Vegans and Meat Eaters Are Both Unethical, So Shut The Fuck Up

The “Vegans Vs. Meat Eaters” wars between famous YouTube fitness clowns are getting intense. I’ve watched small segments of a few video battles, and all I can say is this:

Today, vegans and meat eaters are both unethical. So, please, shut the fuck up, bozos! Have some sense of modesty.

Neither of the groups is superior to the other.


There is no question about it: most humans treat animals like soulless matter. Animals are tortured, abused and killed so that we can have food, leather wallets, shoes, watch bands, pants, belts, strings for musical instruments, shaving brushes and many other things.

The abuse has reached epic proportions, and the video material revealing how animals “live” prior to their death in slaughterhouses represents some of the most depressing imagery you could ever see in your life. Therefore, it’s only logical for people who are not psychopaths to feel guilty that their future meals and clothes have to go through hell so that we can continue to watch TV and kill each other.

I understand those beliefs. I have passed through the same angry phase a couple of times. I no longer eat some animal products, although I don’t think that has improved the life of many animals on this Earth. I do it for selfish reasons and just follow my conscious. I want my little human soul to fall asleep a little easier at night.

source:; Most cows live in worse conditions.

source:; Most cows live in worse conditions.

With that said, I am not going to tell you that meat is bad for you because I simply don’t believe it is. Meat contains many nutritional elements and blows grass (vegan products) out of the water every single time. You can choose to debate this but ask yourself this – why is quality meat always more expensive than carbs? Because carbs are cheaper to gather/produce and have lower nutritional value. Meat has once been alive and is closer to our genetic structure as humans. Plants and waffles are not.

I also don’t buy the claims that animal products are the reason for all the cancer in this world. I am not saying it can’t contribute, especially if the meat is of poor quality and has spent most of its existence in contaminated warehouses. Still, you have to be a complete idiot to believe that you can make yourself cancer-proofed if you don’t eat meat. The truth is that you can get sick either way – with or without animal products in your diet. I personally know really old people who have been eating meat throughout their entire lives and haven’t died from cancer.

When it comes to cancer, you can never be sure. For example, my grandmother died at relatively young age from liver cancer. She was not a drinker by any means. The woman probably had a glass of wine 2 times a year.

Thus, the propaganda idiots can’t buy me with their stupid studies. I simply don’t care what the studies say.


Because there are so many of them that you can always found one that supports your position. Meat is a natural food, and the fact that we treat animals like garbage does not change this fact. Only because of meat eating we have been able to survive up to a point where the whole vegan manifesto can begin.

At the risk of repeating myself, I will say once again that I don’t approve the immense disrespect towards animals that has been tolerated for far too long by us and the cruel and greedy food industry. It’s disgusting and shows that humans think that this world belongs only to us. The truth, however, is that while we are intellectually superior to animals, our minds can sometimes be a million time sicker.

Today, the only meat I eat is fish, which if you think about it suffers slightly less compared to other animals, and it is not a mammal.


The amount of hypocrites among vegans is as high as Everest.

Here’s the truth banana eaters: the only reason the vegan movement exists on this planet is because of the “free market”, corporate fascism and modern day slavery. That’s how you get those bananas in places where only YETI lookalikes can live.

What most vegans forget or completely ignore is that very often their bananas are stolen from third world countries. Yes, you are reading that correctly. Your “pure” organic bananas are taken from poor people. This is the truth, phuckers!

souce: tpsdave; Veganism thrives on exploitation.

souce: tpsdave;
Veganism thrives on exploitation.

There are many “poor” third and second world countries that export all kinds of resources (gold, silver, coal and many others) for pennies to bigger states with better standing armies. It also partially happens because the local politicians take massive bribes and allow domestic and foreign corporations to take the natural resources of the poor country while they (the politicians) are fucking underage girls or boys on an island. It’s one of the biggest forms of theft there is and has been going on strong for centuries. The same system applies to your “bananas” and barley.

