I Want To Lose Weight. Should I Buy A Treadmill?

It may surprise some of you but you don’t have to buy anything to lose body fat. In fact, you buying things is one of main reasons you are now a citizen of Fatland.


While spoiled and rich nations are swimming in abundance of food supplies, there are people who live in extreme poverty. Ironically, those are the people that actually make those goods.

Rich people have been conditioned to believe that in order to have positive results a lot of money must be spend on something that’s going to bring the needed profits.

The main reason for that is our poor critical thinking as well as the brainwashing that goes on thanks to the media and human laziness.

People have accepted that in order for progress to be made, something has to be bought and that’s not the case.

Happiness cannot be bought, although some amount of money is obviously required to be happy and less stressed.

To lose body fat you need to not only diet but also to fix your nutritional habits for the rest of your life. Plain and simple. Cardio always comes second and proper nutrition is what makes the most amount of difference.

You can run on all the treadmills in the world but if you are eating high calorie foods all day long, there won’t be any results except for your knees hurting from all the running.

On the other hand a person following a decent semi-clean diet, promoting daily caloric deficit, will enjoy faster and more stable fat loss results than someone who has bought the newest TV gimmick advertised by some kind of a self-proclaimed celebrity.

If more people were able to understand that simple concept, the fat loss industry will sink faster than Titanic.

Before buying a treadmill ask yourself: “Am I failing because I don’t have a treadmill at my home like Will Smith from ‘I am legend’?

The answer seems to be: ‘No!’.

Note: No treadmills were hurt during the writing of this post.

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