Women Stimulate Men to Take Anabolic Steroids Without Even Knowing! The digital age did a number on many men

| August 31, 2016 by Truth Seeker |

image source: https://pixabay.com/bg/users/Unsplash-242387/;

image source: https://pixabay.com/bg/users/Unsplash-242387/

We say that we train only for ourselves, but that is a huge lie.

No one begins lifting just to feel good. The main reason to start training is visual. We want muscles and visible abs. Feeling good and being athletic is a nice side effect but never the main motivator. It’s always about the looks because they have a high impact on your social life.

You can deadlift 500lbs? Who cares besides other men in the dungeon?

You can do a side split? Who cares besides your karate teacher?

It’s not about what you can do. It’s about what you look like you can do. It’s about the fantasy. And nothing stimulates hallucinating better than looks.

What do women see in handsome men? They see a mystery. They see a romance. They see a dance that will never end. A man can be super boring, but if his eyes and face make the woman dream, she will be attracted like there is no tomorrow.

As I’ve said before, better-looking people can get away with a lot. Brad Pitt or an equivalent can wear dirty clothes, and women will still be ‘miring. Someone who is ugly, bald and short can wear Gucci shoes of the highest order, but no one will notice. That guy is not as inspiring as the mysterious handsome guy.

At the end of the day, the number one reason to start training is “for the bitches”.

Say what you want, but I already know that this has been a huge part of your motivation. I know it from first-hand experience.

Naturally, this means that the primary goal of your training is hypertrophy a.k.a. muscle construction.

You don’t do pull-ups because they are a divine exercise. You do them because you think that they will build your back and arms. And you want to build your back and arms to impress not only yourself but those around you as well.

Women Want To Be Fucked By Slayers

Social media spoiled women. Go to the profile of any girl you know on Facebook. Click on her picture. How many likes? Usually, the number of likes is at least half the number of friends. Underneath you will also find many politically correct comments expressing great admiration towards her. The saddest comments are those coming from begging wannabe Romeos:

”You are perfect.”
”You are so cute.”
”Kill’em girl”
” Your eyes are amazing.”
”Your legs are extra-terrestrial.”
”I would do everything to be with you.”
”I can sense that you smell like roses from here.”

{Give me a break.}

As a result, the ego of the woman in question is boosted into the orbit. That’s why women spend so much time on Facebook and walk while texting on their phones. Just look around! You will see many girls holding iFones as metal detectors. And, boy, they are not looking for Pokemons! They are looking for validation and self-esteem boosters. Social media works great for this.

Back in the day, girls who were 4/10 knew it. Today, girls who are 4/10 think they are 7/10 thanks to the constant ego stimulation coming from the digital world.

This creates a big problem.

When women think too highly of themselves they want MORE and MORE and MORE.

“I deserve better than this,” says Barbie and leaves Ken for Bobby The Abs.

This peculiar phenomenon is clearly seen on dating sites and apps for smartphones, which are very popular right now.

Here’s what’s really happening there. Those sites are flooded with men and bots. For every woman in a dating app, there are 50 men and 10 bots. In other words, many men are fighting for a very limited amount of women.

Out of those women, some make Shrek’s girlfriend look like a model. This limits the female pool even further and increases the competition between men. When the competition is high only the best win. You may be a 7/10 guy and yet rejected by a woman who is barely 5/10 with make-up done by a pro. I kid you not, kid. Think of it as the Olympics. Haha. There are many competitors. All of them are good. The difference between 1st and 10th place could be less than a second. However, there are only three medals, and everyone is fighting for them.

Social Media Facilitates The Connection Between Slayers and Women

Everything happens through social media these days. Your profile is your digital soul. In American Psycho people were killing each other over business cards. Today, we kill each other over digital likes.

People say that social media make the world more connected. It’s true in some situations. Right now I can write to almost any superstar through Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Of course, I will be talking to some PR experts, but my message would still be closer to the addressee. Previously this was completely impossible.

Ultimately, social media allow the so-called playboys carrying the ”fuck me now without asking questions” physique to connect with all kinds of girls.

This elevates the requirements for men because women see what’s available on the market and buy it.

I have seen average looking girls carrying cellulite for days chat with 10 or more ”slayers” on their phones at the same time. When you combine their awareness with their inflated egos, it’s hard to make them settle for less at least at the beginning when they are simply looking for “adventures”.

The Porn Effect

Porn and movies amplify the effect explained above.

When the human mind is exposed to footage presented in sex clips it’s deformed forever.

Back in the day, we didn’t have the Internet. We couldn’t just write “sex” in Google and see all there is to see plus a lot more that is better to never see. Nevertheless, my first exposure to extreme nudity and perversion came through computers. In the past, we exchanged CDs. There were no torrents. A friend of my father gave him a CD with a pirated program on it. On the CD there were also sex pictures. I checked them as you can probably guess. Some of them were “normal”, but there were also sick hardcore images that stuck with me forever. The effect of the sex information flooding around cannot be ignored.

