Why Is It So Difficult To Follow a Diet?

The real reason why there are so many fatsos in the world is not lack of movement. While the modern computer lifestyle common for people in the cities contributes to the global accumulation of fat cells, it’s not the major cause of the XXXL clothing shops’ boom.

As I have previously written, there are two primary elements that turn people into swines – the reign of corporate fascism shoving the wonders of the chemical industry in your face through manipulation and the lack of desire to learn and will power.

In order to be efficient, the body has to operate like a car with highly economical engine. This facilitates survival and is the reason why running for 30 minutes at any tempo does not give you the right to destroy five big menus at McDonald’s. If we truly need so much energy to sustain our presence on this Earth, I don’t think the human race would have been able to overcome so many wars and depressions. This is exactly why the key to not being a fatso is to not overeat.

Dieting is indeed very difficult if you are in love with your muffins. Just go ask any permabulker. Those guys hate ”cutting” because dieting is a dream destroyer for them.

On the Internet everybody is 220 lbs at a ” relatively low body fat” with razor sharp abs just 2 kilos away. Yeah, right! The truth is that most people have really wrong perception of how fat they truly are. There are idiots who think they are 17% when they are 27% or even 37% body fat. When those individuals diet down they are unpleasantly surprised. They lose 20 lbs / 9 kg and they are still fat. Then, they lose 5 lbs / 2.2 kg and there is still not the smallest sign of abs. Many give up at this point and say: ”Dieting is for the homo bodybuilders wearing shiny metallic thongs. Real men have curves…etc.”


However, sometimes there are some permabulkers who go all the way and lose 50-60 lbs / 22kg of fatso mass only to see a skinny person in the mirror and realize it was all a lie. Eating like a ”real man” does not make you naturally big. It makes you fat. This fact could be very depressing and is the reason why many lifters never diet or jump out of the window in the middle of their cutting phase.

Individuals who are naturally hysterical, angry and explosive can raise some serious hell when they are in diet mode. Many bodybuilders slap their girlfriends during contest preparation. It happens more often than you think.

Another explanation why dieting is so hard is the fact that the pain continues for the whole day. When you train, it’s only for an hour. When you diet, you are constantly under oppression. Some lose their minds. I know of people who overload on sugar free chewing gums just to get some of that 21st century technological taste in their mouths. This is not recommended by the way. Just read the side effects on the chewing gum label, and you will know why.

Constantly dreaming of food can drive you crazy, especially during the beginning (adaptation) phase, which is the hardest part of any diet. Many people have much easier time finishing a diet than actually going through the first few weeks. I remember when I did some of that intermittent fasting at the beginning of this year. It felt crazy. I recall feeling like a hungry wolf the first few days. I wanted to eat whatever just to stop the pain. One evening, only an hour or two before the end of my fast, I ”stole” a few candies from a reception desk. However, after a few weeks I was able to live through the hunger much more easily. At the end of the diet, I was so used to it that the hungry periods were over. Even after the whole idiotic thing has finished, I kept on eating the same way without much trouble because I had become accustomed to it. I was no longer a hungry wolf.

For many the hardest side of dieting is rejecting the seduction of the modern world. There are traps everywhere and junk food is constantly in your face.

All ”poor” dieting people just want to be like their friends – low bar food whores who have no problem swallowing hot dogs made out of cheap soy and dog food.

With that said, the truth is that healthy foods do not equal leanness by default either. You can be cheating a little bit as long as your calories are maintained as planned. The weight will still be dropping. You don’t have to turn into one of those health maniacs who supposedly never eat bad food.

Sometimes you need just a little bit of “cheating” just to satisfy the sugar addiction we have all been nurtured with. This is what I call planned failing. Instead of hoping that you will be perfect, you plan to fail in order to avoid a bigger unplanned failure.

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