The next time you eat your precious “ethical” nuts, I want you to look at each one of them for one minute and pin your fingers with a needle ten times in order to stimulate just a little bit what it takes to pick one single unit from a tree and prepare it for the mouths of the consumers.

You know who does that for you? Animals known as humans.

Vegans call themselves ethical, but where are the ethics in exploitation of poor people?

Can you enjoy your food knowing that it has been stolen from the hungry population of another country and processed by people receiving minimal wages?

Would you still call yourself ethical and good, just because you don’t eat meat?

Another important element that has made vegans’ lives possible is technology, which screws the planet in a whole new way.

How do you think those products reach your country?

It happens with the help of airplanes and trucks which use an ocean of fuel. Without those inventions there will be no vegans today. You can’t eat grass all day. Sorry, but you are not a cow.

When I make this statement, vegans usually response by saying that their food religion is a representation of human evolution. It goes like this: we were originally meat eaters, then we developed some modern equipment, which has allowed us to evolve to fruit and vegetable guys. I’ve even heard from some crazy people that the next step in our evolution is to eliminate plant based food too and live on solar power only. Nice try, call me when that happens. I am sorry, but I don’t think humans were built for photosynthesis. Besides, how will countries with no sun exist? How do you plan on exporting solar energy, phuckers?

I don’t see vegan based eating as evolution. I see it as a trend and another option that has some good sides too. I also agree that we should limit animal products and stop using flesh for the production of leather when there is plenty of synthetic material that can do the job. There are many soulless bastards that skin animals alive only to sell a pair of boots. I hate them, and I think this is a form of mental sickness.

However, there is also another point of view. The synthetic stuff is derived from petroleum oil and natural gas. The extraction and production of those can actually wreak havoc on the entire planet. Not to mention the millions of people who have died in the never-ending oil wars. Thus, even if you are a synthetic guy – you are still technically supporting something unethical.

The third law of Newton says: “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” In other words, life on this dualistic Earth requires the death of living matter.

It’s like gravity – inevitable. Every escape is nothing but a mirage. What we can try to do, however, is damage control, which is still a lot better than nothing.


  1. John Smith

    How many banana plantation workers in a third world country prematurely die in average per 1000 kilograms of the exported product? How many pigs die in average per 1000 kilograms of pork?

    One could rephrase your misleading text into a single phrase: “Impossibility to be 100% ethical means a good excuse to be 0% ethical”. Is it what you have tried to tell us?

    BTW did you know that besides killing of 199 animal individuals an average meat eater consumes yearly about 61 kilograms of soybeans grown in a “third world country” ? An average vegan consumes only 6 kilograms of soybeans yearly.

    1. Kristen

      I love it when people argue against vegans by blaming them for stuff they can’t control. If you want to get honest, we are all being forced on an unhealthy diet based on corn, wheat and soy. Our U.S. government and big bussiness put all the real food growers out of business so they can control the population. The sicker the better. Easy to control and paying out the nose for pills. They make vegans pay for the meat by subsidizing the animal feed and then say we cannot afford to eat anything but McDonald’s. Now you need to find an old person if you want to ask what food is supposed to look like. I don’t think anybody voted to replace all our crops with this system except the few rich people who think of the human population the same way most people see livestock. Stop saying shut up for people thinking for themselves. You might as well be working for the Koch Brothers.

  2. André


    Sorry, but you missed the point.
    This is not about making veganism bad in any kind, the author even mentions the positive aspects.
    But it´s about the attitude of plenty of vegans stating to be more ethical than meat eaters. And you are absolutely hitting the cliche.
    To pick up you´re argument about the soybeans…what about the other tons of fruits and veggies imported from 3rd world countries vegans need to cover their nutrition and the mentioned synthetic clothings?
    Just for the record, I do eat meat, but very limited, so I´m not meeting the average 61kg per year and I also acknowledgethe positive side of vegan nutrition in terms of heart diseases for example, but I definitely can´t stand this “I´m-a-better-person-because-I-don’t-consume-animal-products”-attitude.


