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How To Make The Program Starting Strength Work For Aesthetics (Don’t get FAT)

| November 27, 2017 by Truth Seeker |

Harry The BicepsFlexKilla woke up with that gnawing, almost corrosive feeling of imperfection that now and then captures the blood pump of every human, shakes the homeostasis and installs a pernicious grimace mixed with bewilderment on the face of the victim. Harry had been fighting against the inadequacy and incompleteness in his heart for a […]

Is Starting Strength a Bad Routine For Muscle Growth? It's fine. Don't bother overthinking. You are natural anyway.

| May 21, 2015 by Truth Seeker |

The online muscle consciousness needed a long time to realize that the popular training program Starting Strength does not promote as much muscle growth as it was originally believed. You are certainly not gaining 60lbs of red meat during your first year of training even if you drink your milk and do squats with plenty of hip drive. I am […]

Starting Strength vs. P90X: Retrospective and Random thoughts

| February 16, 2015 by Truth Seeker |

I spent the last two days reviving old memories from the beginning of my journey in the land of muscle construction. I did an online search for two legendary muscle scholars – the creator of P90X Tony Horton and the author of Starting Strength Mark Rippetoe. Those two have sold millions of books and DVDs which makes them […]