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Is Nick Cheadle Natural Or On Steroids?

It’s time for another classic nattyornot.com review. As usual, it’s inspired by a request from a reader. I was asked whether a guy known as Nick Cheadle is natty or not. Let’s see. What are the stats of Nick Cheadle? According to the website simplyshredded.com Nick Cheadle has the following body stats: Bodyweight: 209 lbs […]

Vegan Gains – Natural Vegan Bodybuilder Or a Steroid User?

”Vegan Gains” is the name of a popular YouTube channel promoting plant-eating as the best investment you can make for the betterment of your health and conscience. Since the guy behind the videos has a pretty decent physique and likes to participate in as much YouTube battles as possible, he has attracted the attention of many people looking […]


A reader sent me a message regarding a 90-day transformation of a YouTube superstar known as fouseyTUBE. I did some research and found out that fouseyTUBE is one of the individuals on top of YouTube’s food chain. The man is currently sitting at about 6.7 million subscribers. While I have never been a YouTuber, I […]

Can Strength Training Replace The Use Of Steroids In Sports?

Reading the crazy ideas pushed by fitness experts can be an amusing experience. In one of his articles on S-Nation, the godfather of low bar squats, Mark Rippetoe, expressed his strong belief that strength training can stop the use of steroids in sports. He wrote: “Athletes take steroids to get stronger. That’s the only reason […]

What Working With a Permabulker On Steroids Taught Me About Life

A few years ago I worked desk-to-desk with a permabulker who was using oral steroids to get his muscle mass up. The guy was essentially the main slave of our boss and was used to fix all kinds of problems. The boss wants music playing in the toilet? No problem. The boss wants fruits in […]

The Calisthenics Illusion: Bodyweight Exercises Won’t Make You Super Big

Calisthenics training is enjoying enormous amount of fame. Popular bar athletes such as Lazar Novovic, Hannibal For King, Adam Raw, LittleBeast and many more are considered to be Gods among men and enjoy great attention on sites like Facebook, Twitter and especially Instagram. Their followers aspire to develop similar bodies by having fun on the […]