Zyzz – Inspiration Or Victim Of Our Environment?

Aziz Shavershian, better known as Zyzz, is a modern day legend of the muscle world. His fitness journey left a deep trace in the hearts of many “brahs”, trying to make sense of this world by building thick muscle fibers. What made Zyzz special and popular was his life which at first glance appears to be deprived of fear, hesitation and full of never ending pursuit of personal happiness.

What attracts people the most when it comes to Zyzz is that he started from the bottom. He was not some sort of a bloodline celebrity. The old photos of Zyzz reveal that he was a typical skinny kid with confidence issues. His success and ability to transform himself into a powerful and confident individual with a great body acted as a strong magnet. The noobs loved him and created a cult.

Zyzz captivated the hearts of the poor by showing them that the mainstream idea of a “great life” can be achieved even if you’re average. He had it all: sex, freedom, fame, followers, respect. And how did he achieve it? By acquiring a muscular physique. A zoomed out look at Zyzz’s life leaves you with the impression that everything good that came to him was a direct result of swollen muscle fibers and detailed six pack abs.

As always, the story is not as superficial as they want you to believe. Life is not a commercial. People may choose to close their eyes, but the truth is that Zyzz crossed a line and got burned for it. Self improvement was replaced by greed to experience poisonous activities harming the self despite being considered “happiness” by the society.

Zyzz was on the right track but got distracted and robbed on the train. His goal to improve and become better version of himself was noble, but he lost himself in the quest. At one point he became a victim of his desire to be an inspiration in the eyes of others. It all started with his usage of anabolic steroids.

Whenever you ask somebody why they use steroids the answer is – to be the best I can be. The truth is that most people take steroids to impress others. They look for that quick muscular growth and “dude, what the fuck” factor. You can be strong, relatively muscular and in better physical shape than the majority of the population without drugs. However, in order to truly jump out of the page and become the next sensation muscle elixirs are needed. And that’s what Zyzz ordered.

The philosophy of Zyzz was that one must live his life to the fullest without any regrets. Live now. Party hard. You only have one life. Make it the best it can be. On the surface this idea is extremely attractive to teenagers and even adults. That’s what the modern day entertainment presents. Almost every movie, popular song and book seem to be based upon this cliché. However, there a catch. And Zyzz and his followers got trapped in it.

The true idea of living for the moment was never to kill yourself in the fastest way possible just to experience evanescent pleasures. That’s what the devil wants you to believe. But as we know he is the master when it comes to poisoning and deception.

How do you poison someone? You don’t put a bottle with poison on the table and expect the victim to drink it. No. Not even mice fall for this. In order to poison someone successfully the poison must be in something he needs. Food is the perfect choice. That’s how the devil operates. The case of Zyzz was identical. He got poisoned, and the bait was hidden in muscle fibers.

The kids these days are easily manipulated, just like the kids from the previous days. You show them a shiny label, a nice commercial with boobs in it, and they’re willing to do almost anything -even to drink beverage that’s only good for cleaning toilets and removing rust. That’s why many of them can’t see what actually happened to Zyzz. Instead they make videos entitled “Zyzz’s Legacy”.

Tell me. What do you see in those videos? Do you really see a role model or rather someone who needed help, but there was nobody to provide it? All those videos show is a party animal with a great physique acquired thanks to powerful steroids. There is a deep message, but it’s not what you think. Problem is, you’re too young to see it.

Zyzz was a victim of our environment. He was sucked in by the poisonous and self-abusive lifestyle encouraged today. A bottle of Coca-Cola explains the situation perfectly. The content is extremely bad for the body and does almost nothing good when consumed. However, there are people who would rather drink Coca-Cola than water. That’s the power of marketing. It can make poison appear more important than fresh water.

Zyzz wouldn’t have chosen this path, if our society didn’t encourage it. This world is a test. We are all living in an environment where there’s almost nothing to do but sin. Sadly, even the devil condemns you for it, even though we learn about the special clause of the contract much later when everything is already signed and sealed.

About 4 years ago I wrote a post entitled “God Is A Fraud And Does Not Exist”. Just recently I stumbled upon this very same text. I read it and immediately deleted it afterwards. It was nothing more than what an ignorant person would write and think. I changed my mind or maybe the proper saying is my mind was changed. I do believe there is a real creator. The place where we are has been taken over by the devil, a devil that we call God. That so-called God does not have good plans for us. He wants us in this never ending loop that spins and spins only to return at the starting position. The true God is not really a God. He is the Creator. There’s a big difference.

The environment wants you to believe that all there is is what you see. You only have one life and that’s it. You can choose to believe this or not. Zyzz chose to believe it and his soul was stolen.

Personally, I am not one bit interested in living in a world where every smile is paid with the tears of someone or something else. That’s why I look at this place as a teaching institution. You come here to learn lessons needed to graduate. You come here to learn about the snake and its poison. I know this is not the end. But even if it is – what are we going to do about it. Party hard and pretend that we’re happy?

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