The Bodybuilding Matrix – It’s Time To Break The Chains The bodybuilding matrix is a byproduct of this prison planet.

Making money is the engine of this world and the only thing that counts these days is profit. The system was set a long time ago, and even though quite a few changes happened since its establishment the core is still the same: we are slaves and we have masters that never miss an opportunity to mock us.


Once could say that the muscle industry is a byproduct and a child of this corrupt system. It’s a perfect example of how the world and the economy operate. The fools work, produce and buy, while the so-called winners enjoy “the good life”.

It all starts at a subconscious level. They show us something we want and charge us a lot only to get a small piece of it. The best marketers are those who know very well what the people need and want, but instead of giving it to them in its true form – they sell us garbage. One of the oldest tricks drug dealers use is mixing the product will all kinds of waste. It’s not uncommon to buy drugs containing 70% washing powder. They give the addict just enough to feel the drugs, become addicted and come back for more. This technique increases the profit of the drug cartel significantly, and as you already know – painted paper is number one in this world.

While addiction to bodybuilding supplements won’t hurt you nearly as much as being addicted to actual recreational drugs, it’s still a scam that uses the same principles: the real value is much less than the promised amount.

Have you ever asked yourself this: if supplements are so effective, why are most people taking them still small? The answer of the regular mainstream bodybuilder would be that supplements are only a tiny part of the equation, and people are counting on them to do miracles. This is indeed true, but supplements are still presented as the key to muscular growth and are advertised by bodybuilders who actually take grams of anabolic steroids each week. At the same time they tell you shamelessly that you’re not working hard enough and that’s why “big muscles are not happening”.

The big corporations are the ones that dictate our existence. Everything is geared towards making the CEOs and the shareholders rich and happy, while the working bees always get the short end of the stick, despite doing all the work. If you go in a supplement store and steal a box of protein powder, the police will catch you and there will be charges against you. If you do it long enough, your jail holiday will one day become a reality.

Oddly enough, the guys with the nice suits don’t have the same destiny. They sell us supplements made out of pig food, put fancy labels on them, manipulate the researches and charge us 10 times the actual worth of the product. However, similar actions are not considered cheating and stealing – it’s called marketing and entrepreneurship. This is what George Orwell would call “doublespeak” which is language that deliberately disguises, distorts, or reverses the meaning of words in order to protect a minority.

They’ve convinced us that we need them when it’s the other way around – they need us. The biggest fear of every dictator are people who see the big picture. They hate it. That’s why they put our faces as close as possible to the picture.

The closer you are to something, the less you see. Try this: place a book 5 cm in front of your nose. Can you read the whole page? No. If you place the book further away, however, you can. They don’t want us to read the book and attempt to keep our heads buried into the sand. That way it’s easier for them to…

Question is, why does the system continue? Can’t we see that it’s never going to work as expected? The answer is found in the world around us but vision and experience are required to see it. The world, and consequently the fitness industry, operate like a big pyramid scam where only those at the top benefit and thrive. At the bottom are found the ordinary slaves like you and me. What do we see when we look upwards? We see a somewhat happier slave which we call our manager or boss. They show us that it’s possible to truly improve and we continue to spin the wheel. However, when something is wrong at it’s core and does not have a rightful base, it will only fall down harder and louder when you attempt to build something big on it. In other words: we don’t need bandages – we need a real cure.

The true protest is not screaming on the street, although sometimes that’s needed too. The real protest consists of little choices that we make every day. Have you ever wondered why brands like Coca-Cola continue to make profit despite being fundamentally wrong? It’s simple: there are idiots who continue to support it. Fast food restaurants have higher net profit from sugar drinks than the genetically modified food sold there, because sodas are cheaper to produce and people buy them in large quantities.

In order to stop this madness we need to make a choice not to buy products doing more harm than good. Where will the profit of those companies come from when people are no longer buying garbage? That’s how almost everything evil can be destroyed – from the banks to lying and misleading supplement companies and other corporations. You can’t cheat a dog that knows the trick.

Of course, nothing in this world of duality will magically change pain free. There will always be victims. Even when we are doing the right thing, we could still be hurting someone. That should not, however, stop us from improving.

I don’t believe that true peace can ever be found on this prison planet, but a bigger and nicer cell is still better than living in a shoe box while serving your sentence here, on Earth.

We all deserve it and those who’ve taken this right away from us need to be taken down.

Maybe, just maybe, instead of congratulating people like Phil Heath, who never miss an opportunity to post on Instagram their new sneakers made by exploited people from Third World countries, we can spare a little time to rethink what we choose to support. In the end of the day, our support is the only thing that keeps the Matrix alive.

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