Visualization for Bodybuilding? Sorry! It does not work.

The idea that you can visualize your way to success is not a new one, but over the past few years it has gained tremendous popularity because of books such as the “The Secret” and other sense deprived mainstream propaganda. The idea is simple: you are your thoughts and therefore you can achieve almost anything you visualize. Sounds nice and feels like a brain candy for the masses, but it is just part of the new age deception.


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There are very specific reasons why visualization is nothing more than dust in your eyes. I read a long time ago that Arnold Schwarzenegger used to imagine that his biceps were as big as mountains. Dorian Yates and Frank Zane also used visualization tactics. Similar misconception make for a nice article in a popular magazine using highly muscular men to deceive you, but it is not good enough for me.

You can visualize that your biceps are as big as the planet. You are still not getting bigger arms without answering the requirements of this Matrix world.

As humans, we are trapped into the flesh and we live under natural laws that are unchangeable by anyone. You can try to fight gravity, aging, death, hunger…etc. as much you want. Nothing will change and the outcome will be as the laws of the universe say. Your actions have reactions based on those very same unchangeable principles. When somebody is sick, sickness does not care whether the person is a celebrity, a doctor, a serial killer or a small child. The natural laws of this universe have no feelings and there are no exceptions. In a sense, the whole system behaves very much like a computer or a machine.

A computer has no feelings and does not feel compassion, anger or envy. It just does what it does. You put code in it, and the outcome depends solely on the quality and the nature of the commands. No exceptions, no tears and no smiles.

Logically, visualization fails to produce the incredible results you are seeking. The only way to get what you want would be to play along with natural law and change yourself according to it instead of counting on the opposite.

You do not expect the way the body works to change just because you want to eat bricks, do you? Thus, our desires must be real and in tune with the Matrix in order to manifest in some form.

However, there are things that you simply cannot get. Imagine that somebody reading this blog gets really mad and decides to knock my teeth out. Can I get my teeth back if I visualize them as they were before? Of course, not. The only thing I could do would be getting a surgery to “re-install” my teeth or just get some fakes.

Therefore, visualization fails for bodybuilding purposes too. Who will be bigger? The person who trains and takes steroids or the one who trains and visualizes? Obviously, the steroid junky will have more mass even if he cannot visualize anything. All those professional bodybuilders talking about how you are your thoughts will trade theirs for a quality stack of synthetic hormones because this is the requirement of this world to get big professional level muscles. If anything, deep down inside those people believe that visualization is for losers.

More evidence that visualization does not produces real life results comes from many desperate and horny teenagers. Due to the large spread of pornography, caused by sinful propaganda and soul stealing by the elite, the youngsters are familiar with all kinds of dirty sex tricks before the age of 15. If visualization was the mother of real results, those teens would be engaging in sexual intercourses with porn stars a few times a day. Obviously, this is not happening, despite the persistent attempts of many generations.

People tend to confuse self-confidence with visualization. There is no doubt that self-confidence helps a lot in almost every situation. Real self-confidence, however, is always based on your abilities, results and inner strength. When you have done the work and reached some form of success, you feel more confident. This has nothing to do with imagination or visualization. Successful actions always produces confidence while visualizing often ends as being nothing more than wishful thinking.

Nevertheless, visualization has its place when it comes to creative work, daydreaming and relaxation, but people have been misled into taking the principles way too literally. In a way, visualization has become the McDonald’s of self-improvement. It tastes nice for a while, but once you are out of the restaurant you start to feel sick, but it is too late. Your money is already gone.

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