Training Full Body – Is It Really That Great?

When people talk about the bodybuilding past they like to brag about how guys like Steve Reeves did full body workouts and trained everything from arms to mid delts to calves every time they were in the gym. People like to attribute some kind of mystery appeal and enigmatic field around the guys from the past but were they really that special? Hell, no! Same old muscle junkies.

Bodybuilding is the same, it’s the doses that are different. Hah!

Working Full Body Drains A Lot Of Energy

Steve Reeves Full Body Workouts

Steve reeves trained full body. So what?

The routine of Steve Reeves takes over 3 hours to complete and will leave you massively drained.

You will be so tired that you will need at least an hour of doing nothing to recuperate. That means that you will have to dedicate about 4 hours a day to working out.

Depending on your lifestyle this could be a large investment. Most people can not afford it because they have to go to work and basically be slaves for those who can live that way.

Are full body workouts as productive as they make them to be?

While the idea of working your whole body may seem great compared to the endless bodybuilding splits there are many full body workouts that are not effective and often even counter productive.

In order to make full body workouts effective the exercises must be well selected and varied. For example, one day you may do squats to work your legs and on another day you may do leg presses or sumo deadlifts.

That way you avoid overload of the central nervous system (CNS) and overuse injuries.

Many people divide their full body workouts into pushing, pulling and leg exercises. One day you do the bench press which targets mostly the front deltoids, pecs and chest and the other day you do the overhead press which still works the pushing muscles but in a different way. One day you do pull-ups for your back and another day you do rows.

However, full body routines that consist of all exercises under the sun are doomed to fail unless you are a professional who has the time and substances needed to recover from such work.

Too Many Distractions, Hard To Focus

When you are trying to do so many things at once you lose strength and energy. It’s like trying to have three girlfriends – it can only works for a little while before all your money disappears or you get caught.

When you are doing 10 exercises per workout tracking progress becomes a nightmare because there are so many variables that affect the final input.

Conclusion: Full body workouts are great and can be very effective but if they consist of well chosen exercises and follow intelligent programming instead of just doing every move under the Sun.

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