Tom Platz Downplaying The Effectiveness Of Steroids

Below is an old interview with bodybuilding legend Tom Platz a.k.a. the Golden Eagle. He was known for his exceptional leg development and intensive training style. At about 5 minutes into the interview Platz is asked about anabolic steroids and he immediately tries to downplay how effective they are. He even uses the term ‘steroid therapy’ in order to minimize what’s actually happening in the sport of bodybuilding. The truth is that the proper term is not steroid therapy but rather steroid abuse. Back in his day steroids were somewhat legal and it was much easier to get quality anabolic drugs made in expensive labs instead of today’s basement laboratories.

There are many rumors that bodybuilders from the past were equally reckless with their dosages. According to some Arnold Schwarzenegger and his friends were taking Dbol like candies. On top of everything this was more the norm rather than the exception.

For some reason, however, bodybuilders have always tried to downplay the power of drugs. In the video Tom Platz states that he only takes steroids prior to major contests. In his words anabolic drugs do not make champions and are nothing more than ‘polishing your car’ or simply – the finishing touch. This makes one wonder: if anabolics are not as important as ‘having a champion’s heart’ why are people still using so much of it?

Truth be told this is a common trend among the so called ‘successful people’. They always try to downplay how much help they’ve received in order to end up where they are. A cool example that never gets old is the founder of Microsoft Bill Gates who supposedly became one of the riches man by accident. Well, what they’ve missed in the wonder boy story is that his father was was a wealthy and very successful corporate lawyer and his mother, Mary Gates, was the grand daughter of J. W Maxwell, the founder of Seattle’s National City bank. Bill Gates had access to millions in a trust set up by his great-grandfather on the day he was born. On top of everything his mother had connection with the CEO of IBM which was the company that pushed Bill Gates and his stolen products forward. Now, you never hear the media talk about that. They try to be politically correct and just say that Bill Gates was one of the greatest businessman on the planet. Nice. Whatever helps you sleep at night!

The moral of the story is that people will never admit that they were not as self-made as they appear to be. It seems to work just fine because the masses are buying it and those who dare to criticize are usually labeled as haters who are just jealous of other people’s success.

Tom Platz Downplaying The Effectiveness Of Steroids

Clear gynecomastia due to steroid abuse

To be fair to Tom Platz the opinion presented by him seems to be the general view of how things are and is shared by most bodybuilders. What did you expect? They can’t publicly go out and tell you that they take 5 grams of steroids a week. That would be insanity and will cause serious damage to their reputation and image. Nobody wants that and even Ronnie Coleman who is three times the size of Tom Platz is playing the natural card.

We respect those guys and we admit that bodybuilding takes serious dedication, some mental issues (being crazy helps) and a lot of work, patience and sacrifice even with all the drugs. There is no doubt that steroids don’t make your life easier and you always pay the price. What steroids, however, make quite easier is building muscle mass and if bodybuilders were to become 100% drug free – they would look like fragile ponies instead of the muscular horses they appear to be.


  1. Paul

    “Truth be told this is a common trend among the so called ‘successful people’. They always try to downplay how much help they’ve received in order to end up where they are”

    Very well said. Origins, help of others and stealing are, in general, the true causes of a big succes. Especialy where money is involved.

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