The Truth About Casey Butt’s Natural Potential Formula

Casey Butt has become quite popular on the Internet for spreading his formula estimating the maximum muscular potential a natural bodybuilder can achieve. While it seems all nice and sexy, the truth is that his formula has one large flaw – the data is based on bodybuilders who actually used anabolic steroids.

The Truth About Casey Butt's Natural Potential Formula

So, Reg Park is natural and as big as Arnold?

Casey Butt based his formula on people he assumed were natural, but among them are Reg Park, Steve Reeves…etc. who have very questionable natural status.

According to Casey Butt he examined bodybuilding champions between 1947 and 2010. However, steroids were widely used already in the late 30s and many people were experimenting with different forms of testosterone.

So, if a formula that is supposed to measure the maximum muscular potential that can be achieved naturally is based on false data, it loses it’s point entirely no matter what science there is behind it. False data in = false data out.

In general, I have never come to a “formula” that’s more accurate than our guide for natural bodybuilders. It’s not based on fancy scientific data, but on pure experience and simple analysis. Most people would have really hard time surpassing the measurements presented in it, if they are honest with their body fat level estimation.

With that being said Casey Butt’s idea that muscular potential is dependent on joint size is actually correct. It’s obvious that guys who have large frames will have more muscles mass than the thin boned individuals. However, even guys who have big bones cannot surpass the limitations of natural bodybuilding and shock the world.

There’s no reason to get sad because you were mislead one more time. There is no doubt that it’s possible to achieve a pretty decent look naturally. It’s just hard to be taken seriously because people have already been conditioned to accept as naturals guys like Lazar Angelov, Simeon Panda, Kris Gethin and many more.

We advise people to stay natural and focus on developing skills and strength. This will serve you well through out life. By skills we mean stuff like achieving a bodyweight planche, two times bodyweight squat, 20 pull-ups in a row or any other strength feat you would like to have under your belt. When you focus on developing skills instead of constantly obsessing over your physique, training becomes much more stable and enjoyable. Give it a try.

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