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Is Omar Isuf Natural Or Another Steroid Junky?

| June 30, 2014 by Truth Seeker |

Omar Isuf has one of the top YouTube fitness channels with over 200, 000 subscribers and counting. He is very strong and carries a decent physique. However, is Omar Isuf really natural or just another steroid junky? Let’s see. How big is Omar Isuf? According to Omar Isuf’s Facebook page and YouTube videos, he is […]

Should a Fat Person Do StrongLifts 5×5?

| by Truth Seeker |

StrongLifts 5×5 is one of the most popular barbell routines on the Internet. Since the program targets beginners, many wonder whether a fat person should do the routine. How fat are you? If you are really fat (above 40% BF), your main priority should be losing weight through diet and exercise. You can still do […]

Is Lex Griffin a Natural Bodybuilder Or a Steroid User?

| June 29, 2014 by Truth Seeker |

Leg Griffin is a bodybuilder, fitness model and a proud supporter of the aesthetic lifestyle. Many people wonder whether a natural bodybuilder can develop a similar physique without anabolic steroids. Is Leg Griffin natural, or is he tripping balls like the rest of the aesthetic crew? Let’s see. Leg Griffin is a Prime Example of […]

Is Scott Herman Natural Or On Steroids?

| June 28, 2014 by Truth Seeker |

Scott Herman is a very popular figure in the Internet fitness community thanks to his enormous YouTube channel which constantly presents different training ideas and workouts designed to help you acquire a muscular body. Question is, can you get there, naturally? Can you be as big as Herman with drugs? Let’s see. How big is […]

Do Rack Pulls For a Thicker Back

| June 27, 2014 by Truth Seeker |

Rack pulls are not a popular exercise. You rarely see them on ”back day”. That’s not a surprise since most humans go to the gym to play with the machines. Hard basic exercises are not as attractive as pump work. Another factor contributing to the rack pull’s obscurity is the requirement for a power cage […]

Will My Arms Grow Bigger If I Don’t Train My Legs

| by Truth Seeker |

Will my upper body grow bigger if I don’t train my legs is a question that resides in the head of many muscle constructors aspiring to develop a bro physique. Surprisingly, or not, the answer is actually yes, but only to a certain extent. The amount of muscle that your body can carry naturally is […]

The Truth About Visualization and Bodybuilding

| by Truth Seeker |

“If the mind can conceive it, the body can achieve it.” is one of the most popular quotes in motivational bodybuilding videos. This ideology is part of the New Age movement which consists of people who put a lot of value in visualization and the so-called law of attraction. Today, in the era of the […]

Can You Look Like Cristiano Ronaldo Without Steroids?

| June 26, 2014 by Truth Seeker |

Since the beginning of the World Cup, some readers have been asking me whether it is possible to acquire the muscular development of soccer players naturally. Undoubtedly, one of the men who create the most interest is Cristiano Ronaldo. He has an amazing physique that many recreational bodybuilders would like to match. However, can you […]

Is Doug Miller a Natural Bodybuilder Or a Steroid User?

| by Truth Seeker |

Doug Miller is an IFPA natural bodybuilder who, of course, claims that steroids are a territory unexplored by him. He has an aesthetic physique, favorable genetics for the sport and crazy dedication. However, is Doug Miller truly a natural bodybuilder? Can you build a similar body without performance-enhancing drugs (PED)? Let’s see. How big is […]

Is Linear Progression The Best Approach For Beginners?

| June 25, 2014 by Truth Seeker |

Linear progression is the preferred approach of many coaches when it comes to training beginners. The method gained, even more, momentum over the last 4-5 years thanks to Mark Rippetoe and his book Starting Strength.  However, is linear progression that good for beginners? The Good Side The best aspect of linear progression is that it’s […]

Is Ott Kiivikas a Natural Bodybuilder Or On Steroids?

| by Truth Seeker |

Ott Kiivikas is a bodybuilder from Estonia who presents a spectacular physical development. Of course, like many others, he claims that he is a lifetime natural bodybuilder. However, is this really true? Can you have a similar body without drugs? How big is Ott Kiivikas? Ott Kiivikas has the following stats: Height: 5’8″-174cm Weight: 192-194lbs (87-88kg) […]

Is Josef Rakich Natural Or On Steroids?

| June 24, 2014 by Truth Seeker |

Josef Rakich is a natural bodybuilder from New Zealand known for his powerful physique and low body fat levels. His threads on dedicated to the achievement of the super shredded body have millions of views. People from all over the world read Rakich’s posts in the hope to find the key to the “perfect […]