Top 5 YouTube Channels Of Actual Natural Bodybuilders

After we published the  post: Top 7 Fake Natural Bodybuilders On YouTube we’ve received a request to make a list of YouTube channels that are owned by actual natural bodybuilders. Well, here it is.

Disclaimer: We don’t claim that persons below are 100% lifetime naturals. There’s no way of knowing that. However, similar physiques can be achieved naturally.


Fortress a.k.a. Pavel Rudometkin has a YouTube channel dedicated to body weight training. His physique could be achieved naturally with good training and nutrition. We’ve already done a review of the guy which you can read here.


Luimarco owns one of the first YouTube channels dedicated to bodybuilding. He has close to 2000 videos on different aspects of the sport. Luimarco’s physique can be achieved naturally and we’ve already done a review of him which you can read here.

3.Lyle McDonald

Lyle McDonald is known for his ‘fuck you’ behavior, but there is no doubt that he is one of the natural guys on YouTube. Lyle is also one of the go to guys when it comes to bodybuilding nutrition. If you love science and semantics, this is the guy for you.

4. LiftingForLife

Lifting for life is a channel owned by Ian McCarthy who also has a physique that can be achieved naturally. He seems to be one of the ‘fitness nerds’ and often enters into dispute with book based evidence and experience.

5. OfficialBarstarzz

The OfficialBarstarzz YouTube channel is dedicated to calisthenics. The videos include many people and not all of them are natural. However, some are and since bodyweight training is one of the best ways to train we decided to include this channel in our list.

Unfortunately, there is no doubt that not all bar starzz are natural. Just because someone is relying on bodyweight solely, it does not mean that the person in question is natural. Good examples would be Kali Muscle and Hannibal For King.

Note: We don’t agree with everything the above channels say.


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