Training To Failure Is Counterproductive

According to many bro-scientists in the field of bodybuilding one must go to complete failure in order to build muscle and strength. That’s why you see so many obsessed bodybuilders scream like crazy and try to push their body to the limits. They do set after set, rep after rep until they can’t do anymore reps. They call it training to failure, but is this really an effective way to train?


Training to failure is not needed and is counterproductive.

Imagine this situation: you want to get really good at a foreign language. What do you do?

Do you read and study until you can no longer see the words? No! You just study and read a lot but not until your body starts crashing and reporting all kinds of bugs.

That’s true for almost any type of skill a human being is trying to learn. You do train a a lot but not until the point where you can barely do anything else anymore.

What about training to form failure?

This concept is actually not that bad. You train until you know that your exercise form is good and the minute you see that you are losing strength and your technique suffers you stop immediately. That’s actually a good way to do things. You are still training at high intensity but not so high that you end up hurting yourself.

But Dorian Yates says I should train to failure! He has them big muzcles…

Who cares? Dorian Yates has taken more anabolic drugs than there are in Junkyland. You should always take the advice of professional bodybuilders with criticism. Many of them are paid by supplement companies to talk nonsense and just push products in your face.

You are not going to miraculously build more muscle mass by following the advice of roided bodybuilders who rely on roids to grow. If that was the case, the people reading the moronic bodybuilding magazines full of ads would have become professional bodybuilders by now.

Truth be told most of the routines presented in those magazines are written by ghost writers. On many occasions bodybuilders and writers have said that often the material presented in the magazines does not correspond to the way the actual bodybuilder in question trains. In other words: it’s a gimmick meant to attract the attention of ‘hungry noobs’ who have some money to spent.

But I want to be the best and Rocky trains to  failure. I want to be like Rocky!

Enough of that already! In order to progress you don’t need to fail and most of the training montages you see in movies are nothing more than Hollywood propaganda. Don’t be so naive to believe that what you see on the TV screen has your best Interest in mind. Quite often it’s nothing more than the devil in disguise.

Another important factor that people tend to forget is that connective tissues need more time to recover due to their slower metabolism. Training to failure places too much stress on the joints because it is usually accompanied by poor form and the last reps are shaky.

P.S. Always keep a few reps in the bank.

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