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Mr. Olympia 2015: Was Phil Heath’s Victory Deserved?

At the end of July I predicted in this post that Mr. Phil Heath is going to win Mr. Olympia 2015. It happened today. Question is, was his victory deserved? Is he truly the best thong warrior in the world? Same competitors (almost), same judges, same weaknesses, same strengths, same politics….SAME results. The answer this […]

Why Is Kai Greene Not Competing In Mr. Olympia 2015?

Two days ago I was contacted by a reader who seemed heartbroken that his muscle hero Kai Greene will not compete in Mr. Olympia 2015. At first I thought that the guy was trolling because I cannot imagine a Kai Greene in shape not competing in the biggest bodybuilding event of the year. Therefore, I […]


Taking advice from people who have what you want seems like a logical step. When it comes to the muscle sector, however, it’s not that simple because bodybuilders rely on synthetic hormones to build their extraordinary muscle size. Consequently, their perception of what really causes growth is deluded. In addition, they are forced to be […]

Is Bodybuilding a Real Job?

Bodybuilding thongs on the bed, steroid needles on the night stand, used bottles of testosterone on the ground, viagra and a plastic trophy on the book shelves – this is how the hotel room of Riki Pianola, a middle-aged heavyweight bodybuilder, was arranged. After taking a shower Riki stared at his reflection in the mirror […]

Who Is Going To Win Mr. Olympia 2015?

During his routine break at 3 p.m. Harry, better known online as TheBicepsFLEX-Killa. decided to sign in to Instagram and check the new posts of his favorite bodybuilders. Harry was a hardcore bodybuilding fan reading muscle magazines constantly. He was sucked deep into the muscle illusion and believed most of the fairy tales written in […]

Mr.Olympia Has Become a Best Gut Competition

Mr. Olympia is supposedly the event that decides who is the best bodybuilder in the world. Apparently, looking pregnant is one of the requirements to fight for the title. Even the current Mr.Olympia Phil Heath is already showing a large gut. In the image below, you can see Phil Heath’s gut at Mr. Olympia 2010. […]