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How Strong Can Steroids Make You?

The text that is about to follow has not been written by a delusional permabulker. Sorry. Some lifters downplay the role of muscle drugs so much that ignorant people start wondering whether a baby Aspirin could produce steroids like results. As you may be able to guess, most of the time those lifters are nothing […]

Will Smolov’s Squat Program Add 100 lbs To My Squat In 3 Months?

Rumor has it there is a specialized warehouse, somewhere close to a large fast food restaurant, where permabulkers gather to discuss the ultimate ways to boost your squats stats and possibly gain an alpha male status. In the background there’s always a massive high end plasma TV replaying the greatest squats of all time. Legend […]


I woke up with the type of heavy pressure only a brainwashed addict can feel on a squat day. I took one of my squat T-shirts, lifting chalk to prevent the bar from sliding, some shorts, my good old mp3 player, a digital camera and left the apartment. I needed the last one to record […]

Why Upper Body Workouts Are More Popular Than Leg Training

It takes about one or two gym visits to meet a captain upper body. This is the type of person that devotes all effort and time to chest, back and arm training. Consequently, those biceps warriors usually have very large arms, chest and sometimes backs too. One of the most common excuses used by the […]