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5 Reasons Why Squats Are Stopping You from Getting BIG Arms

| April 24, 2017 by Truth Seeker |

The bar was loaded. My back was covered in chalk. The belt was squeezing my waist like a pair of pliers. A rhythm that could make a dead heart beat again, and a guitar escorting your soul to the place where deities live, were coming out of my headphones. I got under the bar – […]

Bench Dips – Triceps Builder Or Shoulder Destroyer?

| May 8, 2014 by Truth Seeker |

Bench dips are often part of workout DVDs such as P90X. However, they aren’t a joint friendly exercise because of the extreme shoulder stretch. You are risking a rotator cuff injury as well as shoulder impingement. Without a doubt, bench dips work your triceps muscles really hard, and you are going to get a great arm […]

Getting Your First Dip

| April 28, 2014 by Truth Seeker |

The dip is a classic upper body exercise that works the chest, triceps and shoulders. It’s a really good pectoral movement because the muscle gets a nice stretch at the bottom. However, many untrained people may fail to do a single repetition. This tutorial will help you get your first dip. 1.Lose weight During dips […]

Did Leroy Colbert Build His 21 Inch Arms Naturally?

| April 21, 2014 by Truth Seeker |

Leroy Colbert, a legendary bodybuilder born in 1933, was supposedly the first man on the planet to build 21-inch muscular arms without steroids. He was a competitive bodybuilder with a great future until an almost fatal motorcycle accident damaged his ankle. Colbert claimed that the accident might have saved his life by pushing him away […]

Building Big Arms With Bodyweight Exercises

| March 20, 2014 by Truth Seeker |

Bigger arms can be acquired through bodyweight training. If you train intelligently and follow simple progressions, you can get pretty close to your maximum natural arm size by doing solely bodyweight exercises. One of the better bodyweight exercises for the biceps are pull-ups on rings. The rings allow your wrists to rotate freely, which reduces […]