Tall Bodybuilders Have Harder Time Building Muscle

Tall bodybuilders and athletes in general have harder time building noticeable muscle size. It’s due to the fact that a larger tank requires more to be filled. When you are tall you not only have to eat more, but you also have to gain much more muscle mass before people start noticing your physique.

This is an undeniable fact and the sooner you understand it, the further you’ll go.

Taller bodybuilder have harder time building muscle size.

Yao Ming living the good life.

There’s no point in sugarcoating the obvious – as a tall bodybuilder you are at adisadvantage. Powerlifting and bodybuilding are dominated by short athletes. There are not many popular bodybuilder over 6’2”.

Additional problem for tall bodybuilders is that larger amounts of food and drugs need to be consumed. This puts the internal organs through hell. When you are 5’5” you can get away with significantly less than if you are 6’5”. The popular tall bodybuilder Grag Kovacs consumed about 600+ grams of protein a day!

Another disadvantage to being tall is that some exercises just suck. When you are as tall as Michael Jordan squatting just doesn’t feel right.

With all that being said there are many advantages to being taller and having a larger frame. When built tall bodybuilders look super impressive. Arnold Schwarzenegger, or the most popular bodybuilder in the world, had a mind blowing physique and he was 6’2” tall.

Like always nature forces the balance in everything. When you are a tall bodybuilder, you have to work harder, but you look more impressive in the end of the day. When you are short, you put your body through less stress and save yourself a lot of possible complications. There is no way to cheat nature. It always wins in the end and balance is achieved.

If you are part of the tall bodybuilders club, love what nature blessed you with. Yes, it is harder to develop big arms when you are tall, but so what? It was not supposed to be easy in the first place.

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