  3. Glen

    I like eating more so vegan style for health reasons. But truth is they put pesticides on the plants.

    So WTF? If you eat meat in a 3rd world country, you get increased chances of catching worms. I’ve also experienced eating more plant based whole foods to be better for weight management, fullness, satisfaction, and energy.

    Either way it’s like you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

    Fuck the extremists. I don’t play that game. They’re just trying to sell you stuff.

  4. Ale

    Very disappointed by this article. Misinformation and superficiality are the main themes. I totally agree with john smith’s comment: “if you can’t be 100% ethical then why even bother trying to be a bit?” seems to be the message. You admit the atrocities towards the animals yet you say going vegan won’t make any difference. If that’s the case, I honestly don’t know what else could. Don’t you think that the more people go vegan, thus decreasing meat demand, the less animals get killed?
    Vegans are hypocrites because many plant products are obtained by exploiting 3rd world labour?
    What about the exploitation of the oceans, deforestation, greenhouse gas emissions (51 % of total due to animal agricolture), waste of water, waste of food that we feed to the animals we’re going to kill instead of feeding it to people, in addition to billions of land animals and trillions of sea animals killed each year?
    Veganism is not perfection. It’s about causing the less amount of harm possible.

    Based on the results of over 800 studies, WHO recently labeled processed meats as group 1 carcinogens like asbestus, tobacco smoke and benzene. Red meats were classified group 2a, possibly carcinogenic in humans. The evidence against meat and dairy products is overwhelming. Go take a look at non profit website, just to mention one.
    Last but certainly not least, claiming the superiority of meat on plant products based on the fact that “meat has once been alive and is closer to our genetic structure as humans” is total nonsense. Seriously, is this a joke? Aren’t leaves, fruits and seeds alive? Even better: if fresh, they’re still alive when we consume them while meat is dead and already in advanced state of decomposition. Simply, meat consumption doesn’t suit human requirements just as plant foods don’t suit a lion’s food requirements. We, as primates, are supposed to live on plant foods like all other primates mainly do and like our anatomy suggests.

    1. Truth Seeker

      I was just trying to say that far too many vegans think they are creating an utopia. Such thing does not exist here. Every smile is paid with a tear. It may not be yours, but someone’s crying for you.

    2. Reason

      “WHO” says only processed meats are carcinogens (no duh, you really needed an “expert” to tell you this?), while Red meat is POSSIBLY carcinogenic, in other words we aren’t sure and we are just guessing. Also, is this red meat from all the chemicals we put into the animal or is it from all red meat including “grass fed all natural beef” that they guess is bad? Could it be from the amount of red meat we eat, like over consumption? How about the way it’s prepared? High temp over cooked is also carcinogenic. Your bias seems to blind you from asking questions or you’re gullible and beleive anything without question. The 800 studies made are mainly random people who are not health concious, people who aren’t health concious tend to engage in unhealthy lifestyles such as smoking, drinking in excess, drug abuse, etc. ONLY 1 study so far has been attempted and that was the 11000 in the uk. This one study took a 17 year follow up and concluded that both groups of health concious vegan and meat eaters had the same mortality rate. No health benifits over the other. (Key TJA, et al. Dietary habits and mortality in 11000 vegetarians and health conscious people: results of a 17 year follow up. Br Med J 1996;313:775″9) Sooo maybe you should do your own research instead of reciting “hear say” and start asking questions.
      As for your “we are primates and should eat veggies like the rest” argument, it’s ridiculous, so ridiculous I urge you to do more research on your “facts”, I’m not going to explain this one to you.

