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Heavily loaded, slightly rusty barbell covered in weightlifting chalk was sitting on top of the curved pins of an old but proud squat rack. Harry TheBicepsFLEXKilla turned up the volume of his iFone and grabbed the bar near the ring markings. He made a small step towards the barbell, closed his eyes firmly and squeezed […]

What Are Bodybuilders Eating To Get So Big?

Dedicated to those who get horny from watching bodybuilders shop in supermarkets. The majority of the online videos in the muscle market are dedicated to the eating habits of bodybuilders and their little brothers from the aesthetic crew better known as Lower Doses Crew. The muscle warriors experience great pleasure from filming food trips during […]

The Day I Realized That Big Muscles Protect You From Bullying

That summer I was doing my best to improve my skateboarding skills. One of the training sports in the town was an old bridge – a weird place with mysterious flavor that makes you experience all kinds of deja vus, perhaps from previous lives. It was the middle of a hot day and I was pretty […]

Are Self-Help Books The Road To Happiness Or a Nasty Fraud?

That day the city was under attack coming from a heavyweight rain playing with everything beneath the clouds. My shoes with holes in the soles reported bankruptcy rather fast. I had to find a place to hide and since I was in the period of your life when shiny shop windows attract you the most, […]