Whey Protein Side Effects

Whey protein is way more than just a bodybuilding supplement. It’s an institution on its own. It’s the backbone of bodybuilding and is the reason why bodybuilders are not doing stuff like G4P on web-cams…oh wait they are doing it but without whey protein this would be their only job and main source of income, besides prostitution of course. Joking aside, whey protein is a social phenomenon that needs to be examined in depth because it reveals critical conclusions regarding the human race and the effectiveness of marketing.

‘If you try to sell me shit, I won’t buy it unless you put it in a really nice box.’

So, what is whey protein? Whey protein is is a mixture of protein isolated from whey, or the liquid material created as a by-product of cheese production. In other words whey is nothing more than protein taken from cheese waste. It turns out that whey is frequently served to pigs. They seem to be loving it and to be quite frank – why wouldn’t they? According to the companies producers whey protein will help you build muscle and we all know very well that a muscled pig is a happy pig. On top of everything when your pig is on a whey diet it’s basically a vegetarian pig.

So, if whey protein is nothing more than a by-product of pig food why are people so obsessed with it? It’s simple – brainwashing. The human brain is programmable. While we are not exactly machines we can be programmed. A good example would be the countries living in complete isolation such as North Korea. Since a very young age the authorities make sure that all children have accepted that all that matters is the happiness of the party and the leader. Thinking outside of the box is not allowed and never tolerated. That way you program the population and create an army of obedient slaves deprived of basic natural rights. That model can work on many levels. Another example is the idea that wedding rings should have diamonds. Back in the day diamond traders were able to convince the population that diamond rings equal love. That’s why today in every Hollywood movie there’s a grill tripping over some stupid diamond ring stolen from its rightful owners and placed on her stupefied jewelry.

The principle with whey protein is the same. Even though it is not special at all there are plenty of skinny boys who try to convince each other how they’ve added some serious mass upon starting taking whey with their waffles. You may just as well eat low fat cheese – you will still get some protein without a lot of extra calories. However, how many will buy whey protein, if on the label was written: ‘Pigs love it. Get buffed with cheese waste.’

Everybody will laugh and no one will by it. That’s not how you do marketing at all. You never advertise the product your are selling by showing to the public how it’s made. What will all the popular brands do, if they were to show how their stuff is produced by under aged children working for 10+ hours a day for a few dollars? Come on! That doesn’t sell products. You need to create an illusion that unlike all the other products on the market this one will take you closer to happiness. You want to put people in a movie. You want to make them dream and feel larger than life. You don’t want your customers to know anything besides that in order to be happy they need to buy your product. You do that by creating a Photoshop image – it’s real but it’s not.

Whey protein is not only terribly overrated, but it also comes with some funly side effects which are as follows:

1.Losing money and expecting too much

Below you see two old school bodybuilding ads. The first one advertises Joe Weider’s training principles of peace and the second one presents some sort of a muscle building supplement. For both ads are used athletes on anabolic steroids – Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sergio Oliva.

This techniques has continued to this very day. All bodybuilding magazines are essentially flooded with supplement advertisement. That leads to unrealistic expectations and obsession. There are people who can’t go to sleep unless they’ve take their protein shake. People would obsess over protein supplements all day, pay a lot of money and expect to add inches to their arms in weeks. It never happens and most of the time the lifters end up frustrated and with fatigued biceps from all the muscle worship that happens in front of the bathroom mirror.



And all of this is because we seem to be focusing too much on butter.

2. Farting, stomach gases, diarrhea 

No matter what the ads says many people experience side effects such as farting, stomach gases, diarrhea from taking protein powders. That’s because whey is based on dairy products which tend to cause similar problems. Of course, this is more of an issue with cheap powders but it also happens with expensive versions as well. Not to mention the fact that most people would do much better, if they buy quality food rich in protein instead of spending all their money on high end protein dust.

3. Water retention and poor muscular definition

There is an uncomforted rumor that whey protein and the other chemicals contained in it are estrogen promoters and cause water retention and the formation of a watery film covering the body. That results in poor muscular definition and the last time we checked bodybuilders don’t like things like that.

4. Constant hunger

There are many people who rely heavily on protein powder as their main source of protein. As a result they end up being hungry all the time because whey protein is a liquid and for the most part incomplete source of nutrients. There are no fats in it and you just can’t get that satisfaction feeling. You constantly feel empty inside. Solid food fixes this issue.

Is it all that bad? 

While whey protein has it shortcomings and massive loads of annoying marketing surrounding it, it’s not the end of the world. The biggest issue remains it’s questionable absorption and effectiveness but in the end of the day it’s just pig food guys, nothing more nothing less. There are more important problems to worry about. Let the pigs be fed.

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  1. Paul

    I think the same. I’ve used some whey protein in the past and I found it not satisfying the expectations. But recently I got an idea. If it’s good for pigs and humans and pigs have much in common – omnivore mamals, why the whey does not work for humans ?

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