Assistance Exercises By Mohamed Ehab (video)

The video belows shows some of the assistance exercises performed by the weightlifter Mohamed Ehab from Egypt who competes in the 69 kg / 151lbs weight class. Soem of the movements are not mainstream to say the least. The exercises are as follows:

Mohamed Ehab doing the human flag source:

Mohamed Ehab doing the human flag

*the names may not be 100% correct



3.Heavy Squat Lockouts From Pins;

4.Forward jumping squats;

5.Bench press;

6.Partial Barbell Good Morning;

7.Lower Back Hyper Extensions on a bench;

8.Crunches on a bench for additional range of motion (ROM);

9. Wall Handstand push-ups on a barbell;

10.Weighted sit-ups from the floor up;


12.Partial walking lunges with barbell overhead;

13.Forwards and Reverse Toe walking with a loaded barbell on the back;

14.Platform Jumps squats;

15.Bench press again;

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