The Ultimate ”Secret”: How Do Professional Bodybuilders Build Such Big Arms?

One evening when I was coming back home I saw a supermarket with a big large poster of a smiling chicken above the main entrance and on the side. The image was obviously part of a chicken company’s logo. I asked myself: why would that chicken smile if it’s about to lose its head? The answer is, of course, rather simple – marketing.

Companies only want us to see a PR produced happy version of their businesses. As a result we become detached from reality and develop clouded and false judgments. This is not new. Firms have always been pushing happy stickers in people’s face while hiding a blood path behind. The shiny packaging comes first, always. Since those practices have been accepted as normal a long time ago, most people have forgotten where their meals and things come from. We’ve been taken.

As you can expect, this chicken model is used in bodybuilding too. The magazines rely on the physiques of professional bodybuilders to promote new ways to build muscle every month.

We see the 3D muscle fibers and the shiny images, but we are not granted access to the true driving force behind the bodybuilding dream and lifestyle. How does it really happen? Are those powders the secret to bodybuilding?

At the end, the result is always the same – massive amount of delusional people think that doing drop sets for their arms will cause alienesque muscle growth.

Even if you do all the curls in the world and then steal some more from Mars – you are still not getting lean 22-inch arms naturally.

Today, I will once again tell you what’s truly behind the big arms of modern muscle pros.


When I was a permabulker I was convinced that curls represent a dangerous sinful activity that could get you in big trouble. I used to look at biceps curling the way medieval grandmothers treated masturbation.

If people around me were curling, I was staring at them like they were stealing from the poor to buy themselves heroin and inject it. I was one of those guys who believe you can squat and deadlift your way to big arms. By the way, isn’t this what the gurus con say to this day?

Later, after destroying the chains of permabulking, I started doing curls regularly. They were boring, but I used to consider them a functional exercise since many things can only be carried in a semi-curl position. Example: brides.

However, at the end I didn’t get big arms despite all the squatting, deadlifting and curling. To tell you the truth, at one point I developed some pretty impressive fatso pipes full of hanging triceps lard, but I wouldn’t call that muscular growth cause it wasn’t.

Today, I realize that training has little to do with the arm size of professional bodybuilders. In fact, there are many pro bodybuilders who train like complete neanderthals who have skipped caveman school. Those guys love using jerky motions and bad form while training their pythons. It makes them feel gangsta. Nevertheless, despite their poor training they still have big arms. That’s because the key to the arms of professional bodybuilders is not really training.

What is it?


Sergio Oliva - classic arm shot

Sergio Oliva – classic arm shot

Your arm genetics can make you or break you as a bodybuilder. It’s not a coincidence that the current Mr. Olympia Phil Heath has exceptional arm insertions. The same can also be said about the most popular bodybuilder of all time – Arnold. Such individuals are blessed in the arm department to begin with. They were born with stones that could turn into diamonds with the right methods. Others have dust that turns into mud. Nothing can change that. It is what it is.

Drugs, Synthol and More Drugs

The main ”secret” behind the size of professional bodybuilders are not ninja techniques. I don’t care how hard you feel your muscles work during Scott curls. I also don’t care about the incredible pump you get from using the advice of self-proclaimed training gurus who purposely wear mini T-shirts and pin them glutes in the shadows while you are sleeping.

Training elements are almost completely irrelevant. I can tell you right now that you can change the arm routine of any professional bodybuilder while keeping everything else the same, and the individual in question will still have the same arm development. Why? Because the driving force behind bodybuilding have always been anabolic steroids.

Over the last decades to those have been added growth hormone and insulin. That’s it. This is why professional bodybuilders have such big arms. Those guys get their size not from training but from pinning. However, you don’t have to worry. They still pay a price, because you can’t hide from natural law. Abuse always comes with damage.

Another element responsible for the look of the pro’s arms is synthol and other forms of site enhancement.

When people hear about synthol, they immediately think of the oil bags idiots claiming to have the largest arms in the world. Well, maybe they do have record size pipes if we are talking about the largest arms full of shit like substances.

However, don’t let those images fool you. There are many bodybuilders who inject synthol in their arms while keeping the doses low. To the untrained eye and from a good enough distance, this is often undetectable, but the synthol is there, circulating in their system like venom.

Drug genetics

There is a special set of genetics known as “drug genetics”. This term describes how much drugs you can inject in yourself without dropping dead due to organ failure. Obviously, the pros have top tier genetics in this category too.

Truth be told, most mortals will need new internals every three years if they were to follow the real drug regimen of the pros. There are professional bodybuilders who reach a very old age despite abusing every drug under the sun, but there are also gym rats who get on dialysis without ever stepping on a big stage. Of course, the repair shop of broken dreams is not marketable and always hidden. Remember: if you want customers, you have to be using a smiley chicken, not a crying and screaming one. The latter does not sell.

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