My Wrists Are Skinny. Can I have Big Arms, Please? There is a direct correlation between bone size and muscle mass.

Bodybuilding maniacs constantly complain about things that are genetic for the most part. One the most common complains is wrist size. There are people with small wrist who want to make them thicker in order to look tougher, have bigger forearms and arms.

Luckily, you can’t make your wrists thicker in any measurable way. In that area there is nothing to grow. Connective tissue in the form of joint ligaments and tendons don’t increase in size. They become thicker but there is no volume enlargement, unless of course you take growth hormone for extensive period of time.

In general,  you can’t make your joints bigger and this is for the better. Can you imagine what would happen, if tendons are able to increase in size like muscles? Bodybuilders wouldn’t be able to move properly with 20 inches wrists and 60 inches knees.

Remember it once and for all: joints don’t grow unless there is an injury, disease or intake of drugs.


My Wrists Are Skinny. Can I have Big Arms?

People with small wrists complain a lot and often ask the question whether a person with skinny wrists can acquire big arms.

The answer is “Yes” and “No”.

While skinny wrist don’t prevent hypertrophy the bone structure of the lifter has a direct impact on muscle size. A person with 6 inch wrists will always have 2 inches smaller arms than someone with 8 inches wrists, provided that both guys are natural.

You can get your arms bigger no matter the size of your wrist, but your frame will limit your overall arm size potential. Bigger bones equal bigger muscles and measurements and there’s nothing that can be done about it. Sorry to burst your bubble. Rambo lied to you.

Small joints – the key to aesthetic physiques?

Many people consider small joints favorable for bodybuilding. The idea is simple: when your joints are small the muscles look bigger and create the illusion that the bodybuilder is larger than life. On the other hand big joints make you appear blockier and less aesthetic.

Vince Talor has some skinny wrist and yet looked bigger than life.

Vince Talor has some skinny wrist and yet looked bigger than life.

That’s why some of the most symmetrical and balanced bodybuilders such as Flex Wheeler and Vince Taylor are considered the epitome of good bodybuilding genetics.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case with natural bodybuilders. A lot of people who have small joints are usually ectomorphs who face harder time putting on size.

Unlike enhanced bodybuilders those guys don’t have drugs helping them and therefore their muscles can’t grow beyond natural limitations.

As a natural you can still build bigger muscles when your joints are small, but you can’t pull off the heavy contrast that steroid users with thin frames present.

Another problem for people with small joints want to play in the world of iron is strength.

People with small wrists have harder time performing heavy bench presses and squats. Big joints make it easier to move serious weight in those exercises.

The popular powerlifter Ed Coan for example has thick and solid 8 inch wrists that can only help in the quest for more biscuits on the bar.

Truth be told most people with small joints will find more comfort in the world of calisthenics a.k.a. bodyweight training. One of the reasons for that is reduced ego pressure.

It can be tough for a guy with fragile structure to survive in the world of steroid behemoths. When you couple that with the fact that many people are not reading and are therefore unaware of the truth, you have a recipe for depression. People who are likely to fall in that trap will do quite well, if they just concentrate on acquiring strong skills under the pull-up bar.

This does not mean that you should give up on lifting weights, but you have to accept that technically you weren’t constructed for huge lifts, except for the pulling exercises like the deadlift where lanky dudes with long arms excel.

In conclusion

It’s true that people with small wrists face tremendous difficulties in the fight for big arms. However, this does not mean you should quit training your arms. but knowing your limitations can prevent you from falling deeper into the rabbit hole and spending a lot of time looking for something that doesn’t exist.

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