Today, kids are born with phones and tablets constantly connected to the Internet. Their minds are perverted from a very young age. Back in my days, kids under 10 weren’t talking about blowjobs and dick size. Today…

Porn is one of the many things that form your perception of what’s expected sexually from you. The reality, however, is that porn actors are on roids and take drugs that support long erections. This seems like a clear fact to me, and yet many behave like porn is a normal sexual behavior. Consequently, some boys take drugs to recreate what they have seen in the XXX movies.

How Do You Bridge The Gap? How Do You Become Competitive?

You have to control the controllable.

Obliviously, you are stuck with your genetics. You can’t become taller, shorter, prettier or cuter. The only thing left is to get a bath and build a physique that competes with the playboys.

But who are those guys? Those would be the Jeff Seids, Zyzzies and the Hodge Twins of the world. You see their pictures in photo shoots, on the cover of magazines, in Instagram posts, on YouTube…everywhere. People start to think anyone who lifts should look like that.

Many years ago, I told a friend of mine that I was planning to make a website about lifting. I had a 370lbs deadlift, 290lbs, squat and a 180lbs close grip bench press. He looked at me and said: ”Wouldn’t you be ashamed to make a website about lifting when you look like a stick?” As painful as it was, I understood what he meant. People expect you to look like the lifting experts on TV and YouTube. Otherwise, you are not an expert. You are a loser.

Women do not make an exception.

Females may not be into Mr. Olympia, but many admire the aesthetic crew. They love it like a boy loves tight tits. Even those who say that ”the essential is invisible to the eyes” will be looking when a ”slayer” is undressing. In fact, those fake saints would be looking more than the rest.

This requirement literally pushes some people into steroids. Boys are way more inclined to pin when they know that more girls will want them sexually.

Yes, in this case, I am talking about sexual attraction specifically. Obviously, the lifestyle of a bodybuilder living from injection to injection is hard to explain to a woman. That’s why many bodybuilders have ugly wives resembling a building that was started but never completed. They use their wives as servants mixing the elixirs. Very rarely you will see a bodybuilder marry one of those high maintenance women that look like models. That’s because there’s a conflict of interests in the family. The two of them will be competing for the same spotlight.

The ironic part is that women do not even realize that they are doing such a significant damage to the ocean of thirsty men out there. In their eyes, they just want the best for them and try to take it. They don’t care about the pain required to build an “accepted” physique. They simply want it.

The effect is increased by the fact that the world has never been more ”look at me” and materialistic.

Thanks to the front-facing cameras, people are even more focused on looks and status.

However, trying to satisfy other people’s requirements seems to be a dead end street. There’s always something more, and you are always the victim. That’s why it’s better to seek inner approval rather than transforming into something for the sake of being accepted by someone who doesn’t know much about anything in the first place.

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  1. Zher0

    We all train for the bitches, but if you are natty and you love this game, you would also train left alone on an island.

    Great post as always!!

  2. A_red_piller

    Reading your posts, I often think that you and “Rollo Tomassi” from the red pill community are the same person 🙂 I am pretty sure you are familiar with the red pill philosophy. I enjoy reading you both and think that you two give the best advice to any man out there, who are simply lost and clueless in the feminine conditioning that they received during their young ages (that includes me too).

  3. alvaro

    The eternal conflict, only those who are willing to risk the most stand a chance of getting the major prize. In this particular time, it involves pinning your glutes, but as you have said in the previous article, it comes with a cost. A friend of a friend is a case in point, he was the run-of-the-mill kind of guy, unconfident, short, but all in all he was handsome I must admit. He joined the dark side to get pussy and succeed…for a while, a few weeks ago he died from a herat attack, he was 21.
    Brilliant article, btw, I just wanted to point out the “downsides” to balance out the content of the article haha

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      His premature death is very sad. His destiny reminds of Zyzz to be honest. The world convinced him to go against himself.

  4. sLayeR

    Sadly, the “bitches” don’t know anything about natural bodybuilding, or life, and if they knew that all this YOLO mother fuckers pin their cheeks will not make any difference, shallow bitches for shallow bros

  5. TruthSpeaker

    So essentially the main idea of this article was that women’s ego have inflated 10 fold, men’s thirstyness has amplified 10 fold, and expectations from men has magnified and expectations from women has been fractioned.

    At least seemingly. However since all women belief this, reality has made it so.

    I noticed this a while ago. In all fairness to women, the social media has made everything more frustrating to them too. They have to deal with Victoria Secret “always too fat” harassment.

    However, the women who are not bothered by VS harassment because they already lift essentially have a well stroked ego without having a man.

    but listen author, remember that things change.
    Older women right now ignore men because they never had inflated egos and need less approval, and men usually ignore them anyways as well. Younger women ignore men because they have sky high inflated egos and already have approval.

