Truth: Natural Bodybuilders Remain Skinny And Small Forever All the magazines, web-sites and 'big bros' in the gym have lied to you.

Have you ever wondered why all the muscle media that talk about bodybuilding never use photos of TRUE natural bodybuilders? If you read popular magazines such as Muscular Development and visit web-sites like T-Nation, you will notice that 99.9% of the photos are of enhanced bodybuilders using anabolic steroids and growth hormone. There are no photos of natural bodybuilders because they just don’t sell and don’t attract the eye.

The people involved in the sport are used to seeing huge mass monsters and the level of brainwashing has gone beyond repair. We are at a point where natural bodybuilders are facing insults such as: ‘Do you even lift, faggot?’ just for being natural.

It seems that everybody ignores the fact that those used as a face of the muscle industry are simply not natural – not one bit. From physique competitors to professional bodybuilders – all of them are using gear to achieve the Photoshop look.

If anabolic steroids, growth hormone and insulin are to be removed from bodybuilding, even people like Ronnie Coleman would lose 100 + lbs of their mass, regardless of how heavy they train. Yet, nobody seems to care and people continue buying protein fart powders with mass monsters on the label, thinking that growth is just around the corner. Well, it isn’t. Natural bodybuilders have really small potential to grow compared to steroid users.

Truth be told, most people would be lucky to gain 30 lbs over their skinny self. This means that if you are 6’1″ and 150 lbs when you start lifting, you will have a really hard time reaching beyond 180 lbs, unless you are willing to be fat as well.

Of course, here comes the classic story: “But, I have a friend who is 6’1″ 220 lbs without ever lifting a weight in his life!”.

Well, I am happy for you. People need friends. The reality is that your friend is either 25% + BF and holding a ton of water or on steroids. Try to get that person to 5% BF and see what happens. 220 lbs bodyweight would be a distant high school memory, unless of course the person in question is on drugs.

There have been tons of programs promising ‘exceptional muscular growth’ and all of them have failed to produce the physiques seen in magazines and mainstream bodybuilding sites. Yet, the drama continues because the industry needs it in order to live on and continue to leech off those who don’t know any better. Whenever somebody says that the emperor has no clothes, he is immediately labeled as ‘hater‘ and ‘lazy faggot‘.

Very few people know that the big guys on the mainstream sites are actually paid to lie. They receive a percentage of the profits as well as other benefits such as supplements and exposure. That’s why the dream continues and all the new guys are told that they can have it all – 225 lbs bodyweight at 5’10” with rock hard abs. Of course, when it all fails miserably the justification is that the person did not work hard enough and failed to follow the outlined protocol. This is a nice back door for the robbers.

None of the training programs and supplement protocols for naturals was able to truly produce the muscular growth it promised, but that’s to be expected in this world of Photoshop, neons, implants, stupidity and brainwashing.

Deadlifts and squats failed hard too. I though people were supposed to ‘grow like a weed‘ once squats and deads are introduced to their training routines. All I can see are permabulkers thinking they are going to break the squat records because ‘powerlifter are natural‘.

Yeah, right! Tight on your weightlifting belt, son! We don’t want you to hurt your back falling down the rabbit hole.

Of course, all of this is a minor problem given the overall situation in the whole world where entire countries are slaves to others just because they don’t have enough digital digits in their bank accounts. The bodybuilding world is a reflexion that reveals the same fake principles. The system is as rugged as it gets.

If you go to your local store and steal a protein powder, the security guards are going to catch you and hold you until the police arrives. Yet, if you are part of the industry higher echelons, you can continue to rip off people by selling them pig food thanks to the flashy images of steroid loaded bodybuilders.

A few years ago I was walking on a relatively big street in my town. There was a guy surrounded by 2-3 guys. The cars parked by the side were also helping. The guy in question was trying to run away, but his guards were stopping him. I didn’t know what happened at first since I was late to the party, but later on I got informed.

The trapped man tried to steal the bag of a woman and three guys caught him. They were currently holding him while waiting for the police. While I am against theft and don’t support robbery of innocent women, the story reveals once more the good old rule – when you’re stealing billions there are no rules, but when you’re stealing pennies you go to jail. People never truly protest actively against the real oppressors, but on micro level you can get killed for breaking the rules.

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Thankfully, a lot of people are already waking up to the whole bodybuilding scam. It’s becoming harder and harder for the fake dream to continue. The mainstream nonsense feels threatened which is one of the reasons they’re trying to promote physique competitions so hard. Well, guys try harder cause this bubble is about to burst as well.

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