The Ultimate Broscience Fails In Bodybuilding Part 2

Here we go again. It’s time for some more broscience, which is present in abundance in the world of lifting/bodybuilding/iron/gym community. Below are some more outrageous beliefs, which have somehow become an essential part of the mainstream bodybuilding ideals.


  1. Steroids are just used to recover properly and train harder.

This is one is a classic. One of the best laughs I ever had was when I read on T-Nation’s forum how a natural can get as big as Ronnie Coleman, if there was enough time, and old age was not a factor.

Nice. The idea behind this deep wisdom was that the advantage of steroids consists in faster recovery, allowing people to train harder, heavier and get bigger. Since a natural does not have that luxury, his option would be to set for little progress due to his poor recovery compared to a needle enthusiast.

This would be funny, if it wasn’t sad.

Of course, steroids do help you with recovery and allow you to train harder. That’s a fact. But, they also have out of this world effect on you strength and size levels regardless of training. People take steroids for various reasons. There are individuals who rely on similar drugs to recover, but the primary usage of steroids in bodybuilding and strength sport is mainly for their ability to pack on serious amount of muscle mass on a lifter. There are no bodybuilders/lifters who take steroids “just to train harder”. That’s a myth. Lifters take them to become bigger and stronger beyond what’s possible naturally. The idea that a natural can get as big as Ronnie Coleman in his prime, “if only there was enough time” shows how poorly people understand the effects of male hormones on the body.

The truth is that even if we had some sort of a Highlander natural who does not get older past the age of 25, he would still not be as big as a mortal steroid user. The 500 year old natural Highlander would would still have poor hormonal profile compared to someone pinning grams of testosterone in his glutes. That’s a fact.

  1. You can be just as big as professional bodybuilders and other steroid users, if you just take enough of the right supplements.

Oh, man…tell me you’re joking, please!

There are people who think that supplements can potentially overcome the limitations in front of natural bodybuilders. The answer is, of course, “no” unless we’re talking about some sort of muscle elixirs such as prohormones, but those are not really supplements. Those are steroids.

Back in the day I read an interview with pro bodybuilder Lee Priest, I think, where he explained how one time he was able to maintain his massive physique by just increasing his supplements usage and without taking steroids. Unfortunately or not, this seems a little too excessive to be true.

Many are spending hundreds on supplements with shiny and promising labels every month, thinking they will soon boost their testosterone levels beyond belief and reach amazing levels of muscular development.

Cool. It will not happen. Taking stuff like whey protein powder from time to time is fine. It’s still some sort of protein derived from real food. However, you should not expect miracles from it, just like you don’t expect to become a muscular gorilla after eating 3 eggs. I guess the photos and/or graphics of muscular men on the labels have serious effect on people’s perception. It’s a gimmick in the end of the day. If you buy a comic book with something stupid like Superman on the cover, does that make you feel like a super human. I hope not.

In brief, you can take as many supplements as you want. You will never match the roid users.

  1. Taking your protein at the right time is very important.

I am sorry to bring it to you, but concepts such as proper “anabolic window” are just funny, not effective. The human body was not made to self-destruct itself super easily. Thus, not eating an hour, two or maybe even 5 after your workout will not kill you, nor deprive you of gains. What counts in the end of the day is how much total calories and macro-nutrients you have consumed for the day. When you take them is almost irrelevant when you are natural, although it makes sense to schedule your meals according to some common sense. Obviously, eating all of your food for the day prior to training can be somewhat troublesome. But, in theory, you will still experience similar gains compared to someone who is always overthinking and trying to do everything as the sacred books of muscle say.

  1. I am 5 lbs away from being 5% body fat. #my top two abs are showing when I flex real hard.

I have received many e-mails from people informing me they are already breaking my estimations for naturals, while being almost at 5% with the top ab row showing. There are many lifters who suffer from severe delusion. They think they’re super lean, when in fact they have to lose something like 50 lbs or more to be competition lean. There are people who have visible top abs when they flex at over 24% body fat. I was one of them and I had to lose a ton of weight to get to 10-11% body fat, which is miles away from 5% body fat.

Most naturals, me include, will basically disappear and look sick and anorexic, if they were to pull off the 5% look. The truth is that those who are breaking the natural limits naturally are at least 15% body fat – at least. In most cases the number is closer to 20+.

  1. This exercise is really making me pumped. I will be growing soon.

Try this. Sit on the floor and attempt to do a classic gymnastic L-sit. One of the first things you will experience is a massive pump, probably even cramping in the quads. Do you think your legs will get bigger by doing L-sits on the floor? Seriously, do you? Nobody gets bigger quads by doing L-sits. Thus, the the fact that a muscle is getting pumped is not indicative that it will be growing in the near future.

The pumped is just a sign that a muscle is being used and blood is flowing. Flushing an area with high pumping reps could be beneficial for recovery/rehab/warm-up, but it does not build maximum strength, nor is it a guarantee that muscle hypertrophy will take place. Sorry, brahs.

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