Why Are Women Using Male Hormones? Women are just as reckless as men and bend under the pressure of society.

While steroid usage among women is not nearly as prevalent as it is among men, it certainly has a rapidly increasing market share. There is large amount of heavy pressure coming from the fitness industry and the social media world to look a certain way in order to be considered attractive. As you can guess, some of the female muscle glamor seen in bodybuilding and fitness magazines is not possible to achieve naturally.


Man or woman?

Having an impressive Instagram selfie, revealing detailed abdominals with deep cuts as well as 3D looking deltoids with veins all over, can go a long way in this world. If at the same time, you are also blessed with a pony rear, the likes will be increasing every hour. After all, let’s not forget that vanity is one of the hardest sins to overcome, even if you are a compassionate person.

Female steroid users divide into two main groups. The first one consists of women who take drugs to get the hard and lean look, while the other team is reserved for freaky looking female bodybuilders, resembling something that could very well be classified as a new gender.


The first group takes relatively light doses of hard hitting compounds in order to achieve extreme leanness and growth at the right places, which is very difficult when you are a female.

The chances of seeing a woman with very deep abdominal separation and veiny wide shoulders achieved naturally are very small. It’s certainly not impossible, but some of the images floating in the online space just scream Performance-enhancing drugs (PED) and growth hormone.

Getting rid of fat deposits around the lower abs is very difficult for men and even harder for some women. It does require a lot of dieting and dedication. Developing a severe eating disorder while trying to maintain similar shape all the time is fairly easy.

Unfortunately, diet can only do so much and while you can still get a very attractive mid-section, proper nutrition and resistance training will not give you the Photoshop look and pop that comes with PED. Just take a look at that famous Keira Knightley photo at the beach, where she has naturally looking starvation abs, and then look at the abs of somebody like Dana Linn Bailey to understand the difference between natural and enhanced.

This group of female bodybuilders still wants to preserve some of the feminine qualities and sex appeal, but also seeks an artificial boost. That’s why many members of the crew are willing to undergo plastic surgery and breast enlargement for the greater good. Of course, an essential reason for the fake boobs is the fact that they will naturally disappear when you are super lean.


There is a relatively small group of women who just go overboard with their drug usage – to the point where they become unrecognizable and lose all feminine traits. The motivation behind such transformation can only come from some sort of imbalance in your life.

Just like in male bodybuilding, the role of the freaky musculature is to compensate for insecurities and emotional damages by creating a shield.

Not many people are aware, but there is one very interesting common characteristic among male bodybuilders – most of them do not have good relationship with their fathers, if any at all. Many are raised by single moms while their fathers were always absent or played the role of roommates more than anything else. As a result there is a need to compensate for the lack of a strong male figure, and muscles tend to be a popular choice.

In my humble opinion, the same is true for female bodybuilders looking to become enormously big. The freaky muscles are supposed to compensate for the lack of masculine qualities development through the early years and the fear of being left alone and unprotected from the dangers of the outside world.

At the end of the day, there is no much difference between men’s and women’s motivation to juice. It’s the same drive, just the end goal could look a little different, sometimes.

The factors behind the decision are completely identical. The goal is to acquire a good looking physique according to modern fitness standards, enjoy admiration coming from others and compensate for some sort of profound emotional void.

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