Why Is Kai Greene Not Competing In Mr. Olympia 2015?

Two days ago I was contacted by a reader who seemed heartbroken that his muscle hero Kai Greene will not compete in Mr. Olympia 2015. At first I thought that the guy was trolling because I cannot imagine a Kai Greene in shape not competing in the biggest bodybuilding event of the year.

Therefore, I had to be an analyzer of online bodybuilding drama once again.

According to most of the information I read online, the main reason Kai Greene is not competing is late registration for the event. While I have no idea how the bureaucracy of Mr. Olympia goes, here’s some common sense: You have a professional bodybuilder like Kai Greene who supposedly lives to compete and yet he misses his registration for the event. This is like being part of a crew that’s about to go to the Moon (if that’s even a thing) and show a day late. That’s how absurd the whole thing seems to me.

This leads me to the conclusion that this is just a politically correct explanation and there’s another reason for what’s happening.

You never know what's happening behind the curtains.

You never know what’s happening behind the curtains.

What could that reason be?

One of the possibilities is something behind the scenes that involves individuals from the Olympia circle. Maybe Kai Greene or somebody from his crew has messed with the wrong people. As they say everybody has a master. However, ordinary people who are not active detectives cannot know what’s happening, and I have to leave this possibility underdeveloped due to the lack of information. The possibilities are basically endless here. Rich wankers get offended easily and have fragile egos.

The second reason is publicity organized by the people responsible for Kai Greene’s PR. The first thing that I noticed while online investigating this whole drama is that Kai Greene is starting a new supplement company, which is the natural business route of famous bodybuilders these days. They all have supplement lines.

This is when a revelation hit me. What do you think will create more drama around Kai Greene? Competing in the Olympia or being a victim that is not allowed to be on stage by the evil powers that be? Let’s be realistic here. Kai Greene was placed behind Phil Heath many years in a row. It’s unlikely that he will be able to win the contest in 2015 regardless of how he looks. We all know that the Olympia loves to keep its master Olympian the same for many years in row – usually until he starts looking like a complete train wreck and retires.

I will ask you again – what do you think will create more publicity around Kai Greene – his second place or being disqualified unfairly by evil people who hate him? Of course, the second one. People are currently outraged. They cannot believe that their hero will not wear the thong at Mr. Olympia 2015. They want revenge and are ready to riot.

Here’s another question for you? Do you think it is a coincidence that this drama is happening exactly when a new supplement line needs exposure? Think for at least 10 seconds before answering this question. Thank you.

I know many people will be offended by my theories, but I have the right to analyze, don’t I? Look around you. What do you see? A bunch of people who always believe everything that the media puts in their brains. Where does that lead? In the pit. You always have to question things and read between the lines. As they say, sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction.

Also, before posting angry and outraged comments how your favorite muscle hero has been ”screwed” by the system, I want you to take into consideration this: you don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes. You are an outsider. You only see what they want you to see. Many celebrities have PR teams who always look for a way to create similar drama. There have been many situations in which political leaders have staged all kinds of events just to get their name in the paper. Never forget that.

Another thing that people need to realize is that this is not such a big deal. Even if ”the bad people” have decided to get rid of the danger Kai, who failed to win the Olympia many times before anyway, it’s still not the end of the world. Kai Greene is still popular. He is still rich and doing what he loves the most. He is still the people’s champ. That’s why there is no place for drama and tears. Stop it.


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