    What do you think will happen to these narcissistic women when the digital age turns cruel to them because of passing time and the coming of age? Their egotistical standards won’t go down, but their level of approval will. Conversely, men will not boost their ego anymore due to how often they’ve been made feeling like shit. Leaving that generation of women with nothing.

    When the ego crash happens for gen iFONE girls, gen iFONE of males get their education and money, those girls are going to come back to reality and realize that they actually do need men. They’re going to be less attractive than the newest gen, us males are going to be educated and with money and already gone through all that ego crushing shit; plus many of us will still look good because we do got roids on our side.

    Endure the pain for now boys, put your head down, train hard eat right pin good, get an education, get money, and let mother nature fix this imbalance in our favor.

      1. Bishca

        That is the case for now, but the tide is turning on these women. Since it sounds like you’re familiar with the sphere, you’ll understand the term ‘alpha-widow’. Well as time passes these aging vapid party sluts with inflated egos are becoming beta-widows. They are so insufferably worthless that even their blue pill plan b doesn’t want them. These cases are still by far not the majority but they are growing in number.

          1. Bishca

            Providing they work on self-improvement and cultivate their game men’s SMV won’t be particularly effected by age. If anything it can increase. The same cannot be said of women. In any case women of the west are ruined. Only a mad man or a fool would consider any kind of serious investment in them at this point. Nevertheless for those who are awake its quite a show. “Enjoy the decline” as they say.

  6. Brett

    Great article truthseeker. However truthspeaker you sound like a troll. If not then you are one stupid motherfucker. Steroids age you, shrink your testies, weaken your heart, give you bitch tits and ultimately give you a premature death. Whats more once you stop pinning, all your gains will leave you, how can your body maintain all the muscle mass without the extra testosterone in your system. And because your body is used to the extra crutch, without it, it produces even less test as before u started juicing. Leaving u with less muscle than u had when u were natural. Fuck fake bitches, doint throw ur life away for a quick fuck.

    1. Alphonse

      He has acknowledged all that, its interesting for me that he writes red pill truths, women want all without giving up anything, they want the shreded abs, the perfect house, the perfect husband but they dont want to move a finger. Social media has really fucked this generation, and not only social media, the media pushes this kind of behavior thought movies. just look at any “romantic movie” they are training women to expect the perfect husband, and that the male should abide all kind of bitch behavior cause they are angels and we need them. The saddest part is that nobody talks about this in mainstream media, we only talked about how “oppressed” they are, give me a break

      1. Alphonse

        curiously enough i started dating a girl who is way more good looking that the other girls i had in mind. She is more easy going, easier to treat and make her happy and she does not have a facebook profile. yesterday i told her to never open one.

    2. Alphonse

      he has acknowledged all that, i am a fan of his articles and it interesting that he is writting red pill truths, social media has spoiled modern woman indeed, they want the shreeded abs, the big house, the husband with the perfect job but they dont have a clue of the work that one has to go throught to have all of that, and the saddest part is that the media does not talk about this issues we only talk about how “oppresed” modern women are. I know this cause i have seen how normal girls who did not have a facebook before college suddenly get tons of “how beautiful you are comments” from thirsty motherfuckers, get their ego boost and behave like if they suddenly have become supermodels. Before i could just have taken this kind of girls to a normal date and make them my girlfriends, now they act bitchy

  7. buffguy

    Most women i know go for the roided guy look. I dont know why that is, it just is.

    I mean, they are gonna like a natty guys body for sure, but there will always be something missing for them. Thats drugs (even though they dont know it). I have seen women in their 20s and 30s drool over a guy that is roided up. You know whats even more painful? To know this guy is on drugs, and that the only thing missing from having women drool over you is his fake muscles.

    Sure not all women are like that you may say,but since physical appearance is the ONLY factor that actually predicts how someone will perceive you, i see nothing wrong with wanting to better your physical appearance. I read an article a few years back, which said that a woman decides if she is gonna sleep with you after like 10-20minutes of talking to you. Sure you might say, there are more factors to consider here, but i have grown to think that this might actually be true. If you are not sexually appealing to her, ANYTHING you do is just gonna end miserably. Worse, you end up in the friendzone circle and then its over.

  8. rottenapple

    We all train to look better, and everyone want to look good – that is a fact of world
    I train for years now and I still look myself every day in the mirror with my upper body naked or only in boxers
    Skills and health are secondary here, and nobody I say NOBODY start to train because of that
    Functional fitness morons only lie themselves, and they all know all of this deep in their minds
    Also good example is majority of the crowd in virtually every gym – they only look good in summer/late spring period when is time to show your body on beach or a pool
    Rest of the year they are all in the “gut” category
    Not to mention tootpick legs syndrom because nobody look for legs – many dudes don’t train legs at all, and they all have a Johnny Bravo look

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