*Why Do IFBB Bodybuilders Use Anabolic Steroids?*

Bodybuilders take anabolic steroids and other muscle enhancing drugs in order to build tremendous muscle size and density, while also having low amounts of body fat. The muscular development presented by IFBB professional bodybuilders is impossible to achieve “naturally” – without the use of different anabolic chemicals.

Male hormones in the body such as testosterone are responsible for how much muscle an individual can carry. This becomes obvious when you compare men and women. The latter are by the definition called the “weaker gender” due to their low physical strength compared to males. According to official statistics the female body produces twenty times less testosterone per day compared to the “stronger gender”. It becomes apparent that individuals (regardless of sex) who inject additional amounts of muscle building hormones into their bodies have large advantage over those who rely solely on natural levels, which are not only many times smaller, but also decrease with age.

Older men and women have lower amounts of testosterone in their bodies.

Steroids and other muscle enhancing drugs turn people into super people as far as muscle size and density are concerned. The IFBB professionals in fitness magazines look literally out of this world and have the so-called “Photoshop look”. This is not a surprise since they (the bodybuilders) are known to take grams of testosterone per week, when the average amount produced in the male body for that period of time is between 30mg and 70mg. In other words, IFFB professionals have testosterone levels about 100 times or more higher than the average men. Still wonder why they are so big?

While muscle size and density, along with symmetry and proportions, are the heart of bodybuilding and fitness there is more to building an impressive physique. Bodybuilders are also required to have very low levels of adipose tissue or in simpler terms – they should be very lean. In the bodybuilding world it does not matter how much muscle you have when nobody can see it under the layers of fat. That’s why bodybuilders and fitness competitors are constantly dieting before contests. There is one big problem, however, that occurs when an individual is on a diet and has to deal with restricted amounts of calorie intake – when in such regime the body has harder time maintaining muscle size. Imagine that the body is a big corporation where there are two main types of employees – those who do quality work and those who show weaker results and therefor are a liability. The working bees represent the muscle size, the internal organs and the skeleton while the rest becomes a metaphor for fat cells. If the company decides to perform an optimization and starts dismissing the workers who do less work, others will be affected as well and some of the quality workers may also lose their jobs due to the overall shrinkage of the corporation. In brief – when you lose body fat it becomes harder to maintain muscle size because the body is programmed to survive, and not to simply satisfy the perverted dreams of muscle worshipers. Since anabolic drugs diminish muscle catabolism (breaking down of muscle tissue) to a minimum they are also used by professionals to preserve size during the leaning out phase before a contest.

Besides muscle size building drugs bodybuilders also use dangerous substances meant specifically to reduce body fat and help the individual achieve the desired aestheticism. Those drugs are also highly effective and sometimes athletes lose unreal amount of fat in very short periods of time. It’s not uncommon for a bodybuilder to lose 20 pounds in a few weeks while also keeping his muscle size. Those drugs, however, are highly dangerous and could do significant damage to the heart and the thyroid gland. While this is already plenty, the drug usage in the fitness world does not end here.

Before a contest bodybuilders are also trying to lose water weight in order to increase muscular definition. Like it was already said: if you can’t see the muscle it does not matter how big it is. While water weight is considered lean mass it can still mask muscle detail and affect the placing of the competitor. In order to lose water bodybuilders use diuretics to promote excretion of liquid from the organism. However, dehydration is not a healthy process and usage of diuretics can cause severe medical conditions – including death.

Note: What many IFBB pro bodybuilders and fake natural bodybuilders are not telling you is that the good physiques they show have higher price. Steroid addiction, depression, money losses, health issues are not just myths.

Is all of this worth it?

{you decide!}

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