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Another Reason Not To Buy Whey Protein

Have you ever wondered why every retired bodybuilder launches a new supplement line which is supposed to be so much better than the rest? Simple. The supplement industry comes with nice profit margins. Below, l will outline the process of turning protein powder into a money printer. Step 1: Buy Cheap Protein In Bulk It may […]

Whey Protein Side Effects

Whey protein is more than just a supplement. It’s the backbone of the muscle constructing industry and the reason why bodybuilders and their pimps bath in gold. This legendary powder reveals critical characteristics of the human race as well as the effectiveness of marketing. Therefore, it deserves an analysis. Most of the protein powder that […]

Top Supplements For Natural Bodybuilders

The supplement industry is growing rapidly even though most of the products have a highly questionable effectiveness. The fancy names and the shiny labels may attract the eyes, but the actual measurable results from the products are nowhere to be seen. Yet natural bodybuilders have been convinced that they need supplementation to reach their maximum […]

Steroids Are Not Just The Finishing Touch

Anabolic steroids have been a part of bodybuilding since the very beginning. Testosterone was already available in the 1930s. Bodybuilding is a sport/activity/beauty contest entirely depending on steroids. A common trend among bodybuilders is to downsize the importance of anabolic steroids. They want the general public to believe that drugs are only a small part […]

Creatine Is a Scam

Creatine a.k.a. ”the most researched” bodybuilding supplement has been promoted heavily over the last few decades. Many consider it a must for natural bodybuilders. Is the hype backed up by real results? Function: The main function of creatine is to facilitate the recycling of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). ATP is known as “nature’s energizer” and is […]

Skip La Cour – Natty or NOT?

Skip La Cour is one of the most popular alleged natural bodybuilders. Many natties aspire to attain his physique. But is this a pipe dream? Can you get there naturally? Is Skip La Cour natty or not? The personal website of Skip La Cour reveals that in his prime his body stats were: Height: 5’11” […]

Whey Protein Substitute?

Many naive souls believe that whey protein powders are as magical as the labels suggest. This is not true, regardless of what the supplement companies are saying. Whey protein is just processed food in powder form. In this post, I will present you different substitutes for protein powder. A scoop of whey protein contains about […]