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Physiques Achieved Without Steroids Believe it or not, the title is correct.

| February 28, 2015 by Truth Seeker |

Today, I present you physiques that can become a reality without anabolic steroids. 1. Jung Ji-Hoon a.k.a. Rain  Note: For those wondering, this is what 6-8% BF looks like on a natural. Jung Ji-Hoon (born June 25, 1982), better known by his stage name Rain, is a South Korean singer-songwriter, actor, and music producer. He played […]

Why Olympic Weightlifters Don’t Do Low Bar Squats

| February 26, 2015 by Truth Seeker |

The popularity of the low bar squat has reached epic proportions. In many commercial gyms, Starting Strength zealots occupy the squat rack for 45 minutes in order to do weird bar bends with the back almost horizontal to the ground. I am very familiar with similar training because once upon a time, I was one […]

Gymnastic Training and Hypertrophy: Bodyweight Is Not Always the Best

| February 24, 2015 by Truth Seeker |

When I was a teenager, two male gymnasts used to live in my building, and I had the opportunity to follow their progress indirectly. At first, I didn’t know that they were gymnasts. Both of them were pricks, and we didn’t talk much. One of them lived next door and gave us cockroaches because his […]

Are Olympic Weightlifters on Steroids? Of course, they are.

| February 23, 2015 by Truth Seeker |

Undoubtedly, the rise of weightlifting is connected directly to the advancement of anabolic steroids. The better the pill, the higher the record. In this post, I presented you material revealing the early use of anabolic steroids by Bill March of York, Pennsylvania, and Louis Riecke of New Orleans. Of course, their rivals from the Soviet […]

What is The Key to Hypertrophy? Strength? Reps? | Give me the secret, please!

| February 21, 2015 by Truth Seeker |

For many years, I have been trying to find the secret to bigger muscles. In this post, I will share my observations on the most common roads to hypertrophy. Strength = Muscle size? Many gurus (e.g., Mark Rippetoe, Lyle McDonald, Pavel Tsatsouline) have been saying for years that more weight on the bar equals bigger muscles […]

Real Life Stories from the Gym | Genetic Potential and Steroids

| February 18, 2015 by Truth Seeker |

About a year ago, I wrote the guide How Big Can You Get Naturally. It reveals how much growth lifters can expect without steroids. I am sorry, but nothing has changed. Actually, I think that the numbers are even lower for the average person. Many people ask me how I came up with the numbers […]

Starting Strength vs. P90X: Retrospective and Random thoughts

| February 16, 2015 by Truth Seeker |

I spent the last two days reviving old memories from the beginning of my journey in the land of muscle construction. I did an online search for two legendary muscle scholars – the creator of P90X Tony Horton and the author of Starting Strength Mark Rippetoe. Those two have sold millions of books and DVDs which makes them […]

Are Vegan Bodybuilders Natural or Are They Using Anabolic Steroids?

| February 14, 2015 by Truth Seeker |

According to my inbox, people really want to know how so many vegans are getting lean and mean. It appears that muscular vegans have developed an aura of pureness around them. This makes the crowd hope that veganism could be both – respectful to the animal kingdom and anabolic. After all, vegans would never put anything unhealthy in […]

Getting Ripped: What Boxers Can Teach Us about Getting Shredded

| February 12, 2015 by Truth Seeker |

“How much do you weigh?” is a popular question in commercial gyms. During the cold season, people boost the number, but as soon as the summer kicks in, the firmness in the tone disappears. Why? Because the fat gut popping under the XXL shirt immediately devalues the number. Does it matter that you weigh 220 pounds […]

Fake Natural Bodybuilder Exposes the Industry Part 2

| February 11, 2015 by Truth Seeker |

Six months ago I posted an interview with a fake natural bodybuilder undercover. His nickname is Mr. Trenbolone. Today, I present you another quick chat with him. Note: The material below contains explicit content. Q: How are you Mr. Trenbolone? Still big and shredded? A: Yes. I had a minor setback, but it is all fine […]

Get Six Pack Abs: Useful Tips, Observations and Nostalgia

| February 9, 2015 by Truth Seeker |

The term “six pack abs” has produced many millionaires. Even today, quick six pack abs solutions remain a very effective technique to make money in the fitness industry. Back in the day, I was a severe victim of the six pack abs propaganda too. As a teenager, I spent one summer doing all kinds of […]

Visualization for Bodybuilding? Sorry! It does not work.

| February 8, 2015 by Truth Seeker |

The idea that you can visualize your way to success has regained popularity thanks to self-improvement books like “The Secret” and other mainstream propaganda. The notion is simple: you are your thoughts, and therefore, you can achieve almost anything you think of. Sounds nice and feels like a brain candy for the masses, but for […]