  5. Mike

    The murder of animals is beyond incredible. It is absolutely far more ethical to supply 3rd world workers with employment, albeit exploitative employ, than to saw up sensitive living creatures with chainsaws. There is no argument. And, unless you have spent time in these 3rd world countries, you have only illusions of the lifestyle. I’ve spent time all over the earth – not a day on vacation – lived there. In Nicaragua, the banana plantation workers make ~equal to our 15 dollars a day. Yet they are the happiest people, living on acres of land in mostly shared houses. They are not financially prosperous, but they raise happy families, have constant unfettered sex, eat like kings, and party all night long. It is not as you might propose. This is only one example. It is quite the same in Mexico, Guatemala, Columbia, etc. Nevertheless, the argument is not IF it is ethical or not, but, IF it is MORE ethical! The vegans are definitely correct on that matter. By the way, I am not a vegan, but a big meat-eater. Still, I am rational and able to understand that a tough work day proposed against carving up a living creature while it is fully conscious is no ethical comparison at all! Are some vegans complete ASSES? Yes, and also ugly to look at as well.But that does not alter the resident truths. The state of these “exploited” people is a happy one. The state of those animals is despicable, evil, satanic brutality at its height.

  6. James

    This is the worst article I have ever had the misfortune of reading.

    Are you trying to say that bananas are eaten exclusively by vegans? Are you saying that, because it is not 100% ethical, vegans should give up trying altogether and contribute to the slaughter of animals?

    (Hot tip: if I started eating meat, I’m not going to give up plant based foods altogether. I’ll be an omnivore, just like yourself apparently, thus contributing to both unethical food industries).

    By saying, “fuck both groups” you are saying people who attempt to leave the smallest footprint they can, are just as bad as people who make zero effort at all.

  7. Theresa Cheng

    Meat eaters are more brutal to animals while vagans might seem merciful but hypocrites to people. They love animals but they don’t love people. They love preaching and forcing people to think like them. But even Jesus also eats meat, God doesn’t agree with them.
    Human beings are selfish and sinful. We spend too much time in debates and arguments and too less time in loving our family and friends.

  8. Theresa Cheng

    We all have compassion over animals, we all have. God said He gave plants and animals for humans as food after the Flood, and we were made omnivores. God can make humans eating grass like the Zebra, but He made us Omnivores.
    It’s not very pleasing when Vagans criticised the meat eaters. Why do you criticised them? They’re allowed, permitted to eat meat by God. Afterall, all animals are His.
    You can suggest to enforce better treatments for animals, which we all agree. But you cannot blame them for eating meat. Who are you to blame them? They’re created by God Almoghty. So, feel proud to be an omnivores and receive all your food with a thankful heart to the Lord.

  9. Jutta Bannerman

    I think the point of thi article is to say we should stop pointing fingers each other. There is no way to be 100% ethical, but yes we can do our bit to minimize the damage we ALL make Vegans/Meat Eaters.

    I used to be Vegan (was always sick) and have now become an occasional meat eater (wellbeing, sickness everything improved, and weight) I would say, I eat meat once a week (to get the essential nutrients) bought from my local organic/free range farmer.

    The cattle are grass-fed and raised in THE most humane way and their end is relatively painless. I am from the UK, yes we have mass scale factory farming which I disagree with and do not buy meat from supermarkets.

    The US though have a catastrophic problem with mass scale factory farming and ill treatment of animals compared to the EU, they should really sort that out/though probably not anytime soon with that numpty Trump in power…

    Anyway, we should do what we can in the most mindful way whether meat or veg eaters.

    One more thing. Their is a tribe called Hadza in Tanzania, Africa. These people, hunt for meat (obviously not processed), eat tubers, berries and so on (mostly high fat and low carb). These are some of the healthiest people on the planet (reasearch it)…

    So, those vegans who like to lump processed meat and grass-fed meat together in their studies to say meat is bad for you and causes cancer, should really reasearch properly, with an unbiased mind and do a study involving people eating grass-fed meat NOT factory farmed/processed shit.

    Would love to see how that turns out!

    Peace 🙂

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