The Truth About Getting A V-taper

There are two requirements to achieving the so-called V-shaped torso a.k.a. V-taper.

1.Building a wide back and shoulders.
2.Achieving low levels of body fat.

The Road To A V-Taper

Building the back: The most important and the hardest part of getting the badly wanted V-Taper is building the latissimus dorsi muscles which is the broadest one in the whole body.

You need to make your lats bigger and stronger, if you ever want to get a V-taper.

There are many ways to do it and the most popular approach is a healthy diet of pull-ups. While the pull-up is one of the best exercises for your lats it’s not mandatory and you can achieve a wide back through many different movements.

The better exercises for back are: barbell rows, T-bar rows, lat pull-downs, one arm dumbbell rows, Australian pull-ups and many more. While exercise selection is important what makes the real difference is the effort you put into working out.

Note: Many people, however, have trouble activating their lats and often end up lifting the weight with their arms only. As a result the back does not receive enough stimulation and fails to grow. If you suffer from the same problem, we advise you to read this post.

Building the shoulders: The best exercise for your shoulders seems to be the overhead press done with a barbell or dumbbells. It’s a compound movement that also works the core, the triceps and the traps.

Contrary to popular belief this exercise hits all three heads of the shoulder although the front deltoid is as always working the hardest.

You may add some lateral raises with dumbbells for your side delts and some isolation work for the rear delts but it’s definitely not mandatory.

Losing body fat: The final step to achieving a V-taper is to lose body fat and get rid of those love handles. No matter how big your lats are, you will never have an impressive V-taper if your waist is huge. You need to have a really tight and small waist in order to pull off the V-shape look. That’s achieved through dieting and cardio.

In order to have a slim waist you need to lose weight. It’s that simple.

Final thoughts

The road to achieving a V-taper is pretty straight forward but not easy. Don’t let the cheesy articles in Men’s Health mislead you into believing that there are some magic routines that will do that for you. Similar media count on people’s laziness and lameness in order to profit through sales of mainstream propaganda and celebrity gossip.

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