gets totally smashed. After my horrible divorce ($300k and 9 bogus police charges)I finally moved out of my parents house after 5.5 years. With all the turmoil over that time, lifting has been the one thing I can continually do regardless of what is going on around me. Weight lifting built me up to be way more muscular from my ultra marathon physique and it actually helped me get a job. Women may not appreciate my physique because I am not broad shouldered or 6′ tall. But male employers do value it, it shows that you are taking care of yourself and will be a reliable wage slave 😀 Its awesome being strong in itself, especially at 43. I’m christian so my faith helped a lot, but lifting gave me the physical task to use up the stress I was facing with my life falling apart. Now lifting is just a nice routine to keep me strong and make it so I don’t jiggle when I walk, it is also a line in the sand whenever someone comes into my life or tries to control my time, gym comes first, they have to work around that….no matter who they are (except my sons)

  14. Guy

    Maybe that will make you feel better, the last summer I had a crush for my therapist, but she hurted me, I cried a lot and the funny part is that she is 40, and I m 25 goddamit, and I never confessed her anything, and probably I will never meet her again.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Go for younger women.

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