The Ultimate Broscience Fails In Bodybuilding Part 3

Time for bodybuilding broscience part 2.1. Below are some more false beliefs often found in the lifting/bodybuilding/muscle community.

  1. I should always listen to people who are bigger than me. They know everything and I will get just as big as them.

Yes and no.


People who are bigger will not always provide you with good advice. Some just don’t know how to train, while others are steroid users, who refuse to attribute their size to drugs and continuously feed you all kinds of false concepts such as meal timing, proper glutamine and creatine intake, time under tension and other ideas that make no difference at the end of the day.

The fact that someone is bigger, does not mean he knows how to do things right. For example, my father has always been more muscular than me without even training. Does he know about lifting more than me? Of course not. Does he know about nutrition more than me? Of course not. He once told me that bread contains really high amount of protein, which is not really the case.

However, if you want to look like a professional bodybuilder, you obviously have to listen to the advice of somebody who’s been there and knows his stuff (mainly how not to die when you are taking so many drugs). Question is, how many are truly looking to become an IFBB pro?

  1. I should eat high carb diets because professional bodybuilders eat this way in their videos. They are huge, bro. I am getting my arms to 21 inches this year. Mad, bro?

The real reason why bodybuilders rely so much on high carb diets is insulin, which many of the modern pros take to be even bigger. You can read more on this topic here.

In general, super high carb diets are not optimal for the average person. You don’t have to go low or zero carb, but insane amounts of carbohydrates are definitely not your friend.

  1. Unless somebody is as big as Ronnie Coleman, he must be one of those 100% natural bodybuilders, and I should always trust that person.

Have you ever heard of small and big doses? It’s not like you take steroids one time and you turn into Ronnie Coleman or some other pro. Besides, the fitness industry got smart about this size game. They’ve realized a long time ago that regular people don’t want to be as big as professional bodybuilders.

That’s why the fitness movement was sponsored heavily and the amount of Y.O.L.O (You only live once) aesthetic morons is increasing every day. Cool, expect that many of those guys are still not natural. They may be smaller than professional bodybuilders, but the majority still take a lot of different compounds. The aesthetic brahs are far from natural.

  1. Professional athletes that are tested are 100% natural. It’s all about how bad you really want it. Work hard or go home loser.

Being tested and being natural are two different things. Many people are tested, but very few are actually natural. Sometimes it’s a matter of manipulating the tests while at really high levels it’s all about having a political umbrella. You have to be extremely naive to believe that just because some show has “natural” in its title, people competing there are truly naturals.

  1. When I am lifting kettlebells I am getting all of that underground Russian gangsta type of vibe straight into my muscles. I am 100% not brainwashed.

Kettlebells are a fine tool, but unfortunately they are also a victim of massive propaganda. The term “Secret Russian training methods” is simply used for marketing and is also part of the reason why the kettlebell community tends to resemble a cult. If you like kettlebells, you should obviously use them, but don’t think you are superior to others for performing some sort of humping while holding an iron cannonball with a handle. Kettlebells could be effective for a couple of things, but they are not the end of all training.

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